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Star Wars Rebels

Path of the Jedi (Star Wars Rebels - S01E08) - Animated Series

Series: Star Wars Rebels

Title: Path of the Jedi

Season: One

Episode: 8

Original Air Date: January 5, 2015

Runtime: 22 minutes

Star Wars Rebels returned in 2015 with one of its best episodes yet. SPOILERS.

Following Ezra’s brush with the dark side in the midseason finale, Kanan decides to test Ezra and see if he should continue on the Jedi path. Kanan explains to Ezra that there were Jedi Temples spread throughout the galaxy and even though the Empire destroyed most of them, a few still remain. Ezra must reach out through the Force and locate one of these Jedi Temples. Through the Force Ezra discovers that there is actually a Jedi Temple on Lothal. Of course there’s a Jedi Temple on Lothal. I understand the creators of the show want to keep the rebels localized to Lothal but when everything happens on this one planet and there just happens to be hidden Jedi Temple there as well it makes the universe feel small. I hope as the series progresses we start to move away from Lothal because staying on this one planet is becoming tiresome. However I did like the design of the Jedi Temple itself. Ezra must go further into the temple and face his fears and Kanan will wait at the entrance with the skeletons of the Jedi Masters who died waiting for their students to return.


When Ezra enters the temple, Kanan coming running after him but the Inquisitor is waiting for them. The Inquisitor overpowers Kanan and kills him. Yes, this was a vision but it was really well done and it was used effectively within the context of the story. After witnessing the “death” of Kanan Ezra wakes up one the Ghost. He overhears the rest of the crew talking bad about him and then he hears the sound of a lightsaber igniting. Ezra backs away from the room and we hear the Inquisitor murder the entire crew of the Ghost. Again, this was vision but it was actually a really chilling scene. Back in the Temple, Ezra encounters the Inquisitor again but he realizes it is only a vision. Then Ezra hears a voice. It’s Yoda! That’s right Frank OZ returned to role of Yoda for this episode and it was magnificent. Tom Kane’s wonderful interpretation of Yoda was one of Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ biggest assets but hearing Frank OZ again elevated Yoda’s appearance to a whole new level. I was skeptical of Yoda’s inclusion in this episode when it was first announced but I actually liked it. I also appreciated that Yoda appeared to Ezra as a grouping of bright lights just as Qui-Gon Jinn appeared to Yoda in the final story arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Yoda also communicates with Kanan. Kanan is confused and shocked when he hears Master Yoda’s voice after all these years. I thought it was interesting that Yoda told Kanan that he couldn’t see him before but now he can. The idea that Kanan suppressed his force sensitivity until he took on Ezra as a padawan and that Yoda can now sense him through the Force is a compelling one. If Kanan taking on Ezra as a padawan and rediscovering his own Force sensitivity allows Yoda to now see him does that mean that other surviving Jedi or even Vader can see him too? Kanan promises Yoda that he won’t let Ezra lose his way.


When Yoda asks Ezra why he wants to become a Jedi, Ezra responds by saying he wants to make the Empire suffer for what they have done. Yoda eventually gets Ezra to admit that he wants to become a Jedi to protect his friends because they’re selfless and to help them help other people. Yoda tells Ezra that there is a difficult path ahead but he may become a Jedi yet. Ezra then receives a kyber crystal. Back on the Ghost we see that Ezra has constructed his first staple gun lightsaber. Well at least it’s better than that ridiculous slingshot. I also want to point out that this was probably the best directed episode of Star Wars Rebels so far (this episode was directed by Dave Filoni) and the most beautifully animated episode to date as well. “Path of the Jedi” was great way to kick off 2015 for Star Wars Rebels and the return of Frank Oz as Yoda was sublime.

What Worked

  • Frank Oz’s return to the role of Yoda
  • Ezra’s dark visions 
  • Beautiful direction and improved animation

What Didn’t Work

  • Of course there is a Jedi Temple on Lothal
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Added: January 10, 2015
Category: Star Wars Rebels
Reviewer: Mike Taber
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