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Star Wars Rebels

Gathering Forces (Star Wars Rebels - S01E07) - Animated Series

Series: Star Wars Rebels

Title: Gathering Forces

Season: One

Episode: 7

Original Air Date: November 24, 2014

Runtime: 22 minutes

On the Star Wars Rebels winter finale Ezra comes face to face with the dark side of the Force. SPOILERS.

“Gathering Forces” was another strong episode of Star Wars Rebels and it served as a great conclusion to the story that began in the previous episode. The episode began right where “Empire Day” left off. The Inquisitor failed to stop the Ghost before it jumped into hyperspace but he managed to attach a tracking device to the rebel ship. Early on in the episode we got to see that Ezra harbors a lot of anger towards Tseebo when he refuses to forgive Tseebo for failing to protect his parents and abandoning him. It turns out that the tracking device that was planted by Inquisitor is actually only attached to the Phantom and Kanan devices a plan to get Tseebo to safety and draw in the Inquisitor. He and Ezra will take the Phantom to Fort Anaxes in order to confront the Inquisitor while Hera takes the Ghost and delivers Tseebo to Fulcrum. I’m still not sure if bringing back Fort Anaxes and the Fyrnocks (first seen in the episode “Out of Darkness”) was well done continuity or just the production crew saving money. While we’re on the topic of visuals, “Gathering Forces” was the best looking episode of Star Wars Rebels yet. The sparse and at times wooden animation has been one of the show’s weak points but the animation in this episode was step in the right direction. The sequence where the Phantom dropped out of hyperspace was visually stunning and moment when the Inquisitor arrived on Fort Anaxes flanked by a squadron of Stormtroopers was one of the show’s most striking visuals.


Kanan and Ezra arrive at Fort Anaxes and Kanan tells Ezra he must reach out through the Force and connect with other living beings. In this case he has to connect with the Fyrnocks that almost killed Sabine and Hera a couple weeks ago. Ezra is having trouble because he can’t let go of the fear that he has had since his parents disappeared. Ezra finally admits he is afraid of learning the truth about what happened to his parents and forgives Tseebo. Tseebo apparently heard this apology even though he was in another part of the galaxy and isn’t Force sensitive himself. I’m not sure how that works. This was a big episode for Ezra. Showing his evolution as character has been one of Rebels’ strengths throughout these early episodes. Ezra isn’t the same bratty thief we met in the series premiere. Ezra and Kanan successfully made a connection trough the Force with the Fyrnocks. Then the Empire arrived on Fort Anaxes. Even though the Fyrnocks successfully defeated the Stormtroopers, they were no match for the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor is easily my favorite character on Star Wars Rebels. He’s cold, calculating, and Jason Isaacs is absolutely perfect in the role. Kanan engages in a lightsaber duel with the Inquisitor but is quickly defeated. The Inquisitor corners Ezra and tries to draw him to the dark side. He causally tells Ezra that Kanan and everyone he loves will die. Ezra draws on his anger and fear and summons a massive Fyrnock. The Fyrnock holds off the Inquisitor long enough to allow Kanan and a now unconscious Ezra to escape. This entire sequence was Star Wars Rebels at its best. The action was great, Ezra grew as a character, and the Inquisitor showed why he is already starting to become a fan favorite. Kanan apologizes to Ezra for not warning him that giving into fear can lead to the dark side of the Force. That’s kind of important, Kanan. Safely back aboard the Ghost, Sabine gives Ezra a holodisk and wishes him a happy birthday. It’s an old photo of him with his parents. This was great way to bring some closure to the story that began in the previous episode.


I should also point out that Tseebo told Hera what happened to Ezra’s parents and he was safely delivered to Fulcrum. Star Wars Rebels ended the first half of season one on a high note and new episodes will return on January 5, 2015. I just want to thank all the readers that have helped make these reviews a success. Thank you and look for the next Rebels Review early next year!

What Worked

  • The Inquisitor
  • Important character development for Ezra
  • Great action sequences and improved visuals

What Didn’t Work

  • How did Tseebo get Ezra’s message?
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Added: December 2, 2014
Category: Star Wars Rebels
Reviewer: Mike Taber
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