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Hasbro Party Facebook Notes Transcribed + Newly Recollected Info

Posted by Paul | October 11, 2012 at 01:02 PM ET

Our Facebook posts focusing on our discussions with Hasbro are getting pushed down our page, so I have transcribed it all here for you. Hopefully you've seen them already, but click through if you've missed the Facebook updates. Plus, I have added one more thing I just recalled about the Naboo Starfighter.

Naboo Starfighter update: Jeff said that the second wave of vehicle DID make it to retail and that it is also a short run case due to the backlog of product. (This actually differs from waht Derryl told us at CVI - that not one case made it out of the warehouse.) But Jeff recommends online stores if you want this vehicle for your collection.

Now onto the previously announced stuff:

We got the feeling from Hasbro that they really were hoping that we could encourage collectors that there are some great things coming in 2013. I know we all want to know what everything is right away, but maybe something special will come....

Hasbro "revealed" something new and innovative is coming for collectors and will be announced at Toy Fair. Jeff expressly stated that he hopes nothing leaks prior to toy fair. Apparently its such a big deal that it should bring back those who have fallen away from the collecting faith.... our interpretation, not his.

Hasbro asked us what we want to see. We immediately said sail barge. They asked how much would we pay for it. We said if it was done right $200. They said that was possible. If they did attempt one they would add so many features until it hurt. Whatever that means....

We asked about Tartakovsky figures again. Hasbro will not touch these characters until the current the clone wars series is over.

No Mandalorian Shuttle!!! It isn't coming this year and it won't be coming in 2013 because of the newly revised approach for the mid size vehicle assortment. :(

Hasbro is aware of the hard to find vintage figures from this year and 2011. Figures like Ponda Baba, Imperial Navy Commander and Darth Malgus, among many others, are all examples of figures that Hasbro wants to get out to the market again in TVC packaging. They briefly mentioned either a TVC exclusive case assortment to get these highly sought after figures out again, or maybe some multipack.

Spider Darth Maul coming, realistic style - not animated style. Because it is too big to fit in a basic figure card back, it will likely be coming in some other fashion.


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