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Aayla Secura - Mini Busts

Name: Aayla Secura
Type: Mini Busts
Number: Item No. 10459
Edition Size: 4250
Source: Revenge Of The Sith Attack Of The Clones
Availability: August 2008
License: Gentle Giant Ltd.

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Like her fellow Jedi, Aayla Secura become a general during the Clone Wars. During the Outer Rim Sieges, she was station on the colorful world of Felucia. As General Secura approached the opposing Separatist forces, Chancellor Palpatine activated Order 66, and contacted Aayla’s clone officer, Commander Bly, via hologram. The executive command identified the Jedi as traitors to the Republic. Bly loyally carried out the order, raising his blaster rifle against his Jedi general.

Aayla Secura will no doubt remain one the most popular female Jedi of all time. (And that’s not even suggesting she’s actually the most popular which we think she is.) Despite her consistent, Aayla Secura has been rather inconsistent when it comes to collectibles. It seems that every licensee is able to master her scantily clad body, but when it comes to portraits, well it’s honestly hit or miss. Gentle Giant Ltd. clearly attempted to bring forth a stunning mini bust of her. As you can imagine, from the neck down she is flawless. But we don’t think the head sculpt is anywhere near the standard it needs to be. We try our best not to be harsh about an artist’s work, but we really feel that something about the Aayla Secura mini bust head sculpt is severely lacking. Interestingly, the mini bust as a whole is pretty darn cool. She has a great sculpt and a thin and lean body. But sometimes sex appeal isn’t everything. You need a pretty face to go along with that attractive body.

Yet sadly, the Aayla Secura mini bust doesn’t have the prettiest face. For years, Gentle Giant has provided collectors with a limited look at femininity within the Star Wars universe. Since we didn’t get too many female Star Wars characters in the mini bust format, Aayla Secura should have been a much fresher breath of air than she turned out to be. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t find a lot to like about her regardless. Her pose is totally incredible! Her lightsaber is tucked behind her back, almost in a move like she is swing an axe to split a log for fire wood in half. The lightsaber hilt was manufactured perfectly and the lightsaber blade is able to be displayed attached to the hilt upside down and gravity doesn’t have much pull at all to throw it off of it. And Aayla Secura’s thin and delicate arms match her thin but muscular physique. It is quite amazing that the artists were able to keep her arms from looking to long with this particular pose. They have done an excellent job with the scale of her body parts. The results are impressive.

The paint job may be the most impressive aspect of this Mini Bust. Her top really looks like real leather. You can see every last grain in it and the paint job to complete the effect is mind-blowing. You really have to feel it with your won fingers to believe that this is 100% polystone and not a mixed media collectible. Gentle Giant could have gone really bright with her blue skin color. But thankfully her skin tone is muted. Don’t misunderstand our point. She certainly has blue skin, but it’s not neon blue like the Hasbro action figures. Her lekku are slightly swinging to her left and aren’t in an exaggerated flowing pose. The mini bust stops at her belt line, but you are treated to a nice and slim tummy and a very feminine hippy figure before you hit the base of the mini bust. You know we aren’t too crazy about her portrait, but she does have a sultry and pouty expression in her lips (and even her eyes). But some finer tweaking was needed to make her more authentic to the character. This Mini Bust is officially inspired by her appearance in Attack Of The Clones than compared to Revenge Of The Sith. The lit lightsaber is what gives this fact away. Aayla Secura is still a pretty good bust. It just isn’t complete perfection.

Collector Notes

Aayla Secura

Status: This highly-detailed mini bust, based on the original Lucasfilm costumes and props, was sculpted and painted by Gentle Giant Ltd. We hope you enjoy it.

Exclusivity: N/A

Assembly: Attach lightsaber blade to hilt.

Date Stamp: 2008

UPC: 871810005130

Retail: $54.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

Gentle Giant Ltd.
All Mini Busts

Added: June 1, 2011
Category: Mini Busts
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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