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The Vintage Collection

Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter - TVC - Vehicles

Name: Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter
Collection: The Vintage Collection
Number: N/A
Source: The Rise Of Skywalker
Availability: October 2019
License: Hasbro

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Wow. We have a lot to say about The Vintage Collection’s Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter vehicle. It’s not often we get 100% all-new tooling for the vehicles in this line. But Hasbro made that a reality for the first Sequel Trilogy vehicle in The Vintage Collection. Based on a similar approach employed with the Original Trilogy X-Wing fighters, Hasbro makes a Sequel Trilogy flavored one in a nearly identical size, with similar features, and a whole gamut of new stuff intended to please fans of the 3.75” super-articulated scale. Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter is a work of art. It’s beautifully designed. It’s beautifully detailed. And it’s beautifully painted. For $99.99, we feel you get your money’s worth here. Still, there will be a sizable amount of the collecting community that will wait for clearance on this item, sadly. Please don’t wait for clearance if you’re remotely interested in it. It’s worth your hard-earned dollars. And we don’t say that lightly. We know how hard it is to save for Star Wars collectibles, but this is one that should grab your attention and extra spending cash. Part of the Resistance, Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter, is new in many ways. Not only is it a first-time offering in The Vintage Collection, we’ve not seen this color scheme before in The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi. It’s exclusive to The Rise Of Skywalker, so we have much to learn about its role in the final chapter of the Sequel Trilogy.

Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter comes with a ton of features. The s-foils must be installed by you, but there are clear directions included making this process as simple as possible. There are four wing cannons included as well, and each has a special plug that’s designed for a certain cannon. It takes a moment to complete this, but it’s not difficult. Standard features include locking s-foils and an opening cockpit. But for this release, Hasbro added an articulated console that allows you to lift it so you can place the Poe Dameron action figure into the seating area with relative ease. Then, once you have the figure in place, you can snap the console back down and have him pilot the vehicle as needed. It’s incredible how much space Hasbro gave us to work with here. Poe Dameron fits perfectly into the cockpit, and the canopy closes with extra space to spare. For one reason or another, the nose of Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter comes unassembled. It’s easy to place onto the front of the vehicle, but, oddly, we are the ones that have to do this. New to this release is a removable thruster panel. The left panel lifts to reveal a highly detailed engine, and it looks like a real airplane’s engine. Hasbro did a remarkable job ensuring plausible realism here. Plus, the paint operations bring the details to life. The final product is incredibly lifelike, and a vehicle of this quality is not something we’ll take for granted. Hasbro did a beautiful job here.

Hasbro also worked in other impressive new features for Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter that they never implemented in the Original Trilogy styles too. They designed all-new landing gear with multiple points of articulation. The feet fold up with hinge-joints. And then the legs fold up into the body of the vehicle where they’re stored when not in use. We find it remarkable that Hasbro added three articulated landing gear legs here. It takes some getting used to to make them function as desired, but we’re thankful for the option Hasbro provided to us here for extra display and play value. Our favorite feature is the storage compartment for the pilot’s ladder. It’s only a simple door, but inside is a wealth of detail, including a ladder holding fixture where it snaps into place. Also included are two holes where the top of the ladder plugs into the side of Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter to recreate a scenario where he used it to enter the cockpit of the vehicle. We must also direct your attention to the droid socket. Hasbro cleverly created a droid socket that works for BOTH R2-D2 as well as BB-8. The lid lifts off so you can place a 3.75” version of R2-D2 into it. And then the lid secures an astromech droid in place (although it’s a tight fit regardless). But more importantly, the interior of the droid socket is curved and rounded. So if you decide to utilize BB-8 instead, the droid socket will hold him up at the right head and still be able to poke his head through the lid to see things as needed.

As you can see, Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter brings an unprecedented amount of newness to The Vintage Collection vehicles line. Hasbro rose to the challenge to incorporate new things that never have been tried before into Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter, and they reached a level of success that we haven’t seen in the vehicles line is quite some time. We hope that Hasbro will employ this level of detail and the number of features in future Original Trilogy vehicles. Because what they accomplished here is something that should be acknowledged by collectors. We’re thankful that Hasbro produced such an incredibly beautiful vehicle for The Vintage Collection line, and provided us with a pilot that directly flies it into the various battle in the Sequel Trilogy. A newly repainted Poe Dameron action figure that’s super-articulated is only icing on the cake. Aside from a few loose parts here and there (one of our landing gear legs fell off multiple times), Hasbro designed a solid vehicle that’s high in quality and beautiful in appearance. And its beauty is compounded thanks to a gorgeous box. The packaging sports the new The Rise Of Skywalker logo and features a dioramic scene that includes C-3PO, Chewbacca, BB-8, Rey, and of course, Poe Dameron. Set with an MSRP of $99.99, we anticipate too many will balk at the price. Please don’t balk at the price, and appreciate the special features Hasbro gave us to enjoy with Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter.

Collector Notes

Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter

Status: Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter is an all-new vehicle.

Features Count: 12

Feature Details: locking and unlocking s-foils, removable nose, removable s-foil panels, removable thruster panel, opening cockpit, opening console, articulated landing gear (3 legs), ladder storage compartment, functioning ladder, droid socket (multi-droid fit)

Accessory Count: None

Accessory Details: None

Date Stamp: 2019

Assortment Number: E5343

UPC: 630509867172

Retail: $99.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

The Vintage Collection

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Added: October 6, 2019
Category: Vintage Collection, The
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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