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Power Of The Jedi

FX-7 (Medical Droid) - POTJ - Basic

Name: FX-7 (Medical Droid)
Collection: Power Of The Jedi
Number: N/A
Source: The Empire Strikes Back
Availability: November 2001
License: Hasbro

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The multi-armed medical droid FX-7 was stationed at Echo Base on Hoth, serving as an assistant to the medical droid 2-1B. FX-7 played a crucial role in saving Luke Skywalker after a vicious wampa attack and a night spent in the freezing temperatures of Hoth. Thanks to FX-7's excellent medical treatment programs and the bacta tank, Luke's life was spared.

If there is one figure that is going to outlast all others, it’s going to be 2001’s Power Of The Jedi FX-7 (Medical Droid). Hasbro should feel quite accomplished at their skill and trade after a stunning action figure like this gets made. It’s timeless, beautiful and even functional, and we challenge anyone to find even the smallest thing to complain about here. As it is true with most action figures, characters in the basic figure lines go through their own evolution, typically they become better with time and the older action figures become obsolete along the same timeline. But in the case of FX-7 (Medical Droid), time stands still completely. We can’t express enough how thoroughly we are impressed release. In fact, it is so perfect that it actually ages its contemporaries in the Power Of The Jedi line. That is a powerfully obscure observance that one action figure can possess the power to make the other figures in the line look old. But that is the truth here and we couldn’t be happier for the figure’s success. It’s a champion in the line and it shows us the talent the sculptors at Hasbro have. It may be easier to recreate robots than humans in an action figure line, but even if that’s true FX-7 (Medical Droid) is multiple cuts above the rest.

From what we can gauge, FX-7 (Medical Droid) is in excellent proportion to the rest of the figures in the Power Of The Jedi line and in general accurately scaled in the 3.75” line. Its design will thoroughly impress you. Not only does it have the greatest number of articulation points, it has a design that is as intricate as it is accurate. FX-7 (Medical Droid) comes with an astounding 39 points of articulation. It has a rotating head, a rotating “torso” (the whole middle section spins independently), swivel extension arm (which is also removable) and 18 double-jointed vertically positioned arms that make this droid surgeon look scarier than it needs to be. All 19 arms swing out from a hinge-joint. You obviously can’t get a full range of motion out of them, but the “elbow” joints, for lack of a better word, provide even more movement and can give you a nearly infinite array of positions, most of which you’ll probably never need to use when displaying this figure. The arms all have the same attachments and from what we can tell are in complete unison to one another. Some have color variances from one another, but other than that one is a repeat of the next. FX-7 (Medical Droid) is a tremendous effort and one of our ultimate favorites from the Power Of The Jedi line.

FX-7 (Medical Droid) clearly didn’t have a big role in the film. But that won’t stop you from appreciating what Hasbro has done with it in the 3.75” basic figure line. What’s especially awesome is that it’s completely interactive with 2001’s POTJ Luke Skywalker (In Echo Base Bacta Tank) Deluxe figure. Hasbro actually tooled in a “stage” for which FX-7 (Medical Droid) can sit in to perform the necessary care for Luke Skywalker after his attack by the wampa. Honestly, the place where FX-7 (Medical Droid) sits is a bit too far from the bacta tank, but it still works nonetheless. If you collected during the golden era of 1978 to 1985, you know how important this figure is to your collection. What makes this an especially relevant release is that Hasbro will never need to tool or tweak another FX-7 (Medical Droid) figure again for collectors. This figure will stand the test of time regardless. Again, there isn’t enough that can be said of how beautiful of a figure FX-7 (Medical Droid) is and how impressed we are that Hasbro made something this miraculous with only one try. FX-7 (Medical Droid) made have only been seen in the background on Echo Base in The Empire Strikes Back, but as we all know, those made some of the greatest action figures that we know.

Collector Notes

FX-7 (Medical Droid)

Status: FX-7 (Medical Droid) is an all-new figure.

Articulation Count: 39 points

Articulation Details: swivel head, swivel torso, 18 double hinge-jointed vertical arms, swivel (and removable) horizontal utility arm

Accessory Count: None

Accessory Details: None

Date Stamp: 2001

Collection: 2

Assortment Number: 84455/84656

UPC: 076930846568

Retail: $5.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

Power Of The Jedi Wave 17

Eeth Koth (Jedi Master)

FX-7 (Medical Droid)

Imperial Officer

Rebel Trooper (Tantive IV Defender)

Zutton (Snaggletooth)

Added: March 13, 2014
Category: Power Of The Jedi
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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