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Mini Busts

Aurra Sing - Mini Busts

Name: Aurra Sing
Type: Mini Busts
Number: No. 80056
Edition Size: 1800
Source: The Phantom Menace
Availability: February 2012
License: Gentle Giant Ltd.

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Aurra Sing was a former Jedi Padawan who turned rogue bounty hunter and specialized in Jedi and political assassinations. She was also known to fraternize with the notorious Cad Bane and his posse of scoundrels.

You know something? Gentle Giant Ltd.. needs to be really carefully with what images they show to solicit their products. This is especially true for their surprisingly impressive Aurra Sing Mini Bust. If you judged this piece from the preliminary solicitation materials to promote the product, you would probably be swayed to keep it out of your collection. The paint job was off and it appeared that the facial structure of the actual Mini Bust was off by a great deal. Well, our opinions have been totally reversed and this is a reason why it’s so important as a consumer to check out online reviews like this so you get a clear picture of what product has been added inside of the box. The Aurra Sing Mini Bust definitely isn’t Gentle Giant’s best work, but it’s indeed excellent and we are happier about it now then when we first ordered it.

First and foremost, let us note to you how much detail has been added to the Aurra Sing Mini Bust. It’s rare when a Mini Bust is constructed from mixed media, but this is exactly the case for Aurra Sing. She has real beads in her hair, albeit too large, and her hair is cast from a [slightly] bendable material different from polystone so it has some give when you grab it to prevent it from snapping off and falling to the floor. Even the strap on her extra long rifle is manufactured from soft-goods and falls with a realistic drape down her back. Together, all of these parts work seamlessly to produce one of the more favorable Aurra Sing collectibles in recent memory. And what makes this even more exciting is that her portrait, something that we were very worried about previously, is very well done and decorated perfectly to bring this piece to life.

The sculptures of this Mini Bust paid extra careful attention to all of Aurra Sing’s beautiful curves. Her extra tight red jump suit hugs all of her assets wonderfully. Seriously, this female has one very attractive body. The Mini Bust cuts her off right at the lower waist. From the back you can see her curvy posterior and the belt that circumvents her waist is adorned with real metal chains that move around when the Mini Bust is manipulated in her hands. Most impressive however is the super long rifle. Gentle Giant made sure to design the entire gun which fits miraculously well in her right (and removable) hand and travels behind her back out to her left side. A lot of clever engineering went into this piece. And quite honestly, this is the only manufacturer to master her long head antenna. It matches the color of her face (which could be interpreted as correct or incorrect depending upon the source material) and it is thin and delicate like it should be, so don’t break it!

Collector Notes

Aurra Sing

Status: This highly detailed mini bust, based on the original Lucasfilm costumes and props, was sculpted and painted by Gentle Giant Ltd. We hope you enjoy it.

Exclusivity: N/A

Assembly: Aurra Sing Mini Bust, left arm, right hand, rifle

Date Stamp: 2012

UPC: 871810008162

Retail: $74.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

Gentle Giant Ltd.
All Mini Busts

Added: November 7, 2012
Category: Mini Busts
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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