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Princess Leia Organa As Boushh (Star Wars Animated) - Maquettes

Name: Princess Leia Organa As Boushh (Star Wars Animated)
Type: Maquettes
Number: Item No. 80145
Edition Size: 1000 (Entertainment Earth Exclusive)
Source: Return Of The Jedi
Availability: March 2012
License: Gentle Giant Ltd.

Review_LeiaBoushhMaquette01 Review_LeiaBoushhMaquette02 Review_LeiaBoushhMaquette03 Review_LeiaBoushhMaquette04
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The Entertainment Earth exclusive Gentle Giant Ltd. Princess Leia Organa As Boushh Animated Maquette is a collectible we really wanted to love unconditionally. Sadly, it isn’t as perfect as the prototype and it could have used a few quality control check points before being considered finalized. We feel that Gentle Giant Ltd. hasn’t really put their best foot forward here entirely. It’s not that it’s a bad piece at all, because it isn’t. But between the exaggerated much-too-thin of a frame for Princess Leia Organa to the wonky lean to your right and its left that this Maquette possesses, it just seems it needed one last thumb’s up approval by the folks at Lucasfilm, Ltd. The worst part about this piece however is its delicateness. If you look at some of the parts the wrong way they’re going to break off in pieces. Still, the Maquette impresses us on multiple levels as well, so please don’t think we’re being overly particular and criticizing this piece with unfounded reasons. Princess Leia Organa As Boushh is beautifully hand-painted and for the most part well-sculpted. A few odd color choices were made to decorate this high-end collectible, but for the most part it really does make for a believable animated interpretation of the Princess in disguise. This piece is a truly limited run with a worldwide production of only 1000 pieces. Have you secured one for your collection yet?

The paint job is beautifully done, but Princess Leia Organa’s bandolier is blue and it stands out as strange. Overall, her disguise is very lightly colored. It is our opinion that some darker paint options would have been ideal here. All parts of the Boushh Disguise look correctly decorated, but the final product leaves you wishing a few more paint applications would have been included. The features are appropriately caricatured throughout this Maquette, and we even love the sandy base below her feet. But we bet that you’ll still not be able to completely reconcile that this piece is without its share of flaws. Gentle Giant Ltd.. could have really knocked this exclusive Maquette out of the park with an interchangeable portrait (just like they did with 2005’s Mini Bust), but they chose in favor of keeping it much simpler. Perhaps a little bit of versatility would have allowed collectors to overlook what might be considered “not perfect” because we just feel that this high-end collectibles needs to offer just a little bit more for us to be satisfied with the retail price Gentle Giant Ltd. has recommended here for collector. Even without an extra portrait though, this Maquette still works perfectly fine here because the mystique of Boushh remains preserved. Although, in Return Of The Jedi Boushh had a definitely androgynous appearance. But the Maquette instantly lets the cat out of the bag that this is a sexy female in some sexy feminine bounty hunter gear.

Princess Leia Organa As Boushh is perhaps more sex appeal than bounty hunter as far as this Gentle Giant Ltd. Collectible is concerned. And even their earliest pieces focused on Leia’s sexiness more than her role as a hero. It works well because Star Wars collectors love a sexy heroine, realistic or otherwise. The Clone Wars Animated Maquette line was truly one of the most unique high-end collectible products in a longtime for Star Wars collectors. The line’s interest has waned throughout its inception sadly, but at least Gentle Giant Ltd. is committed to pumping out a few random pieces here and there. When the Clone Wars line said its last goodbye with the incredibly awesome Mace Windu piece, most of us who collected that line got instantly stoked for the Star Wars Animated line. For the most part the pieces have been exceptional, but it’s the exclusive ones that seem to rank as the most impressive. The Boba Fett With Han Solo In Carbonite piece may rank as one of their finest creations to date and it’s still one of our most favorite pieces. Edition sizes for new products keep diminishing, but we hope that Gentle Giant Ltd. remains faithful with the line to deliver a few cool new pieces. Princess Leia Organa As Boussh may be more a more obligatory piece for this line than a truly unique concept, but it’s still a beautiful piece nonetheless.

Collector Notes

Princess Leia Organa As Boushh Disguise (Star Wars Animated)

Status: Co-designed by Lucasfilm and Gentle Giant Studios, Inc., this maquette showcases an animated take on the classic character from the Star Wars saga. Inspired by the various cartoon styles from the Star Wars universe, each character has been reimagined in a captivating new rendition sure to delight fans and collectors alike. We hope you enjoy owning this piece as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Exclusivity: Entertainment Earth

Assembly: body, right arm with force pike (force pike is an independent accessory but cannot be removed from hand), environmental base

Date Stamp: 2011

UPC: 871810008926

Retail: $79.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.


Gentle Giant Ltd.
All Maquettes

Added: April 28, 2012
Category: Maquettes
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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