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Name: C-3PX (Build A Droid)

Collection: 30 (77-07) [30th Anniversary Collection] (Droid Factory)

Status: C-3PX is an all new figure.

Source: Expanded Universe (Star Wars: Droids)

Availability: June 2008

License: Hasbro

Retail:$0.00 USD

Accessory Details: none

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C-3PX Build A Droid Figure Information

C-3PX can be built from 6 individual parts split across the following multipacks::

  Plo Koon/R4-F5 (1 of 6) – C-3PX right leg

  Darth Vader/K-3PX (2 of 6) – C-3PX left arm

  Han Solo/R-3PO (3 of 6) – C-3PX left leg

  Kit Fisto/R4-H5 (4 of 6) – C-3PX torso

  Watto/R2-T0 (5 of 6) – C-3PX head

  Luke Skywalker/R2-D2 (6 of 6) – C-3PX right arm

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