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It's One Of The Main Reasons They Brought The Vintage Collection Back

We’re continuing to keep the conversation going! If you listened to the Hasbro Q&A (which was a team effort between JTA and Victoria’s Cantina – check it out HERE), you clearly remember Hasbro saying something that was as loud as clashing cymbals. It was also very heartwarming to fans of The Vintage Collection. When asked about working aliens/patrons from A New Hope (Chalmun’s Cantina) and Return Of The Jedi (Jabba’s Palace/skiff guards) into the planning of TVC they said “Absolutely, that’s kind of one of the main reasons we brought [The Vintage Collection] back. It is.”. (more….)


With all of the Rey, Finn and Poe repack “bologna” it is so reassuring that they have collectors’ interests in mind. So we’re going to keep this conversation going with regards to that. Our friends at have spent hours developing wish lists on what alien characters from these three sources make the most sense to tackle first. While we don’t agree with all of their choices, we strongly believe that they would serve as a great tool for Hasbro to assist them with developing this part of The Vintage Collection. Give us a whole case assortment of these characters, Hasbro! Please be sure to add your own two cents into our comments as well. Remember, Hasbro is reading.

See’s full list of Chalmun’s Cantina aliens/patrons HERE.

See’s full list of Jabba’s palace/sail barge aliens/patrons HERE.

See’s full list of Jabba’s skiff guards/patrons HERE.

UPDATE: Anything about Maz Kanata and her castle will place you in banning danger. 🙂 Love, Paul

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  • sr3982

    Top row, second from the left – Cantina Dude/Patron. We need a figure of him.

  • Andrew

    Pack in a new OT figure into each wave so you can keep Disney happy with figures from the new films, but also sell some more figures collectors are actually clamoring for. Gauge interest in a subscription service for new/exclusive figures.

  • ronstoneygold


  • That site you linked to is terrible!

    Thank you for the back link, my good man. But you do realize CJ had a big part in compiling those lists. I thought we agreed we all hate him.

    • Did you send me that time travel note yet? I keep checking my inbox but find nothing.

    • Despite what I am accused here on a daily basis from, well, people. I don’t hate anyone or anything.

      • You Jedi and your whole non-hating policy. This is why you lose almost half the time.

      • MailboxFace

        Except “Force Awakens.”

    • CJ

      Yeah, that guy’s the worst.

  • Josh M

    I am young and dumb enough to have missed ALL TVC. Yep, all of it. So re-pack EVERYTHING!!! I would buy everything at normal retail prices. Ebay prices for an action figure are ridiculous. I get it though, IF I wanted the original packaging and all. I’m that way with some of the books I collect. But, I just want cool action figures at a NORMAL price.

  • TW7

    Some of these would make superb two and three pack sets like they did with TVC Death Star Scanning Crew and Ewok Scout sets.

    Hasbro PLEASE, give us a TVC set of Jabbas’s Palace aliens WITH Jabba’s BBQ spit accessory.

  • I want another shot at Leesub Sirln and Hrchek Kal Fas. The characters pictured above would be nice to see on TVC cards. In the meantime, I made a 5-poa Shasa Tiel.
    Not great, but not bad.

    • Wow! I am impressed!

    • Shasa Tiel is the most overlooked figure from Jabba’s palace. I see more request for Cane Adiss and I don’t even know if that character is on screen at all.

  • 11Eleven11

    If anyone is listening: I’d like to see focus on getting major characters/costumes from the OT/PT into TVC first, figures like Dooku, Chewie, Luke Endor, Han Stormtrooper, and Rebel pilots. All the Cantina and Jabba’s Palace aliens, especially the ones that haven’t been remade from 1977-85 on TVC cards. Also fold in TFA/TLJ and RO. The key, IMO, is balance, balance, balance. No wave should be made up of too many obscure characters or focus on one film.

  • Brett Brocato

    I would love to see every one of those pictured!!! I’d also add into the mix the Max Rebo Band (we really need a proper update of the Sy Snootles puppet), Solomahal, Cane Adiss, the SailBarge Weequay, Yotts Orren (the Klaatu on the 2nd Skiff), Yerka Mig, Yoxgit; as well as updates of Momaw Nadon, Tessek and Lak Sivrak.

  • Randy

    The Klaatu Skiff Guard is my biggest want of all of them, and I do want all of them that can be made.

  • Brian Cropper

    Add to that the denizens of Maz Kanatas castle, Saw Gerreras rebels, and the citizens of Jedha city, and we can talk… No need for repacks.

    • Maz Kanata’s castle? Are you trying to kill me?

      • TW7

        I actually agree with every one of Brian’s suggestions. 🙂

        • Because you’re a Millennial probably, lol! The words “Maz Kanata” actually makes my stomach feel sick. She is the worst character I have ever seen.

          • Thing with Maz, for me, was that I was in the middle of a horrific divorce when TFA hit theaters. Now, having chosen to live with a vexing and quarrelsome woman over residing in a desert was my fault but I went to the theater hoping a little Star Wars would ease the stress for a couple of hours. The film was bad enough from the opening credits but then when Maz turns and yells “HAAAAAN SOOOOLOOOO!” and he sheepishly responds “Hey Maz…” it was just a little too close to home so to speak. So, it’s not that Maz is a good or bad character per se, it’s just that yell reminded me of coming home to the previously mention vexing and quarrelsome woman. That’s all. That’s why I don’t like Maz. That and she looks like a cross between a gourd and a pancreas.

          • I am sorry, but LOL. I found that funny.

          • I do too. A sense of humor is necessary for survival in these times. That scene still makes me cringe a bit though.

          • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

            She also has butthole eyes.

          • Tyler Frechette

            Hahahahahahahah this made me laugh out loud

          • JohnMorog

            Oh, come on now. Maz Kanata is seriously worse than Jar Jar? She’s one of the few characters that had some real depth to her.

          • ABSOLUTELY! She is orange Yoda.

          • JohnMorog

            I’m strawman-ing this and saying you don’t like Yoda now 😉

            Nah, I don’t see her as yoda at all. Only for size, perhaps. Technically, they didn’t actually go to her for advice, btw. They went for a ship. So, while she ended up giving wisdom, it’s not like they went to see her for her to be a yoda.


          • JohnMorog

            I wasn’t the one who compared her to Yoda in the first place! 😉

          • OfWolfandMan

            She’s Yodull.

          • Mbraze

            Maz is way worse than Jar Jar.

            She’s a JJ vanity character (modelled after a school teacher), that exemplifies the problems with TFA of taking OT elements and trying to make them more extreme. Starkiller Base is a BIGGER Death Star, Maz is OLDER than Yoda, Snoke is MORE EVIL AND SHROUDED IN MYSTERY than Palpatine.

            She owns a castle full of scum and villainy with no defences (inexplicably dumb), is meant to be wise and modest yet has a GIANT STATUE of herself outside. She is nothing more than a plot device to get the saber to Rey with no reason/explanation as to how she got it (because the writers have no idea). The movie even drops her because she has nothing to do.

            Also, apparently she can use the Force, because of course she can.

          • JohnMorog

            Lol, it’s kinda funny, because everything you said about Maz, being wise, yet completely flamboyant (she’s not modest in any stretch), I actually like the mystery in this case of how she got the saber, and I think it’s awesome that there’s a force-user in the movie who isn’t a jedi.

            I’m ignoring your first paragraph cause starkiller base (yes, rehash of Death Star) has nothing to do with the character of Maz.

          • Mbraze

            Ignore my first paragraph/main argument? Ok, cool.

            I think it would’ve been a much better sequence if it was Lando that owned the castle, and Lando had found the saber.

            It’s cool you like her, but I still disagree there’s depth to her – she’s an exposition plot point where they have no idea how to explain it.

          • JohnMorog

            Again, only because it has nothing to do with Maz Kanata or the characters we are talking about here.

            That’s fair, that would have made sense, although I feel like a cameo from Billy Dee Williams would have been more forced than an… “orange Yoda.”

            Agree to disagree. I definitely realize she was a plot device, but I do believe she has depth of character. If you can explore several different facets to her background on given information, I call that depth – something many characters in TFA don’t have (yet, hopefully).

          • CT-7567

            Not necessarily disagreeing, but Lando was out of his administrative job on Cloud City by the time that saber fell. What actually happened was Vader took the saber and Luke’s hand back to the Emperor as a trophy. 🙂 Oh wait…he had a son named Ben too. “Let’s mine the EU and mold those ideas around the core plot of ANH.”

          • Mbraze

            Ha, I just like my brother’s idea of

            Han: Where’d you get that lightsaber?
            Lando: Ahhhh forget about it, it’s a long story.

            a lot better than I like Maz saying “it’s a story for another day”.

          • CT-7567

            More like a story for another movie. 🙂

          • Mike Robinson

            I actually really like the idea about Lando.

          • Lando is conspicuously absent in the Disney-verse. Character wise, even after the end of the Empire/Rebellion you know the guy wouldn’t have settled down to an honest living. He’d have been hustling somewhere, and with the Empire gone he could’ve gotten back to Cloud City and found the saber then. However, wouldn’t he have given it to Luke rather than hold on to it for umpteen years only to hand if off to Maz? Big plot holes here. Sometimes I think the Star Wars fans could write better sequels than the staff at Lucasfilm/Disney.

          • CT-7567

            Well said. A female attempt at Yoda. JJ probably thought that was very clever.

          • Hey, at least Jar Jar went to war to defend his planet and people! All Maz did was talk tough and scurry off when the First Order showed up. Plus, she made sure that lightsaber was handed off even though Rey didn’t want it which guaranteed at least two more sequels to the Force Awakens. So yes, Maz is seriously worse than Jar Jar.

          • JohnMorog

            Well, there was a deleted scene where she did more, but ok…

          • JohnMorog

            If Maz was just a plot device to get Rey the lightsaber, JarJar was just a plot device to get Palpatine to emperor status… A plot device that lasted 3 movies.

          • Touché. I concede on that one! Well played.

          • Shoretrooper

            “One of the few characters that had some real depth to her”. Couldn’t disagree more. Awful, derivative character.

          • OfWolfandMan

            Sick to your stomach? Check out Maz’s business partner Peptoh Bizzmal.

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Ziro the Hutt
            Jar Jar
            Itchy in his “virtual reality” chair (there’s an image I wish I could erase from my mind)
            Kyp Durron (a Jedi named Kyp?)
            Lost Jedi prince Ken
            Any character from the Crystal Star

            So many loathsome possibilities

          • Ziro the Hutt is AMAZING!
            Jar Jar Binks is incredible!
            Itchy is the BOMB!
            I don’t know who Kyp is but he is better than anything in TFA by definition.
            Prince Ken – sounds like he has more plot than TFA.
            I don’t know the Crystal Star either, but I will take them over anything from TFA.

          • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

            Kyp Durron was Luke’s original apprentice in the EU, I always thought Joaquin Phoenix would have played him well before he went crazy.

            Prince Ken was some youngling who was in hiding under Yavin IV. He sucks but your right about him having more plot.

            Crystal Star was probably the worst EU novel ever written until the Disney canon started.

          • TW7

            Im about 25 years too old to be a Millennial. Lol. I actually loved the castle denizen designs.

      • JohnMorog

        Oh, come on. you’ve got to admit that several of these guys at least look cool. Captain Ithano? The guys I circled in the photo? The tan-ish protocol droid ME-8D9? the triplets with the red eyes on the left? The guy with the Dengar-style headdress in the back on the right? I really like the little yellow fuzzball guys. How about the big alien with the girl in the black and white outfit Bazine Netal? B-U4D

        Don’t even get me started on Saw’s militia… Weeteef, the guy with the black scout trooper helmet or the other guy with the black fleet trooper helmet. What about a super articulated Saw himself? How about the morbid guy without a head (caysin bog)?

        Only a few characters from Jakku interest me, not near so many as from the other movies, but I do like bobbajo, Roodown, and a luggabeast would be cool.

        • I never want to see another character from TFA produced ever again. I hope I can’t be clearer.

          • Randy

            Yes!!! I thought I was the only one.

          • JohnMorog

            To each their own. I can understand the agony over a thousand Finn’s, I’m sick of the pegs being clogged with junk figures. But I stand by my opinion on extra aliens. These guys are cool. The only ones they did produce were the stupid wolfman guys – made even stupider by having only 5poa.

            Your opinions are clear about TFA, but what about the Jedha citizens and Saw’s militia? You don’t want a K-OHN or Nesta Tern?

          • I want my OTF! (That means Original Trilogy figures but in the style of the “I want my MTV” commercial which I am sure is before your time.)

          • JohnMorog

            Don’t worry, I just googled it 😉

            I do too! And you can have them! I want, for instance, a definitive Nik Sant Endor Commando figure. But I also want plenty of new characters also (admittedly, I want the RO figures 1000% more than the TFA figures).

          • CT-7567

            Nik Sant? You mean Rex?

          • JohnMorog

            Exactly. I didn’t call him Captain Rex in case Paul flipped his lid on new canon stuff….

          • CT-7567

            I was being a bit sarcastic. I don’t like the idea of retconning Rex into ROTJ and I don’t think that guy looks like Rex aside from the beard.

          • JohnMorog

            Oh, lol. I was really happy when Dave Filoni made the connection. Endor troopers are my favorite Rebellion soldiers, and having Cpt Rex (very cool character) be a part of it just made me a little giddy…

          • CT-7567

            That’s cool. I love Endor Rebel Troopers too. I thought the RO troopers on Scarif were pretty awesome too. I just don’t think tgat Nik Want looks like Rex except for the beard. But if the connection makes you happy then that’s totally cool. 🙂

          • IT WAS A JOKE! Gosh! How old AM I?

          • JohnMorog

            That is the…. age… old question, isn’t it? I made myself a little nauseous with that pun.

          • RumSleg

            I just want one of those green Fry Guys. 🙂

          • CJ

            I don’t have any problem separating character design from plot. I despise Attack of the Clones, but I have a whole bin of action figures from it.

          • JohnMorog

            thank you thank you thank you. Makes total sense.

          • The characters in AOTC are cool I can’t think of one cool character in TFA.

          • CT-7567

            There are a few, to be fair, but they’ve been made by Hasbro. There are more interesting Jedi in the arena from AOTC than the entirety of TFA.

          • David James Downey

            To each its own, the female spy in Maz’s castle would be neat as would her rather large boyfriend (in the mold of abnormally large figure like ephont man). The Jakku scavenger with robotic yellow arms would be good as well as Bobajo the chicken seller.

          • Eric

            I didn’t care for TFA. I really didn’t feel like Star Wars movie. I think Ray, Finn, Poe, and Kylo are boring characters.

        • Mbraze

          It’s a real shame there’s not a single PT/OT alien in there. Or even anything that resembles existing SW aliens.

          • JohnMorog

            In fact, there was a hammerhead, mon Calamari, and the guy with the dengar headdress in the back. Admittedly not a ton, but it is a different part of the galaxy.

          • Mbraze

            If there can be humans and humanoids, there can be Rodians 🙂

            (The droid next to JJ is my favourite after Ithano, I incorrectly assumed that’s who Lupita Nyong’o was actually playing after some EW pictures made it out, was sorely disappointed at Maz’s actual reveal)

          • JohnMorog

            That’s fair, I too would like to have seen more ot aliens, but I still like several of the new ones too. The two you mentioned being at the top of my list also.

          • I’ve wondered about that. My speculation is that Lucas kept some things from his films (like location names, creature designs, etc.) off limits in the deal he make with Disney but then there are some things that made it through like R2-D2 and X-wings. Who knows? Why have a desert planet that’s exactly like Tatooine but called Jakku for example? I’d like to spend a few weeks reading through the legalese of the Lucasfilm-Disney deal! I’m sure the answer is in there somewhere.

          • Mbraze

            It’s a strange one, I don’t get why they’d go to the lengths of having X-Wings and Stormtroopers (and basically the same plot as the original) yet completely avoid having a Twi-Lek anywhere near it, but maybe there is something in there.

            There’s concept art of Jakku as an ice planet, which I would’ve preferred (and think it would’ve made more sense to have Starkiller as the desert “world”)

          • JohnMorog

            Good point.

          • Hazzbro Jonez

            Jakku wasn’t a desert planet in the first several concepts they did. JJ is a poor film maker and thought “real life locations” would get the OT kids to slurp up his crap. it didn’t work out .

            at first it was a methane ice planet junk yard.

            im tired of humanoid aliens and using earth for alien planets in my sci-fi fantasy. this is the only time in which i wish a director could blend cgi/real world to give us a real alien planet.

          • “JJ is a poor film maker and thought “real life locations” would get the OT kids to slurp up his crap. it didn’t work out .”
            Are you sure about this?
            Most people love TFA.

          • Michael Moore

            JJ did the same thing with the Star Trek films, the only canon aliens were Vulcans, Orions and Klingon, every other alien was a new design you never saw before.

          • JohnMorog

            Why is everyone so xenophobic around here, yeesh?

          • darthmo

            There should have been a nod.

        • I could work with you on the droids.. They can fit in anywhere. I bought a Hassk Thug and it looks ok but the rest of Maz’s clientele were very derivative (as was the entire scene) and not that visually interesting for me. That big, lumbering red droid they pass as they’re approaching the door was interesting.

          • JohnMorog

            Yes, that droid is another one. They could do a wave of just castle denizens and each character comes with a different flag from her castle.

          • Like Pod Racers, I could see that. Only thing is those characters were barely on screen long enough to be memorable. The Mos Eisley characters weren’t on much longer but perhaps because folks have seen them countless times in TV airings, home video and stills they’re more memorable and therefore more endearing. Who knows, maybe those Maz denizens will be just as popular in a few years. I mean, did we really know all about Momaw Nadon in 1979 or was that Hammerhead figure just too cool? Time will tell. And if they made for a cool figure or two I’d be interested, regardless of my views on TFA, simply because I like cool action figures.

          • JohnMorog

            This is perfect. Great comparison btw. That’s really all I care about. I just want cool figures again instead of crappiness 5poa/s stuff.

        • Hazzbro Jonez

          hey where’s the stupid elvis-microphone droid in this pic? i could have designed and built that droid in my own garage with my eyes closed. man that made me angry ahahhahah
          some of these designs aren’t awful but i would have preferred more OT/PT aliens mixed in with the new designs……

          • JohnMorog

            You do realize the beloved medical droid 2-1B had a microphone for his mouth too, right?

          • Hazzbro Jonez

            yea but look at the placement. whoever built that turned it in such a way that it blended in….that resistance droid literally looks like he’s signing into the microphone,, all of the sides are exposed.
            2-1B also looks like a robot. the resistance droid looks like someone dumpster-dived on the lot that Batteries Not Included was filmed. it literally looks like trash pieced together
            i have a good suspension of belief but that was just too obvious for me.

          • JohnMorog

            They are much more similar than you might think. he’s obviously not as… Sanitary?… as 2-1b, but non-medical droids don’t need to be. Yes, pieced together, perhaps, but not entirely different, nor exactly the same. I think he would fit well in the queue at Star Tours, for example.

          • Here on Earth people build all kinds of things out of spare parts from useless art to fully functional (not to mention fast and cool) cars, trucks and motorcycles. I’m sure someone in the Star Wars galaxy would piece together a droid from the junk pile especially on a world where parts were scarce. This particular droid isn’t so appealing visually and might not make for a great figure but in the context of a sci fi movie on some outpost world it’s feasible. I could imagine the 21B droid being a factory assembled one which is why he looks “finished” whereas the other one was more improvised by someone with very limited resources. By the way JJ, Sun Studios would like their microphone back…

          • One of the Pod Racer engines in episode I looked a lot like a “green bullet” microphone that were often used by harmonica players, think Shure made them?

          • JohnMorog

            Mawhonic’s GPE-3130 I believe.

        • OfWolfandMan

          This doesn’t look at all like JTA’s ”collage of images above”.

        • Sithewok

          I would buy any of the background aliens from TFA even though I don’t love the film. Rogue One, though? There is SO MUCH there that I want. Give me any of the partisans in SA and I would be over the moon. And I totally second the trenchcoat imperial…

          • JohnMorog

            STRAIGHT. UP.

        • shane

          I just want that dude with the big green head, it’s freakin awesome !

          • JohnMorog

            A very interesting character to be sure…

        • Fercho

          No love for Captn Ithano?

          • JohnMorog

            He was the first one in my OP that I said was cool……..

      • Fercho

        Although not a fan, TVC is meant to include pretty much everything from all across the Star Wars saga (That *might* include Maz Kanata’s Castle characters too).

        • Shh, we don’t have to let Hasbro know that. Let’s keep TFA on the down-low as long as possible. It’s dreadful!

          • Fercho

            LOL! Agree. It’d be interesting to have MANY EU figs: Rogue One, Rebels, KOTOR…. even from the old Clone Wars as we already have Anakin, General Obi-Wan and Ahsoka.

          • JohnMorog

            Yes! You can get your OT figures, Paul, but variety is the spice of life!

          • JohnMorog

            Too late, I saw it 😉

          • CT-7567

            The few interesting aliens from TFA have been made. Time to move along. Or, rather, move backwards. 🙂

    • Anyway, please stay on topic, there will be plenty of TFA garbage coming in TVC don’t you worry. This is an OT-focused discussion.

      • CJ

        Do you promise? If I had time and Chris would let me, I’d post the Maz’s castle list. You’d love it.

      • CT-7567

        So if you don’t like it it’s garbage? Actually, it is garbage, so… 😉 Sidon Ithano and Quiggold and a couple others. We need Cantina aliens and Jabba’s guys. If this is really a conversation Hasbro needs to know that Maz’s castle aliens are boring as heck.

    • Trooper31

      Ponda Baba and Dr. Evazan were sen in Jehda City, so they would be repacks…..or do you want new molds of them made?

      • CT-7567

        New molds? No. I finally got Ponda in TBS, but a direct re-release would be nice since he’s only one of three I missed from basic TVC.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      No need for repacks – music to my ears. And if they’re having trouble coming up with interesting new characters from the films, they’d make a lot of collectors (like me) extremely happy with the many, many TCW characters that never appeared in plastic.

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      You spoke the forbidden name!

    • Mother_Talzin

      Yeah, a diverse lineup is the way to go when it comes to obscure characters, and I like aliens from all over the SW universe, especially CW, I’d welcome some of those alongside a couple OT aliens.

  • bmales01

    I will buy any NEW Cantina or Jabba’s Palace alien, no matter how obscure! Take my money

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Right there with you, but I’m having trouble thinking of a lot of new characters that I *really* want. Jabba’s Ishi Tib, Tonnikas, the other Mosep-looking guy, the other Duros dude, Jabba’s ugnaught, and the bug-headed dude. Maybe Han’s girl from the cut scene. And though I hate to admit it, I would really appreciate a Wuher retool with elbows.

      • bmales01

        I can easily name 20 I really want.

    • James

      Hi Hasbro, I will buy all of these and any Cantina / Jabba’s goons, please do make everything pictured above – in fact anything from those scenes. Plus please update all previous aliens that need SA, such as Garindan, Duros, Nebruin Leids, Kitik Keed’kak, Figrin D’an, Pote Snitkin etc. I will buy all of it. Full price. Thanks!

      • Put me down for two of everything.

    • Mother_Talzin

      I’ll happily buy pretty much any unmade alien, but Hasbro should pick some that appeal to both collectors and kids, to reduce potential pegwarmers. From the images above, I think the Wolf or Fly would likely grab the attention of kids. The ultra obscure humans are likely too risky, and not interesting enough when it comes to producing action figures.


    Middle row. Far right.

    • That’s not helpful. LOL.

      • CT-7567

        I barely know any of these guy’s names. They all got names during the SW revival in the early 90’s, but I never bothered to memorize them.

      • STARWARS’77

        I don’t know her name. The girl from Jabba’s palace with white and stripes in her hair in the pic. Middle row far right.

  • CJ

    Alien Characters? I don’t appreciate this article’s strong anti-Debnoli sentiment.

  • I would buy doubles of every one! Now, that’s my kind of Vintage Collection!

  • Matthew Vandebogert

    Ofcourse Tonnika sisters are a huge want, i also think they should do a new blue Snaggletooth. And i would buy any tyoe of snaggletooth. The cantina scene mesmerized me as a 5 yr old boy and its still my fav scene in Star Wars. Id buy any and all aliens from the cantina. We could also use Garouf. Hes the snitch that went and told the stormtroopers about the fight. I like.the Klaatu and Weequay alieans the most from Jabbas denezins. A new bib fortuna is needed. And id like to see Ithorians made. I know EU not canon anymore but they gave the Ithorians a neat backstory. I think they are a neat species as well. The white haired dancer looks interesting and IF she could be Mara Jade that would be a neat way to reintroduce her to canon. Just a thought. Either way making aliens and jabbas goon squad i believe is instant gold.

    • CJ

      We have to pretend we don’t want the Tonnika Sisters. That’s our only chance. It’s a new strategy I’ve developed called “playing hard to get”

      • CT-7567

        I actually don’t want them.

        • CJ

          Me neither. Their only appeal is that they are forbidden fruit. They’d be pretty boring in plastic.

          • CT-7567

            Agreed. I want the skiff guard that shot Luke in the hand.

      • ExarKun777

        I think this can work! hehehe

      • Matthew Vandebogert

        Haha yeah who wants them losers anyways?

  • Fercho

    I’d gladly but two of those Tzvvtz (whatever that Fly Guy name is).

    • CJ

      I’ll gladly buy negative two of those to balance it out.

      • Fercho

        LOL…. I saw my typo now.

      • You’re a hater of flies. Everyone, flame CJ for being a hater!

        • CJ

          Paul, stop hating on people who attack people for hating things.

          • Fercho

            I hate you both for hating people who hate not hating people.

      • CT-7567

        He looks like he’s smoking something. 🙂 I wonder if he’s buzzed. 😛

  • localfromiskalon

    I love these great lists; with that and mastering time travel, there’s just no limit to what those Bantha Skull guys can do.
    Any cantina / palace characters are winners, but my preferences are, for the cantina: Tonnikas (I know they said no, but I can keep whining, right?), Yerka Mig, Arleil Schous, Chachi de Maal. I know the kids are all clamoring for an SA Debnoli, so I’ll just assume that one’s a go. Jabba’s Palace: Shasa Tiel, Fozec, Doallyn, Jess. Skiff: Taym Dren-Garen.

  • How about an updated Wuher, the surly cantina barkeep? As for Jabba’s Palace a better articulated and painted EV-959 and 8D8 would be fun updates. I’m satisfied with the Saga Bib Fortuna but a new version would be welcome too. Given the “trigger-happy” times we live in I doubt they’d allow it but a VC carded Oola would be nice too. Mos Eisley and Jabba’s Palace are where it’s at for me in the SW galaxy.

    • ExarKun777

      An updated Wuher would be fantastic!! Please Hasbro please.

  • Jebediaah

    Definitely want Arleil Schous, Tzizvvt (sorry BanthaSkull) and Shasa Tiel.

  • Matt

    you know… I love me some OT and will buy any new figure that Hasbro releases – particularly with articulation, but aside from Skiff Guard Klaatu, there is nobody on that list that I would be *psyched* about. Everyone is complaining about the repacks but at this point, the OT has been mined to to the point where nearly every extra who has 1 second of screen time has a figure and while sure, it’s neat and all that the fly guy might show up in plastic form, it’s hard to get excited about it. I’d rather they revisited Bespin Lando or the Endor rebels in the green suits if they’re going to go after the OT. Meanwhile, the new films, TV shows and comics provide a rich and fertile garden from which to harvest new super articulated figures from. The molds are great on the TFA and RO figures but the articulation sucks and I, for one, would rather that the new Vintage collection focus on these new characters rather than pulling out these super obscure background extras who are barely interesting in picture form let alone action figure form.

    • We need a ton of definitive updates to many characters they’ve already made. This isn’t the 6″ line. Redoing previous characters and choosing background aliens are just part of the protocol with TVC.

      • CT-7567

        How do you feel about the human skiff guard pictured next to Barada? I’ve wanted that guy since I was a kid. He shoots Luke in the hand, right? Your think the one guy that lands a hit on Luke would have a figure by now.

        • Taym? I love that guy. All I can think of when I see him is the Return Of The Jedi Storybook. I loved that book.

          • CT-7567

            I still have mine. I have the hardcover one and then I got the trilogy set of softcover ones at school from the Scholastic Book Club. My teacher wouldn’t let me open it in class while all the other kids got to look at their books. :-:-( It was first grade and my teacher hated that I was reading the ROTJ novelization. She had a meeting with my mom and told her it was too advanced for someone my age. 🙁 Wouldn’t you think advanced reading should be encouraged in a kid?

    • Travis

      You’re right man, Klaatu and Barada and maybe Pote Snitken are the only one’s I’d be dying to get I don’t need any human characters from these scenes except an updated BoShek and, if licensing allows, a Tonnika sister. Lets get a SA Captain Panaka and Naboo Royal Security. Okay Wuher and Arliel I need too lol. But I DON’T need any EU characters or TV characters

  • Mbraze

    Always wanted a figure of the Weequay guard that leans out of the barge to try to get to Luke.


    I love their BS carrot dangling spin:

    “Absolutely, that’s kind of one of the main reasons we brought [The Vintage Collection] back.”

    “But the biggest reason is that our sales numbers are in the toilet and we needed a good story to sell to our retailers so they do not cut our shelf space. Since you guys were always reliable and pathetic enough to wait for us like a jilted ex girlfriend next to a phone, we decided that this is the quickest fix…plus we would like a shot at our bonus in 2018. Thanks!

  • Jaken Wraith

    I wonder if year’s later down the line, Maz’s Castle Alien’s will have the same appeal.

    That Scene actually had the biggest problem for me with that Movie, Maz yelling “Han Solo” for no reason whatsoever when he walked into the Bar.


      It was more cringe worthy than NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    • That’s what you find fault with in that film? LOL.

      • CT-7567

        It didn’t help. 🙂

        • I just meant with all of the things wrong with the film, THAT stands out? LOL.

          • CT-7567

            I know. It’s just that it was SO weak and derivative. To me the worst thing is SuperRey and the total lifting of the ANH plot.

    • CJ

      I thought she was trying to make a Cheers reference.

    • ExarKun777

      And what about Maz checking Finn’s eyes? That was many of the silly unsolved mysteries form TFA, it was ridiculous haha. Maybe they will talk about this in TLJ, but I don’t care too much hehe.

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      I liked when she yelled his name. The guy at this point is a living legend.

  • James

    Jabba’s Sail Barge with Sail Barge exclusive sub line like they did with the bluray deleted scenes, easy money.

  • CT-7567

    Are we supposed to choose? Because I want them all? Both spacemen, the human guard next to last, and every alien except the two women and the alien smoking the joint.

  • ExarKun777

    This is a must!! Background aliens is one of the things that gives a plus to Star Wars collecting, is one of the particular features related to the 3.75″ collection, please Hasbro do not abandon this. I want all the Cantina aliens and patrons, and also all the guards/aliens and servants from Jabba’s Palace.

  • Ahh. Look at that collage of images above. Not one Rey, Finn or Poe in the lot. It’s like a dream come true. So, Hasbro, I need this dream to come true!

  • Eradicator

    The more of these aliens the better this line will be.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    it would be cool to get an updated BoShek, but really there isn’t anything in these three lists i wouldn’t buy so i think we’re in good hands.

    i would like an ACTUAL CANTINA tho. that would be nice. i loved when they would throw bar environmental pieces in with the older figures. make it screen accurate.
    a new skiff/barge/palace playset would also be very welcomed. these characters are awesome but i feel as though maybe the environments in which they are contained are crucial aspects of their appeal

    background characters are an essential element to star wars and one of my favorite things about the saga we all love. so this really is a dream discussion for me! hahahaha

  • tc14droid

    It’s an unfortunate reality that TVC will be mostly relevant to the new movies with OT and background characters scattered here and there.

    If the new waves do sell well, that should encourage Hasbro to make more waves per year in the future and fit more of the characters we want.

    Getting new movie characters on vintage cards should be enough of a reason for most people here to buy entire waves. If the packaging isn’t the selling point, then they should have just continued SA as TBS beyond wal-mart.

    Not buying TFA/R1/TLJ waves will very quickly guarantee the death of this line.

    • The market this line is geared towards doesn’t want TFA junk. Hasbro might be shooting themselves in the foot.

      • tc14droid

        It’s a mixed market of collectors but also needs to appeal to the masses if it’s going to mass retail. There needs to be some consistency across the lines supporting current media. I’m sure Disney has rules too about old/new media ratio for merch.

        • TVC welcomes the masses but it’s not directed at them. 5POA was meant for the masses. Also, 5POA hasn’t sold, so no one wanted anything from TFA and RO even in 5POA. It’s another one of the reason’s TVC is back in the mainstream. The 6″ line has an even mix of characters (with OT heavy waves recently), then so should the TVC. Generally speaking collectors are buying action figures, not the masses.

          • tc14droid

            POA just looks bad and is overpriced, so I’d think that’s part of it. That’s a good point about 6″ being decently mixed. It’s still heavier towards new movies, especially in the beginning. Hasbro could be trying to “play it safe” with TVC and it’s cheaper to re-sue the Wal-Mart figures. Who really knows at the end of the day.

          • Your last point is the reason why. We actually posted an article on this. Check it out. It’s called. “What’s The Deal With ALl Of The Vintage Collection Repacks?”

          • tc14droid

            Hasbro is a lot of things, and cheap is one of them.

          • CJ

            In business, that’s called efficient.

          • tc14droid

            Yes, I agree.

          • CJ

            And yet, here we are. But hey, won’t it be great to finally see Dr. Aphra on a Vintage card?

          • Matthew Vandebogert

            Yes is it. Id rather have her than them low life Tonnika sisters. (Trying that reverse psychology)

          • yes, it will, some kid will start collecting with that figure

          • but you need to have more collectors to support this line, right? and a mix of old and new characters will allow that, right?

      • CJ

        Yeah. That’s their thing.

      • darthmadonna

        what had me the most upset about the end of the SA 3.75″ figure was hearing it would be no more as we found out we were getting all these new movies. I felt like Obi Wan cut my legs off. The idea of Star Wars continuing on but I wouldn’t because of there being no new figures gutted me. I even bought in to the 6″ hype when TFA’s FF came along. It was NOT the same though. I may not care for TFA but I would like to at least get some decent figures or quality toys from that mess and why ignore Rogue One as I watched it the first time my mind was in overdrive making wish lists. So I look forward to new characters from new media in the TVC line. BUt it needs to be a good mix of old and new and from all various media, comics, novels, films, TV, etc.

  • Matthew Vandebogert

    What about some playsets and or vehicles for these figures? I know sail barge is out of the question but new skiffs, or atleast with parts to make it look battle damaged and you buy 2 to have the other 1 Luke jumped onto. They can make a cantina. It will sell easy. Could do some sort of palace for Jabba. Theres ways to make it into parts. Make a main piece then sell add on parts to break up the costs some. Idk but rheres gotta be a way to make these sets,ships.

    • Instead of a Cantina playset what if I just took my cantina figures to the bar with me?

      • Matthew Vandebogert

        Haha go for it

  • MicroCapo

    Man I love Star Wars but I can’t name half of those characters. Goes to show there is an absurd amount of 3.75 figures.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      Yep. I’m good. Hasbro can move on to the new media now and never touch the OT again, and I’d be pretty happy.

      • New media sucks terribly. You really another Rey? What is wrong with you?

        • Rivesjunctionite

          No, I’m good on Reys, but I’d gladly buy Kanata denizens, Saw Gerrera rebels, Canto Bight gamblers, a myriad of TCW and Rebels characters, Han Solo film characters, and so on. So many wonderful possibilities.

          • TCW is not new Star Wars Entertainment so you’re an old fogy like the rest of us. Ha ha. (Nelson style.)

          • Rivesjunctionite

            But surely you would pick something like Cham Syndulla over the umpteenth incorrect and non-metallized version of Threepio? Shirley?

          • CJ

            I’d pick neither. What’s a Cham Syndulla?

          • I would pick another version of Jar Jar Binks three times before another TFA figure (any character).

          • Rivesjunctionite

            Not what I asked. Ha ha (as Nelson would say)

          • really?

          • Sithewok

            Honestly, even when I am not a fan of the source, I will *always* take a character who has never been made in plastic before I choose a redo.

        • Man, that’s F’inn Rey-cist! Cassian your chips Kylos, it’s Cold Jyn time again! It must be love…fits like a glove. General Hux, did you want fries with that First OOOOORRRRDDDDAAAAAHHH? Have a wonderful weekend fellow Star Wars acolytes!

    • CJ

      I can’t name them either. That’s why we need figures of them. To learn their names.

      • MicroCapo

        Let’s see how well a “Damono Deomaley” figure sells.

        • CJ

          Yes, let’s.

  • mg1138

    Amazing job on those lists! Would buy anything from it instantly… Go on Hasbro, don’t hesitate, we’ll be there to buy them! Would be like a dream come true!
    Now sorry for drifting off from OT, but with 2019 coming and the 20 years of TPM, the next dream on the list for me would be getting Mos Espa background aliens! And I’m not talking about all those Podracer pilots, Gragra or other silly PT designs… well at least they are less ridiculous than Maz’s castle aliens and we already have decent figures for them! No, I’m talking about something I litterally adored in TPM: all background aliens in Mos Espa were species sourced from the original Cantina or Jabba’s Palace! That fact was so amazing and even in the middle of this denigrated SW movie, it felt so much like true Star Wars! Nothing like those lame new aliens from TFA & the new ones starting to leak from TLJ… So, in many years, when we get all the figures from those excellent lists above, why not delve into cool PT background extras! One Pax Bonkik is not enough… Hasbro, my money would be yours for the next decade if you’re listening!

    • JohnMorog

      I can taste the salt from here…

    • JohnMorog

      “all background aliens in Mos Espa were species sourced from the original Cantina or Jabba’s Palace!”

      probably because… IT WAS THE SAME PLANET hahaha

      • mg1138

        Of course! But most of them are not native from Tatooine, and all those species travel from planet to planet in this fictional galaxy… Tatooine, Coruscant, etc, they’re in every major multicultural capital city or planet (while some like Naboo or others don’t). So I find it very hard to believe that such species are nowhere to be found on planets like Jakku, Takodana or Cantonica, planets that are supposed to be multicultural as they are shown… Not a single one! They could have at least placed one lonely Rodian or anything else in the background, just to let us feel that we are indeed in Star Wars, and not in a generic 2010s SciFi movie with generic aliens (and generic plot too)… Maybe an Orange Grand Moff managed to set a Rodian-ban or so on those planets… Anyway, any dumb scenario/excuse could be invented by the Lucasfilm Story Group to justify that, as everything is pure and free fiction… But still I find it hard to believe and it doesn’t help those PT movies feeling like true SW… Rogue One on the other side was pretty good at mixing new aliens and old favorites, but more could be done in this field in my opinion…

      • mg1138

        Of course! But most of them are not native from Tatooine, and all those species travel from planet to planet in this fictional galaxy… Tatooine, Coruscant, etc, they’re in every major multicultural capital city or planet (while some like Naboo or others are mainly human). So I find it very hard to believe that such species are nowhere to be found on planets like Jakku, Takodana or Cantonica, planets that are supposed to be multicultural as they are shown… Not a single one! They could have at least placed one lonely Rodian or anything else in the background, just to let us feel that we are indeed in Star Wars, and not in a generic 2010s SciFi movie with generic aliens, generic plot, generic characters, generic designs… Maybe an Orange Grand Moff managed to set a Rodian-ban or so on those planets… Anyway, any scenario/excuse could be invented by the Lucasfilm Story Group to justify that, as everything is pure and free fiction… But still I find it hardly believable and it doesn’t help those PT movies feeling like true SW… Rogue One on the other side was better at mixing new aliens and old favorites, but still not enough IMO…

        • JohnMorog

          It’s funny cause I really agree with you haha. I just want new aliens too 🙂

  • Red V

    Would you guys and gals prefer to have single carded Bith band members or have a deluxe multi-pack type deal with the entire Modal Nodes?

    If that’s even do-able…

    • JohnMorog


    • mg1138

      Or one single generic SA band member carded, with all the different instruments, as an historical nod to the original release… That would do a good comparison image on the “YES” cardback we all love with the photo of the original figure!

    • Single, just like TAC.

    • CJ

      Single. But shipped in solid cases for the people who want all of them.

    • darthmadonna

      Make them a K mart exclusive. 3 sets of two. LOL

    • I want mine in a plain, white mailer with five instruments in a bag. You know, nostalgia and all..

    • Albert Escobedo

      I would prefer single carded Bith members. If they can combine and play some music, that would be a plus.

    • if generic, single, i can army build if I want.

    • SnTrooper


      That way people that want just one can get just one and people that want the whole band can get a single and a multipack and not end up with 35 extra instruments from having to buy multiple singles.

  • xdeathmedicx

    I just want a rotj luke with accurate robe

  • Brian Cropper

    Paul I promise Im not trying to kill you. Ive been collecting since I was 6, Im 51 now. I love the Cantina aliens and Jabbas Palace/Skiff Guards more than most of the other TVC figures. Ive made sooo many customs using Bom Vimdim, Kithaba,etc. There ARE plenty of characters that still need to be made, but you know Hasbro is going to cherry pick. We need characters from ALL of the movies, Clone Wars, KOTOR, comics etc, for this to work and appeal to collectors. And most importantly to SELL so Hasbro will continue to make SA 3.75 figures. So please pardon me for mentioning Maz’s castle….Ive been watching Rick and Morty

    • darthmadonna

      I to have been there from the beginning and I like aliens and the OT as much as everyone else but I want newness also. I may not like TFA but there are some interesting choices in Maz’s castle for more aliens. Same goes for Rogue One. All this talk of the cantina and Jabba goons sounds like Hasbro has never made any of these figures but they have made a lot. There are a few I want updated but I do feel like my wish list in this case is very slim anymore. Besides I think Hasbro should also look into troops as those always do well. Myself being a bit of an army builder I will buy several of the same figure but with cantina or any specific alien I am only buying one. I also look forward to seeing the old Han, Luke, LEia etc in TVC hoping for new version of course and not TBS repacks. So I very much support the idea of making sure it is a well mixed bag.

    • I am only being affectionately rude. It’s all good. 🙂

    • can’t agree with you more, I might I’m biased, but i believe that the success of this line will depend on the brother appeal, and not on the focus on OT background characters. People are buying tons of SW comics, have them pick same figures to and you this line will never die.

      • CJ

        Yeah. Brothers don’t buy enough figures. Hasbro needs to do more to appeal to brothers.

    • Mother_Talzin

      I agree, a good mix sells, and that’s what TVC had as well – CW, EU, video game characters, etc all mixed with OT and PT. If TVC were nothing more than obscure OT, it would likely fizzle quickly.

  • Binary_Son

    SHASA TIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I can’t scream this enough, since Jedi came out I’ve been waiting for this one, why it’s never been made is beyond me, such an instantly recognisable Jabba goon.

    Also, Klaatu (Skiff Guard Outfit) or whatever they want to call it, this has to be the next skiff/barge guard. It’s another to tick off the list from the original Kenner line and would also complete the set of original skiff guards.

  • Brian Cropper

    Hey if we cant have the Tonnika sisters….then please what about Ann and Tann Gella from The Phantom Menace?

    • Sithewok

      Yes! I know that this article is about these particular OT scenes, but there are a ton of cool PT background characters that have still never seen the light of day as figures. Paul, maybe an article about missing PT figures that would fit in well in TVC would be good in the future as well?

      • CJ

        Yeah, but I think Paul wants to focus on Maz Kanata’s Castle first.

        • ok, we focus on Maz Castle first, but them we can get some TCW, EU and Comics aliens too?

          • CJ

            Only if you include Ben Skywalker.

          • that’s too alien even for me 😀

        • Cody McDonald

          That would be a smart obscure alien choice.

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      If Disney considers Slave Leia misogynist then these two will never happen. Especially since they were “masseurs” who probably engaged in interspecies action on the side.

    • You could even get away with just releasing the same mold twice on a card back with a different name.

  • Brian Cropper

    This is totally from left field….but I did some Googling of The Empire Strikes Back characters and I never knew Treat Williams was an Echo Base Trooper, Jess Allashane..holy crapola on a stick!

    • CJ

      Fake News! He was on set because he was nailing Carrie Fisher at the time, but there’s no evidence he made it into the film.

      • This story belongs here then if it’s fake news!

      • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

        To be fair, She was nailing everyone. Not bitter at all I was still in diapers then btw.

        • I didn’t have the guts to post that but I was wondering the same thing.

  • darth gorilladust
    • Yes. Totally.

    • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

      So much cooler than that crappy one GL replaced him with.

    • Mother_Talzin

      This is one of the best characters on this list, equal only to the Fly – which I’d like the most considering how unique it is.

  • More classic trilogy aliens please. There are so many missed ones from Return of the Jedi. Like Ephant Mon, those various droids or just a Bib Fortuna!

  • Albert Escobedo

    Cane Addiss, Bib Fortuna, and a Saelt Marae are on my wishlist. I’ll keep hope that Hasbro will release them.

    • Mother_Talzin

      Cane Addiss would be great in the new figure w/ creature packs for TLJ!

  • Kalzeth

    Tziz reegesk and ownellco are my top 3 cantina. Palace is yoxgit, cane Ardis’s and Shana tile. Skiff is taym vedain and yotts

  • And hopefully Yakface is first! Come on!!

  • Any denizen of Jabba’s palace/barge/skiff is fine with me JUST NO ASTROMECH REPAINTS … I couldn’t handle more of the same B*S* like the big exclusive “reveal” of 2016

  • I think the unidentified Dug from Jabba’s palace would make for a nice figure.

    • I think never allowing Chris from Bantha Skull to post here ever again would make for a nice change.

      • YOU WON’T LET ME SAY NUTHIN’. I can’t nominate stuff from Maz’s castle. I can’t nominate Lumpy. I can’t nominate the dug.

        I’M GOING HOME!

  • Brian Cropper

    I just finished watching Rogue One again………so many characters yet to be done!

    • JohnMorog



      • General Grievous

        • I hate you. Why do you make me say these things?

          • Jimmy Griffin

            Lu–I mean Paul, don’t give in to hate! That leads to the Dark Side. That’s what he wants.

      • Brian Cropper

        Actually I consider Rogue One to be right up there with the OT because it ends right where A New Hope begins, plus it has many of the same characters in it and a speeder load of new ones soooooo….

  • MrStevie18

    • I don’t like the look of that comment! WHAT DOES IT MEAN!? 🙂 Three dots people! Help me translate it!

      • MrStevie18

        Don’t fret Paul. It’s a way to get the thread on my Disqus app so I can easily and quickly refer to the conversation when I need a little insight and inspiration. ??

  • Sithless

    Honestly, I will buy 2 of every cantina character, palace characters or skiff guards Hasbro makes in the TVC line. Multiples if they are army builders. As for repacks, 1 of each to keep my carded TVC collection complete. So make them all Hasbro!

  • Lando Griffin

    Cantina & Jabba’s Palace/Skiff figures on a TVC card gets me more excited about Star Wars than anything else Hasbro can produce (aside from a sail barge, which ain’t ever gonna happen). What would get me equally excited is a few never before produced Ewoks (and to a slightly lesser extent repacked TLC figures on TVC cards) on TVC cards. I would be a lovely compliment to the 8 original ones Kenner did. (Hasbro, I’d love me a Chukha-Trok too!).
    I’d also totally be cool with a repaint wave of figures (Boba Fett, IG-88, Imperials, Wicket etc) on Droids/Ewoks TVC card backs. Chase figures perhaps? Repaints in order to cost out a Vlix, that is. 🙂

    • Fercho

      A repainted Boba with Droids/Ewoks multimedia colors is an instant seller.

  • zerobobby77

    The greatest thing for collectors they could do is Jabba’s Palace unused Light Man. Talk about some obscure character.

    • Ah yes! How could I forget that one! I love that thing!

      • I read somewhere that The Light Bulb Man was just used to project light onto the walls and other characters. At some point, Lucas was going to add a luminescent alien in TLBM’s place.

    • Super Amigo

      That guy is creepy, in a Dr. Who kind of way.

      • zerobobby77

        It’s disturbing, right?

  • Fercho

    First things first. A ROTJ Emperor is still mandatory to be made. Also a ROTJ Emperor Royal Guard, sans extra accesories as for Crimson Empire series to mirror the vintage figure.

  • In lieu of the Tonnikas how about a 3.75″ figure of Victoria for the Cantina?

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    ive been preaching this for years give us Cantina and Jabba’s Aliens. And always get someone telling me how there is more than just 3 Star Wars movies. And I say no there is not ,Original Trilogy only.

  • TM Garrington

    Snaggletooth, please.

    • Daniel Preece

      Make that a “Blue” Snaggletooth!

  • Alex James Finch

    I’ll take them all. Starting with Taym Dren Garen, Fozec, Velken Tezeri, Jess, Barada and that damn Ishi Tibb who seriously should have been made at least twice already!

  • Coleman Miller

    Not familiar with all the names of Jabba’s people or Cantina patrons but I am down. But please please please let one of them be Hammerhead!!!

    • Coleman Miller

      Bib Fortuna, rerelease Gamorrean Guard, Tessek, Rancor Keeper (Malakili), Weequay, Nikto, Barada, Cantina Devaronian, Dannik Jerrico, Dr Evazan, and the 1 Tonnika Sister we can have made so we can get 2 of them & make a custom of thenone Hasbro can’t make. Thanks Wookieepedia!

  • Odrok Ossirion

    Geezum please!!! Plus all new sculpt or at least some decent paint operations for Zutton.

  • Eric

    I’d love for Hasbro to give the cantina aliens they made in the early to mid 2000s updated articulation and a soft good cloak Jawa. Please make it happen Hasbro.

  • Lobot

    Yes! Yes! More Jabba’s palace/sail barge/patrons/skiff guards/etc… Please! Although the Jabba’s palace diorama I’m going to build this winter will not be big enough for all of these new characters so please include a new Skiff vehicle as well please!

  • A lot of the creature cantina & Jabba’s palace figures would be very cost effective due to the many repeated members of the alien races.

  • Faust

    I’d buy literally anything and everything off the three Bantha Skull lists.

  • IB

    It’s my list. These will be all new sculpts.
    Chalmun’s Cantina aliens/patrons: Arleil Schous, Labria, Hammerhead, Snaggletooth, Greedo (with plastic vest)
    Jabba’s palace aliens: Shasa Tiel, Bib Fortuna, Yak Face, EV-9D9
    Jabba’s skiff guards: Klaatu, Vedain, Barada

  • Jimmy Griffin

    I know he’s been produced in the POTJ line; but I would love to see Boshek on a vintage card.

  • George Stark

    New Muftak, Kabe

  • Cody McDonald

    All of these figures would be shelf warming fodder and we all know it. The vocal narrow margin of adults petitioning for these figures and lines may want these desperately bad, and understandably so, but I think Hasbro would be foolhardy to focus any amount of energy into the most obscure possible OT figures that could be made. Focus on things like this will sink the Vintage Collection relaunch. Realistically probably 80% of the current buying market would never touch these, but 100% of people will buy figures like Scariff Trooper, SA Ep.7 Han in regular clothes, SA General Leia, SA K2, etc. If you genuinely want the line to succeed you gotta take off the generational blinders and prey they focus on never released exciting figures EVERYONE wants. New and old. Just the opinion of a 22 year old collector with a toddler that both hate 5poa but would never spend money or look twice at these.

    • Randy

      Since the line’s relaunch in the 90s, I have only seen one figure from the cantina or Jabba’s denizens pegwarm – Yarna. Even though it took a while for her to sell through, she was not on pegs as long as the whole TPM wave or all this TFA junk. History disputes your claim.

      • Cody McDonald

        Maybe it’s different in different markets. The only figures ever left laying around through any line and any series at my local stores is always the obscure. I hope everyone can get their collecting whistle wet. I have a million obscure wishes, but I hope they focus on maximizing profits so this isn’t a one and done run. They need to get everyone in the 2007 mindset of expecting nothing less then super articulation because they’re buying every figure in the line, and every figure in the line has it. Then they can sneak in the “obscure” because the majority market is now hooked, sales are booming, and peg warmers here and there don’t damage the line. Against my wishes, I feel its better if they appeal to the mainstream and make quality figures that the mainstream and minority want. Once the lines reestablished pump out some EU, Pre-Lucas Tamppered OT aliens, Maz/Jabba aliens, all that good stuff. Opinions will very, and that’s cool.

      • Yeah I agree. I have only seen Kithaba and Dr. Evazan peg-warm, for a few moments, and then completely sell through. But that was a bad case assortment issue. They were repacked and didn’t need to be.

    • It needs everything, and that means new sculpts of old characters, “nobody” is expecting that all of these will be made in the first wave, but some might…

      • Cody McDonald

        I hope some of these can be made myself, just way later in the game. I feel it should be the least of their worries for a while. Imagine a OT wave of Tarkin, Royal Guard, Princes Leia (Death Star), Emperor Palpatine, Rebel Soldier Endor (old rex), and Scout Trooper for good measure. Sequel Trilogy made of Rey (resistance outfit), Han (regular clothes), Fin (trooper), Leia (general), C3P0 (red arm), Poe (Jacket), Kylo (removable helmet), First Order Riot Control. Mainstream, but quality and desirable to all.

        • Everybody wants something different, from this line.what I expect from it is, 1) “flavor of the day characters” first TLJ and then Solo, then 2) repacks of SA figures, hope for some in particular, but for the line to work any old character will do and last you get 3) fan favorites. In this thread we’re talking about a particular set of fan favorite characters, they might not say nothing to you or to me but they have a loyal base of followers, and hasbro needs to get these collectors on board, cause they just need an excuse to buy everything with a shining card board, but they need that excuse. That’s why even though I don’t really care for this background characters I think hasbro needs to have them in their lineup, not a lineup of only OT background characters, but some new sculpts are needed.

          • Cody McDonald

            I feel it. There is room for the entire base to be satisfied, and I hope Hasbro makes the most of it while they can so we can get back to the 2006-2009 golden days of getting everything from mainstream to obscure in super articulated glory.

    • Because all-new characters from TFA and RO sold like hotcakes, right? You have seen all-new Star Wars Entertainment characters peg-warming, right? Hasbro NEEDS to produce what collectors want. It’s just the way it is.

      • Cody McDonald

        I agree completely to a degree. We’re a small vocal margin though. The world isn’t in need of a million Finn’s and Poe’s you’re a 1000% right about that. However, that’s poor case assortment ratio and a different issue. I never saw hide nor hair of black series first order trooper.. they can produce quality mainstream without over producing and satisfy our needs too. Paul you loved the Death Trooper, FO Trooper, Phasma, etc.. That’s my point. Mainstream and sales like hotcakes.

    • Nick Dickens

      Well from 1978 to 1985 and from 1995 to 2013 none of what you say happened.

      The newer fans I’ve met and become friends with and my online friends all want what came before but better… better sculpts, articulation, accessories, paint apps.

  • safari4ad

    These have always been my favorite figures, and are the reason I got back into collecting 20-ish years ago. I am always ready for Jabba aliens, Cantina barflies, Outlander patrons, and yes, Maz’ Castle guests. I suspect that in a few months I will be calling for Canto Bight gamblers too. But Jabba goons will always be my priority.

  • Nick Dickens

    Now this… this is where Star Wars collecting started. It’s in the very DNA of the franchise.

  • Eric

    I mentioned in an earlier post bout how I would like Hasbro to give the cantina aliens action figures they made in the early to mid 2000s the super articulation treatment. Here’s the characters:

    Dannik Jerriko(Cantina Encounter)
    Myo(Cantina Encounter)
    Feltipern Trevagg(Cantina Encounter)
    Hem Dazon

    These guys need an update. Please make it happen Hasbro. They’ll look great on “Star Wars” vintage card.

  • Eric

    Oh, I forgot! Hasbro, please make Boshek, The starfighter pilot. He definitely needs the super articulated treatment. Hell look great on a “Star Wars” vintage card too.

  • Thundrstruckd

    So ready for this.

  • Tyler Frechette

    This is going to be a highly unpopular comment but personally the only Alien I care about getting produced in TVC is Thrawn. #sorrynotsorry

  • darthmo

    Not an expert in obscure Cantina/Palace characters but personally definitely want to see some definitive updates to some classic releases such as Bib Fortuna, Snaggletooth and the Model Nodes but would absolutely buy new unreleased characters from the OT.

  • Nick Dickens

    I want to see the ‘Skiff guy with the Death Star Commander helmet and antlers on the front of it and his life preserver guy’ as I called him as a kid.

  • William Warner

    Chalmun’s Cantina

    All New:
    1Arleil Schous
    2 Brea Tonnika
    3 Chachi De Maal
    4 Lirin Car’n (second Kloo horn) according to wookieepedia
    5 Melas
    6 Senni Tonnika
    7 Yerka Mig (Cantina Patron)

    Modal Nodes:
    1 Doikk Na’ts (Dorenian Beshniquel)
    2 Figrin D’an (Kloo Horn)
    3 Ickabel G’ont (Double Jocimer)
    4 Nalan Cheel (bandfill)
    5 Sun’il Ei’de (drums)
    6 Tech Mo’r (Ommni Box)
    7 Tedn Dahai (Fanfar)

    Updates with SA:
    1 Bo Shek
    2 Ellorrs Madak
    3 Garindan
    4 Labria
    5 Lak Sivrak
    6 Momaw Nadon
    7 Nabrun Leids
    8 Wuher

  • William Warner

    Jabba’s Palace & Sail Barge and Skiffs

    All New:
    1 Fozec (Jabba’s Palace)
    2 Gauron Nas Tal (Jabba’s Sail Barge)
    3 Taym Dren-garen (Sail Barge Guard)
    4 Velken Tezeri (Skiff Guard)
    5 Yoxgit

    Updates for SA:
    1 Amanaman
    2 Barada
    3 Bib Fortuna
    4 8D8
    5 EV-9D9
    6 Klaatu (Skiff Guard)
    7 Pote Snitkin
    8 Saelt Marae (Yak Face)

    Max Rebo Band:
    Use Original Vintage Collection Box with Window
    Droopy McCool
    Max Rebo (could not be carded due to organ)
    Sy Snootles (Puppet Version)

  • Just saying, in Europe we haven’t seen any of the SA TFA. It’s great to know we’ll finally see them, in premium packaging !

  • Zarco Rey

    It’s really the AoTC Outlander club that fans want figures from.

  • Jerry Tejeda they handed me the Kool-Aid. Hasbro doesnt care about the collector. Theyre going to continue making junk and crappy figures. They’re not the Hasbro of yesteryear.

  • Chris Jones

    I would buy each and every one! I’m serious.
    I cannot believe I live in a world where Hasbro has produced about every single ship/ vehicle LARGE or small from the prequels, including CLONE WARS and the REBELS cartoon series. But NO Sail Barge?!?, No UPDATED Sandcrawler? no updated Y-Wing?, Vader’s Tie Fighter?< Larger Tatooine Skiff??!?!?!
    I now have a seven year old son, and the vehicle he ALWAYS plays the most with, is the MTT DROID CARRIER from TPM. I'm guessing because of all the fun electronics) I can only imagine how nuts he (and I) would go for a B.A.D. Sandcrawler! To put all those droids and aliens in! I've always had hope knowing Star Wars isn't going anywhere anytime soon, that these classic AND iconic original trilogy toys would someday be given a modern treatment or finally be made! The hiatus of the vintage collection has given me an opportunity to spend my STAR WARS dollars on many of the HOT TOYS,and SIDESHOW offerings. But please Hasbro , If you are listening, please make those classics BEFORE my little guy grows up!
    one more thing,… I really feel that the opportunity to bring us a DEATH STAR playset for the release of Rogue One was missed here…. but its NEVER too late!! once again, it is ICONIC. Did you happen to see the new Spiderman movie? the LEGO version has an AWESOME cameo!
    final thought- You (HASBRO) have told us over and over that playlets do not sell well and kids aren't interested in such things (or something like that). Yet, In almost 20 years of producing Star Wars toys you have NEVER given kids or the collectors anything resembling much of a WORTHWHILE ATTEMPT. ???
    The way I have always seen it, PLAYSETS like the original Death Star Playset, and the IMPERIAL ATTACK BASE, EWOK VILLGE etc,.. Are part of what made the STAR WARS Brand so fun & Fantastic!!

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