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Kmart Puts Out Some The Last Jedi Products Before Force Friday II!

Friend and JTA reader Han Solo Mio forwards us images taken at a local North California Kmart where new The Last Jedi products were placed on store shelves and rang up for $29.99 (vehicles) and $42.99 (role-play).


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  • CadeSky

    A-Wing looks pretty great. One of my favorite ships.

    Wonder if my local K Mart might break street…

    • bmales01

      What does KMart have to lose at this point

      • CJ

        Exactly. They’ll be long gone by the time episode 9 toys are released.

      • Paul

        You’re not wrong. I know that in my area the Hasbro reps don’t even go to K-Mart.

  • Fire JJ Make SW Great Again!

    Soon to be found in a clearance bin near you. Just don’t expect to see any of it in stores on FF first though.

  • Brent Norton

    Who needs Jedi training when you have blaster cannon attached to your shoulder!? Muahahaha *endless blasting and psychotic laughter from Daisy Ridley*

  • EPC-421

    Oh man it’s gonna be awesome seeing Rey blast a bunch of Praetorian Guards in TLJ!/s
    A-Wing looks to be a decent size, I may keep an eye out for it.

  • Keith Maurer

    No nerf on the a wing woohoo!

  • Danny P.

    Why does Rey need a bazooka? They should use all that extra plastic for additional articulation

    • bmales01

      agree. I thought they learned their lesson with over-exaggerated weapons we dont want and spent their cost elsewhere

    • rebelsfangirl

      Because people making toys think kids LOVE big guns. Which some do. It seems to be the 2010s equivalent to the 90s ridiculous buff figures.

      • Andrew

        It’s based 100% on market research. Kids told them they like playing with these little plastic-firing bazookas and jetpacks, so every figure gets one.

      • Andrew Wirshborn

        Which is funny because the trend of these oversized guns that can shoot things started in the 90s.

        I know A LOT of G.I. Joes were suddenly coming with these things and for some reason neon color camo outfits

        • rebelsfangirl

          Yup lol, proportions got better but the big guns remain.

          • Andrew Wirshborn

            Every time I look at the first Wedge figures released and think about adding them to my collection/shrine to Wedge.

            And then I cringe as they all look like those WWE rubber figures from the 80s.

            Though to be fair: the shooting guns DO make things more fun for kids the actual audience and market for these things. And I don’t know about you but any figure or toy that had some kind of zipline was my fav as a kid to the point of being yelled at for all the string and lines I would run around the house

          • rebelsfangirl

            Yup, same with the nerf shooters, they are popular with kids so I can’t get too judgemental at Hasbro for them.

    • Boba Fred

      I need my Rey to have a bazooka to defend herself from my WWE figures or she won’t stand a chance!

    • Rivesjunctionite

      It’s a 12″ hero series figure

  • Jaken Wraith

    More than one K-Mart has put “The Last Jedi” Item’s out. Where the Shot’s of the “Canto Bight” Police Speeder have come from. With how “rare” K-Mart Stores are nowadays, i may hit up the two i have within my range, (Morrestown and Hamilton, N.J.) Not many of them left, odds really ain’t that bad of finding something. Of couse i am right in between those two Towns and they are in the opposite direction’s.

    • Sithewok

      Just to warn you before you make the drive: They all come up as “Do Not Sell before street date” in the POS. I tried to pick up the Rathtar and Police Speeder today (all of the vehicles were on the shelf…) and was turned down.

      • Jaken Wraith

        I’ll give it a go, not that far for me really. If they have a tag on the Shelf i will bring it to the register and try to be nice enough to get them to override. I’ll check it on the Scanners on the Floor before i go to them. I have used my 13yrs in Cust Service with 7yrs of Acting on top of it to good use in Stores before, i’ll select what Cashier i go to lol.

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        how did this person get it then? i don’t get it…..always see leaks of stuff before the street date yet everytime i find something before the street date the cashier just scans it 16 times before giving up and going “i dont know whats going on sorry”

        • Andrew

          These photos are clearly taken in-store, so they likely didn’t take these items home. That said, I bought TFA items early when Walmart put them out too soon. But that’s only because a manager came and overrode their checkout system (many of these workers really just don’t care. They deal with enough nonsense during the day that they’d rather just move you out the door).

  • HanSoloMio

    Always a pleasure to help “the Drudge Report of Star Wars toys” get a scoop! 🙂

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Tallie looks great for 5poa, wish those straps were not sculpted to her legs though.

    • bmales01

      totally agree. cant tell if the helmet is removable, but just using a translucent visor works wonders.

      • xdeathmedicx

        not removable saw it in person

        • bmales01

          figured. I stand by my visor comment then. small steps Yazflow.

    • Diego

      Is this the pilot rumored to be in the SA 3.75 line?

    • Is she supposed to be the same female pilot that was in Poe’s x-wing squadron? Face looks familiar.

  • bmales01

    I am a sucker for an A-Wing. Can anyone tell what mold they used or if its NEW?
    I am hoping its more accurately scaled than say Hera’s A-Wing, but I am sure its not.
    This would go great with my OT figs/dioramas

    • xdeathmedicx

      looking at the box size its just a rehash of heras

    • darthmo

      Would be great if it’s to scale of the older versions.

      • bmales01

        thats what I am thinking. werent the blue A-Wings concepts for ROTJ? I’d totally slot them in my hangar scene

        • Rivesjunctionite

          Yeah, it was a McQuarrie with the original blue A-wing.

          • bmales01

            that’s what I thought. Its going right in the ROTJ hangar

        • darthmo

          Absolutely. But if it’s the size of that Rebels one I’ll pass. Otherwise it looks a lot better than any TFA/RO vehicles.

  • BigJim Slade

    Where is the K-Mart exclusive TLJ Zuvio?
    Gonna sell like hot cakes!

    • Starwars Steve

      Put a light saber in his packaging and he will sell like hot cakes…lol

  • zerobobby77

    Well, Rey’s giant bazooka machine gun thing seems to be an important plot point.

  • Falcon

    Just to clarify, as I always get to, or get someone to go in for me on Force Friday’s to grab what I want (although down here in Australia, a store 5 minutes from my home put the R1 FF stuff out on the Tuesday before R1- FF, and I was in the store at the time, huge bonus I grabbed all the figures, they took the stuff off the shelves for the next couple of days I noted lol).

    But my question is, when is The Last Jedi Force Friday?

    (No such thing as a dumb question, if someone wants to clarify 100% as they say)….

    Thanks if someone could let me know….

    • wedge1021

      September 1

      • Falcon

        Thanks 🙂

    • AllThePowa

      Some stores here in Au don’t actually have a Force Friday midnight release though 😛 They did for TFA but we’re kinda alone.

  • xdeathmedicx

    found these in columbia sc went to buy them for a friend and they would not ring up.

  • StarWarsCollectorNB

    opinion :

    With all the crazy toys leaks this year, i am starting to wonder if this is such a bad thing after all. Every store seems to be defiant about the street date now. It is good publicity for them and they probably cannot sell the darn things unless they override the item. I think the stores got burned so much with unsold stock that they have decided to use the toys as an attraction tool and marketing ploy for their own personal agenda. I think this will become the norm. Hasbro and Disney will have to adjust and be smarter and make sure that no spoiler is inserted in the products available which seems to be the case so far. At the very least it proves that Hasbro is somewhat ready for toys for this movie which is a good thing. If you take all those factors in. I think this is a blessing in disguise for everyone.

    • julythrunov

      When the stores purchase cases of figures, they are under contract to abide by certain rules. Technically if the stores decided to “do their own thing” so to speak they could be held civilly liable. I think in cases like these Hasbro doesn’t go after the stores over a leak here or there because in the grand scheme of things very few people see it (the small highly focused internet collecting community). Most people will still be surprised when they see these items on the shelf. So as long as the leaks remain relatively small it’s probably not worth it for Hasbro to damage the relationship with the retailer and spend the time and effort to litigate.

      • RumSleg

        Also what’s the $ value of Hasbro’s damages in a situation like this? Can’t be much.

      • StarTron

        that would suggest that hasbro actually keeps track of their products after being sold. they don’t give a damn.

  • Boba Fettuccini

    That A-Wing is gorgeous. It looks like it’s bit longer than the original trilogy ones? Either way, I enjoy it.

  • hammyhamster

    Do little boys even play with this stuff anymore? Serious question as Disney / Hasbro are clearly marketing this to females and I’ve never seen a girl pick-up any of these female-centric figures at retail, so really… who’s buying them?

    • Superflukullus

      Hasbros not marketing this to girls it just so happens Disney feels that Star Wars needs a femenist twist by adding “strong” female characters

      • hammyhamster

        It’s always about money. I’m a sales guy and the stench of marketing efforts are smelt a mile away.

      • Funtomaz

        Hammyhamster below me is correct, it’s always about money.
        The thing is, 52% of all moviegoers in North America are women. But with Star Wars (and a few other superhero movies) you have around 58% men in the audience. Also, Hispanics and Asians are much more enthusiastic moviegoers than non-hispanic whites (per capita attendance is significantly higher with these groups). The annual MPAA report gives you all these numbers. Just a quick comparison, Furios 7 had 25% Hispanics who saw the movie and 22% African Americans, TFA only had 15% Hispanics and 12% African Americans.

        My guess: Disney sees untapped potential with women, Hispanics and African Americans to a certain degree and they want to broaden the appeal of Star Wars in the hope that the white men, who used to go and see Star Wars will still flock to the cinema, because it’s Star Wars, even though more characters are now women or actors from Latin and South America, which bring in the people who were not interested in Star Wars until now. It’s no coincidence that the new Star Wars movies have more Hispanic actors (and more women).
        This has nothing to do with feminism. Kathleen Kennedy may say “girl power”, in the end she means “more money”.

        • Andrew

          Disney bought Star Wars and Marvel to expand their audience to more “male-centric” properties. I’m not sure they’re necessarily trying to feminize Star Wars as much as they already have this built-in female audience and wouldn’t mind some overlap in sales.

        • hammyhamster

          Correct. There’s an untapped market there for the star wars brand with women, and that’s the biggest growth potential, so they are attacking it with fury.

          Anyone who thinks otherwise is being a bit foolish… plus maybe a .08% contribution of SJW attitude sprinkled in. Damn SJW’S just have to be a pain in the butt for everything lol

          All of that being said; Disney does risk losing a percentage of its core audience by playing that game. It has lowered my spending, so I guess the better question is actually – how much less is the average star wars collector buying on films like TLJ now that the male leads are becoming non-existent.

          For every dollar Hasbro and Disney make on new female spending how much are they losing from existing male AND female spending? Most women I’m around actually LIKE seeing male heros and are fully aware of the pandering nature in which Disney works, which turns them off as well. You don’t have to be a guy to dislike Disney’a annexing of men in the SW universe.

          • Matthew Cohen

            I don’t understand this line of thinking at all. Does the story engage and entertain me? Are the characters interesting? I’m a white male, almost 30, I don’t need a story about white men to feel like I can connect to it. The films are not about the struggles of African Americans, or maternity leave. There is nothing in the story that alienates me by my gender and race (as something I haven’t personally experienced). You have heroes fighting the good fight for the fate of the galaxy against the villains.

            If someone absolutely need a big strong white man to connect to in a film about space wizards, laser swords and epic battles on a galactic scale, that’s more a problem with them as a person than anything else.

          • hammyhamster

            Well it seems that we are equal then. I don’t understand your comment fully either.

            YOU may not need to see a white male on-screen to make you connect to what’s happening, but Disney clearly believes that for women and non-whites to watch these movies and buy these toys that they have to be represented on film. No debating that.

            I can see this conversation going in circles so feel free to respond if you want, but there’s really nothing to go back and forth on.

          • Matthew Cohen

            I can’t fault them for trying to bring in a new audience. The difference is that most movies star big strong white men. Especially hollywood blockbusters. If I needed that to feel a connection to a film I could basically close my eyes and throw darts at a wall filled with film names to find one to watch. They’re getting the representation they’ve been lacking that I’ve experienced all my life. Doesn’t bother me one bit. Especially when I’ve already had 6 Star Wars films “representing me” already.

        • hammyhamster

          And that last line is the part that infuriates me most. Hearing garbage spewed from people in the cast of R1 and someone like John “Boogeyman” Finn, is the most insulting part.

          You people are sheep. You were strategically chosen for the colour of your skin or your sexual organ to MAKE MONEY. Not to make the movie industry a “better place”. Remember that.

        • … and it’s harder to get a bigger % of “young white male adults” that they already have. All the movies will have more asian characters, and Chinese actors, cause china is a big market that until now doesn’t care about SW and they are a huge market (remember Chirrut and Baze?).

          • hammyhamster

            Chirrut and Baze were the best NEW part of R1. Easy. The Chinese influence in Hollywood has been happening for quite a while now, and with the need to appease the communist Chinese film industry they have to.

            Chirrut and Baze are a perfect comparison for how to do that right, but in most modern big blockbuster franchise, it’s actually very distracting as the language barrier is apparent and takes away from the movie (see: F&F, Transformers, Pacific Rim etc).

            In short, I guess it’s simple. Get a QUALIFIED actor or actress of Chinese descent who can actual act and speak English well and there’s no problem. Shoehorn a local Chinese actor into a movie who doesn’t speak proper English and you are truly selling-out and disappointing a percentage of the movie going audience.

          • I might be wrong but if I remember correctly an interview the Baze actor (Jiang Wen) couldn’t speak English to save is life. Language barrier can be overcome with good directing, (remember Arnod in Terminator, he got almost no lines for some reason 😀 ). But I agree with you on getting qualified actors is important and have them fit the part (like Baze or the Terminator) and not like you said shoehorn them into a part they can’t perform. If you really need to, get James Earl Jones to double it and everything will be great 😀

          • hammyhamster

            Ohhh one more very important topic to remember when discussing Disney Wars – MAKE YOUR CHARACTERS LIKEABLE.

            Even though a character like Baze was grumpy (Chirrut was just awesome all-around), he had a likeable quality to him, and when he started with the “I am one with the force…” just before he died, it cemented that feeling. And actually almost brought a tear to my eye… just don’t tell anyone.

            So far, characters like Jyn, Cassian, Rey and possibly Finn (I can’t stand Finn, but I can see some people enjoying his goofy humour) have been almost downright depressing to watch. I don’t care if they succeed or die, but I’d probably enjoy the later, and I sure don’t find them likeable (like Chirrut and Baze).

          • …maybe that’s it… more than anything else likeability is what’s missing… more than gender, ethnicity or whatever, there’s a lack on engagement with some of those characters… that’s probably why everybody talked about “agendas” when speaking of rey/finn/jyn and forgot all about it when mentioning Chirrut and Blaze (and they were clearly a marking trick, those actors are big in China). On the other hand nothing is as bad as Anakin, so I still have hope…

          • hammyhamster

            I liked your response, but you can only bad mouth ep. 1 Ani. You talk badly about my man anakin from AOTC and especially ROTS then that “like” will have to be removed, sorry 😉

          • Funtomaz

            That’s the problem with “gritty”… “gritty” almost always means you have morally ambiguous characters. Which in turn means they are almost always less likeable. Cassian outright murdered someone in the first 15 minutes of the movie, and he’s the hero??? I get it, real life is ambigous, many people are morally grey, but Star Wars isn’t real life, it’s escapism, I want to escape from the worries of everyday life even though it’s naive (I know) I prefer virtuous heroes, positive characters, characters you really like. At least in Star Wars.

          • so did Solo… and everybody loved Solo, likeability it’s something else… really can’t explain it, but Cassian is no Solo.

          • Funtomaz

            Oh, but this was self defense, which is something different. Greedo was about to kill Han. It showed you that Han is a quick thinker and a man of action, he’s smart.
            Cassian however killed someone to protect a secret, something much more abstract, he was never threatened by him, no, he was his informant, an ally. Still he shot him. I know why he did it, but I don’t need to like it.

          • Funtomaz

            With some dedication and a language coach you can learn your lines phonetically and do a convicing job!

          • … or just reducing the lines to “I’ll be back” 😀

      • russ

        isn’t the resistance mostly comprised of woman?…seems that way in the books.Emperor Kennedy is slowly turning this franchise into a female centric brand. not that theres anything wrong with that. I always thought of star wars as a boy brand. times have changed

    • flipfriddle

      Mine does. But it’s hard to find any of his friends who will play with him. It’s all sports or video games. Bleh. We don’t have cable any longer so I’m not sure they are marketing this stuff at all.

    • Little boys aged 30-50! Seriously, I think it’s the adult male collectors (like myself) that keep the toy line going. Perhaps that’s why the good figures get gone fast and the excess products end up hanging around for a year before going on clearance. I have two daughters, ages 8 and 4. They know what Star Wars is but neither have any interest in the toys or movies and I don’t expect them to. There’s a big generational gap. Disney can sell Anna and Elsa to little girls but Rey and Leia? Maybe if the Shopkins show up or Monster High characters happen by in Episode 8 or 9 they’ll pay attention. All of these big blockbuster franchises are way past their prime but with Star Wars it seems Disney is trying to recreate 1977-83 in terms of product and market saturation but they can’t recreate the enthusiasm and impact the original films had. People in 2015-17 don’t have the same sense of surprise and wonder over a movie that people did 40 years ago (because then it was new, a cultural phenomenon even). They’ve seen too much. Star Wars is just another film now, coming and going like the rest. It’s not bad necessarily but certainly not special. I’m sure Episode 8 will do fine at the box office but it there’s no way it will impact a generation of kids like Empire Strikes Back did and no amount of toys or marketing hype can change that.

      • hammyhamster

        True, and that’s my point. Disney is running the risk… I’d actually say it’s a fact at this point of pissing off a large percentage of the core audience, which limits their spending, or they outright refuse to buy, current Star Wars product.

        Yes, it’s a fact that there’s a great big sea of girls not buying or haven’t bought Star Wars toys in the past, but Disney / Hasbro, let me let you in on a little secret: Girls and boys are wired differently. You may want a homogenised, sexless world, BUT it’s not their yet.

        If any studio dunderhead is reading this now, you know how much greater the cost is for acquiring new customers vs satisfying current established customers. If you feel that by removing men (especially white men) from the films will increase the female or “minority” side by 5 X’s or more all the power to you, but I just don’t see it.

        • Matthew Cohen

          As an adult, are you bothered that much by there not being as many white men on screen though?

          • hammyhamster

            No. Just make it believable and don’t hide behind the reason of why there are less leading white males in these movies now. I make that point clear below.

          • Matthew Cohen

            What’s not believable? Theres white man Luke, White man Han, White Lady Leia, white lady Rey, Black man Finn and Hispanic man Poe. And then a dozen or two alien species. But it doesn’t feel believable that theres not a few more white men lol?

    • In my experience if you buy the toys they will play with them, boys and girls.

      • hammyhamster

        Come on now… you’re just acting. Boys inherently are drawn to a different type of entertainment than a girl (and vice versa).

        Boys and girls are different. They generally like different things. It’s OK to admit that. Honestly.

        • not really, I have 2 nephews and a nice, from my wife side
          ( btw, my wife learned English seeing SW/ANH, she only had to vcr tapes ANH and ET and according to her ET gets boring…).
          Every birthday and Christmas we get SW figures for the kids, the boys get male figures, the girl gets females figures. We gave them a AT-AT big as a dog (that I would have killed to have when I was a kid) and it became “the house/slash castle” for the girl to play… and since she’s quite bossy… it’s the house for everybody else 😀 The point is they play different stories but they play with the same toys.
          PS: this was a AT-AT released before TFA, she beat JJ in that idea 😀

          • hammyhamster

            OK, sorry, man, I think it got lost in translation… to a point 😉 There are most definitely figures and vehicles that both sexes can play with, I’ll agree to that, but I was mainly focused on something else regarding how Disney is creating the films to drive additional toy sales to girls.

            Either way, that doesn’t matter. What DOES is the fact that your woman learned English from Star Wars. THAT I can support! I’ve lived in non English speaking countries myself, taught English, and dated women with limited English skills, and watching movies like Star Wars is always a trick I’ve used to help them with the language (never mind the fact that I actually want to watch them)

  • Superflukullus

    For the BB8 playset how will snoke sit on his throne, will he have ankle articulation.

    • coreworld

      Could be a Snoke who is moulded in a seated position, like the old POTF2 Emporer from the Jedi Duel 3 pack.

      • CJ

        Which is still the most accurate sitting emperor we have.

        • Rivesjunctionite

          And still awesome

  • Jeffrozup

    I am hitting up all the Kmarts around me today to find all this stuff and then I will sell it all and take my wife on a cruise with all my thousands of $ 🙂

  • Diego

    They probably know that exclusivity is the only thing that’s going to sell these…Ha!

  • FN-GZ

    Here’s a thing. Credit to Ivkdawg over at instagram. Also, my apologies for the horrible cropping job.

    • AllThePowa

      Thought it was a retooled BMF…. than i saw thw hotwheels

  • Jaxx Saber

    More of the same. Different packaging for a different movie.
    Exclusive this and exclusive that. The facts remain…these are overpriced and inferior products.

  • rebelsfangirl

    That A-wing looks amazing! Maybe they figure if they make decent sized 5 POA ships they can amortize the costs by releasing fancier TVC2 versions later?
    Tallie seems to be a new character too, I thought it was Paige Tico until I read the box lol.
    Big Rey Gunner is so ridiculous it’s almost charming.

    • Mike_5555

      I am surprised by the A-Wing. It looks a lot better than I thought it would.

    • CJ

      My Kmart gave up on existing.

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      No Zuvio, no deal!

    • RumSleg

      I’ve always thought K-Mart doesn’t really understand what ‘clearance’ means. If you want to clearance something, you’ve got to take more than 10% off the regular price.

    • Jeffrozup

      Your Kmart clearly doesn’t know what clearance means. The ones here in Ohio put those same figures on clearance before Christmas at 50-75% off and they flew off the shelves for $8-12.

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      That’s sad to see.

  • David Harrison

    A-Wing looks s-weeeeet! Definite day one purchase.

  • Rivesjunctionite

    I’m glad I’m up early enough to see this before the take down notice arrives.

  • Falcon

    I’ve got some A-Wings – but the one I love the most personally is the POTF2 version with the kind of red markings on it, still holds up even today that one.

    I am surprised I am thinking this, but just an opinion based on the images, but that TLJ A-Wing actually looks pretty good to me….

  • Coleman Miller

    Is the A-Wing pilot’s helmet removable? Still buying this even if it isn’t

  • CJ

    I like the Awing, but I already have some a-wings. I’m not sure I need more.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Where all the banana visors at? FAKE SEQUEL

  • Alice Charlie Scoles

    So, we won’t publish a photo of a toy but if a store breaks the street date we will-your hush box of goodies from H is in danger, Bet you are not going to post this one either!!!

  • RumSleg

    I wanna know if the two-pack Rey is different from the single-carded Rey. Maybe I can skip the single card.

  • Funtomaz

    The A-Wing looks great… but, I think it’s lazy to reuse the exact same ship design for TLJ.
    Also, why does Hasbro/Disney not learn from the same procedure every year? Street dates are broken, people on ebay leak products… why not reveal the new stuff much sooner? Their secrecy is silly and never has success anyway.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Rey has a big shoulder blaster on the Galactic Heroes BB-8 playset as well.
    She gonna be blasting!

  • Andrew Wirshborn

    Am I the only one that wishes that blaster was more inscale so it could be moded for cosplay like the old E-11 ones?

  • PorgAddict

    What!? No banana visor? I am not buying this.

  • JohnMorog

    Sorry, but that Phasma blaster looks terrible… It looks chunky. The old TFA trooper blaster looked way better.

  • tc14droid

    A-Wing looks fantastic! I really like the color scheme.

  • CJ

    So has Kmart put this stuff on clearance yet?

  • Andres

    got me a probe droid with darth vader yesterday!

  • Danny

    Saw this at kmart today, I asked a sales person if they had anymore toys [pegs were mostly empty of SW stuff]. She said “Yes, we have a bunch of stuff that we’re putting out on the shelf next Wednesday”. Last time I checked we’re still 3 weeks away from FF…..we’ll see.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    The A-Wing looks like a return to form for Hasbro after all the Nerf insanity.

    I just might be tempted to get one for the ROTJ side of my collection. I can always put a Rebel pilot in the cockpit instead.

    Beyond that, no street date break to report. TRU La Défense actually tore down their massive Star Wars display in favour of Cars 3 merchandise. Still trying to get rid of the AT-ACTs, they’re not going anywhere at €150 a pop (down from €350)…

  • Caius

    A fourth reincarnation of the A-wing? I Like the McQuarrie colours but dont think i need another one. I know im probably alone here but that Praetorian guard is kinda ridiculous.

  • shane

    A-Wing is great. No question I’m buying it. But the big news is actually the flagship BB-8 playset. It sounded stupid at first but from the very blurry pic I saw on Yak-Face it’s just HUGE and possibly the best Star Wars toy made in years !
    We cannot get this reveal soon enough.
    And it’s gonna be expensive, so in order to be prepared on FF2, Hasbro needs to reveal this NOW !!!!! Like right NOW !

    NOW !

  • StarTron

    i want that a-wing. i think. if it’s not larger than the cw one, then forget it. i would hope that tallie’s helmet can come off, but i’m not betting the house on it. so now the vehicle doesn’t have any actual electronics, other than something that reacts with the force link thingy that makes the sounds. so, if one were inclined to hear said sounds, you gotta spend more money. they should have just called it commtech II.

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