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HURRY! TBS6 Darth Revan IN STOCK At Hasbro Toy Shop!

Posted by Paul | March 25, 2017 at 06:32 AM ET |

Hurry! Darth Revan is IN STOCK at Hasbro Toy Shop! Special thanks to JTA reader Craig B. for the alert!

UPDATE: It's sold out!

With Hasbro producing so very little for 3¾" (super-articulated) figure collectors, we're curious to know if you are buying any other lines? Are you saving money instead? This is an open post to shoot the breeze about your money, and talk about the money Hasbro is potentially losing. (The Black Series 6" figures only count if you're buying another toy line.) [We're trying something new here, so please avoid taboo topics such as politics, sports, and religion.] Is it possible that we're all beginning to realize how much we can live without our hobby (as sad as it seems)? Special thanks to JTA reader and friend Ayem Mayem for the post idea.

TBS6 Price Drops On Amazon… How Low Will They Go?

Posted by Paul | March 22, 2017 at 11:14 AM ET |

Things have been quiet on the new-figure-front. Now might be a great time to check out some low-priced items on Amazon. For example, TBS6 Captain Cassian Andor is so low it's been reduced to an 'add on item'. Click here to see if there's anything you have been holding out for.

Last night, Victoria from Victoria's Cantina messaged me about this petition. As you can see, she's petitioning Hasbro to bring back the super-articulated 3.75" line back into the mainstream and wants all of us to be part of it too. As you all know, the joy of collecting is a fragment of what it used to be, and we're still debating if the last half decade or so has or hasn't caused irreversible damage to this collector base. We're going to try one more time. Remember, don't be apathetic if this is your passion. We know there is a significant branch of collectors who solely collect 3.75" action figures. So please let your voice be heard!

Difficult To See The Future Is....

Posted by Paul | March 22, 2017 at 08:07 AM ET |

But perhaps the crystal ball will soon reveal more?

JTA readers fearxforthebest and Ruben J. have written in to let readers know that GameStop has put up for pre-order the 40th Anniversary figures. R2-D2 can still be ordered as of the time of our post.

We have heard whispers of this for weeks now, and it appears we may have some proof. JTA reader Bobby sends us an image of TBS6 [P3] Princess Leia Organa sporting the new "40th anniversary" head sculpt in the red box. When we broke the news of Leia's head sculpt changing, we understood it that the figure would be coming in the red/black packaging too, so this sort of lines up with our original rumor. However, we don't have any additional inside knowledge that this has indeed transpired and that new red/black boxed Leia' will be the revised. It is certainly easy to fake, although it's a lot of unnecessary work to do this. It's also not out of the realm of possibility that this would happen. (The figure also wasn't being scalped as rare.) In short, you may want to pay attention and see what you can find out there. This sample was found at Salt Lake City Comic Con and the dealer had both versions at his booth.

Walmart Gives Up On Current Star Wars Stock

Posted by Paul | March 16, 2017 at 02:07 PM ET |

Wow. The reports are pouring in now. It seems that there is a nationwide clearance sale happening at Walmart brick and mortar locations (we don't have confirmation of this just yet). 3.75" TBS figures are $5.84. TBS6 figures are $9.84 and just about every other Star Wars products is pennies on the dollar. It seems the backlog has come to a head. Check out THIS IMAGE too from JTA reader Ian D. Special thanks to JTA reader William C. for the first alert!

As of the time of this post, the Emperor's Royal Guard is IN STOCK for $10.83! The Death Trooper is in stock too!

Collecting In The EU: It's Like An Icy Tundra Of Nothingness

Posted by Paul | March 15, 2017 at 10:11 AM ET |

Before you say this sounds a lot like the USA at the moment, check this out. We have heard from multiple foreign sources now that there is major trouble in paradise (when it comes to Hasbro's distribution in the EU). Per our MULTIPLE sources, they're not getting the Darth Revan wave. They're not getting the Lando Calrissian wave. And the Rogue One Admiral Raddus wave isn't coming either. They're not getting the Thrawn wave. They're also not getting the TBS 3.75" AT-ST, the Kohl's exclusive Rogue One set, the TBS [SW40] Luke X-wing Pilot or TBS [SW40] R5-D4. To get these figures, these are just some of the prices collectors in the EU need to pay: 3.75" Thrawn = 40 euros, TBS6 Darth Revan = 70 Euros, TBS6 Sabine Wren = 60 euros. Yes, this is truly the best time to indeed collect Star Wars. Heck, the USA hasn't even seen most of these figures arrive at Big Box yet. Add to this delayed solid case packs and the inability to get out new products, you really have to wonder why the Star Wars line is in the state that it's in right now. I thought the 6" line was supposed to save collecting?

Jedha Revolt Multipack IN STOCK At!

Posted by Paul | March 15, 2017 at 08:39 AM ET |

If you still need it, the Jedha Revolt multipack IN STOCK at! Special thanks to JTA reader Jeff T. for the alert!

It went super fast, but the Walmart exclusive 3.75" Scarif Stormtrooper was IN STOCK a moment ago at for $9.83. JTA reader Matthew V. was successfully able to order two. You may want to bookmark this link in case it makes a return in the near future.

I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by Nick Nafpliotis from AiPT! (Adventures in Poor Taste!). We discuss at length the state of the Star Wars line including what's going on with Hasbro, The Black Series 6" line and the often ignored 3.75" super-articulated line. We really let our hair down in this interview, so Hasbro, please don't read this one! Anyway, YOU however should definitely check it out!

TBS 3.75" Emperor's Royal Guard IN STOCK For $10.83

Posted by Paul | March 12, 2017 at 02:10 PM ET |

As of the time of this post, the Emperor's Royal Guard is IN STOCK for $10.83!

TBS6 40th Anniversary Figures At Including R2-D2!

Posted by Paul | March 12, 2017 at 01:49 PM ET |

Hurry! The 40th anniversary The Black Series 6" figures are available to order at R2-D2 is in stock too! Special thanks to friend Danny R. for the alert!

Note to Hasbro: We know what the next case pack looks like for The Black Series [Phase III] 6" line and it makes sense. But we hope that you're already preparing solid case packs of the Emperor's Royal Guard. This figure will be the most sought after figure to army build since the 3.75" version. Please act proactively and get these solid case packs prepared immediately. Get those factories working second and third shift to produce as many of these figures as they can. They will ALL sell. Thank you! If you don't do something to meet the demand we know it will have, you're going to have an ocean of fans filled with disgust and aggravation.

TBS6 Darth Revan Solid Case Packs Delayed

Posted by Paul | March 12, 2017 at 01:00 PM ET |

We"hinted" a while back that we could expect to see The Black Series [Phase III] 6" Darth Revan solid case packs. We've heard that they're supposedly still coming, but we have also learned that they're likely to expect a delay (sometime in the Spring) before we actually see them. This whole wave has been impossible to find at retail, and it's not a great sign that these figures have been so elusive. The good news is that key characters will be returning soon. And who knows where TARGET's, Toys R Us' and Walmart's stock is.

If you're a The Black Series 6" collector, what criticisms if any do you have of the line? What isn't it doing that it should? We often hear that the range is very limited, and that the likelihood of getting background aliens and B/C characters is likely never going to happen. By nature, Hasbro will be forever playing "catch up" with this line since it's new and has only been in production since 2013. Do you see the line taking more risks and perhaps attempting to reach different generations than the current audience of The Force Awakens and other new Star Wars Entertainment? Do you foresee Ree-Yees, Yak Face, Lobot, Padme, Count Dooku, young Anakin Skywalker, Jar Jar Binks, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, Tessek, Captain Fordo, Darth Talon, K'Kruhk or even Kit Fisto (among many others) ever becoming part of the line? At the rate they're going, it seems like it will take years to even scratch the surface. Thoughts?

OK, it's SUPER EARLY and it's only a "rumor", but one of our sources has provided evidence to us that a new Episode VIII Finn is CURRENTLY not in the first three waves of The Black Series [Phase III?] line up this Fall for Force Friday launch. It's truly hard to believe that this character would be delayed, ignored or altogether forgotten, but our eyes did a double take when we reviewed the proof, just as we're sure your eyes are already disbelieving what you're reading right here. We're strictly talking about a "basic" boxed release of Finn, not an exclusive (where Hasbro might slot him if this rumor turns out to be true – I mean, it is true now, but this could possibly change by the time we reach September). It's definitely hard to process this. Stay close as we follow this story for new developments. Hopefully this will change. I can already see the #WheresFinn social media storm.

Why Hasbro Is Putting Kmart Out Of Business

Posted by Paul | March 05, 2017 at 05:51 PM ET |

The headline is a joke (sarcasm) for those that think it's meant to be serious (you have to clarify these things nowadays). Here is a perfect example of why The Black Series 6" line just doesn't cut the mustard like the 3.75" super-articulated line does. Kmart is DROWNING in their exclusive figures and Hasbro has already deposited their check from them. Sad. It looks similar in my local Kmart stores (who are closing left and right mind you). Without versatility, selection and volume, a line dies, not thrives. No one cares about TFA, Hasbro. Stop making characters from it. It's so 2015. And 6" collectors are wondering why they don't have that complementary piece to Jyn Erso yet..... LOL! Who remembers all of those brilliant TVC exclusives that Kmart did that flew out of most stores? Yeah, we do too. Special thanks to JTA reader and friend Josh M. for this image of madness.

Catch Up On Older Product At Discounted Prices On Amazon

Posted by Chuck | March 04, 2017 at 10:23 AM ET |

With the lull in new product now is a good time to dig through the pages on Amazon to find some of the 'older' product at discount prices. If you've been holding out on some of this stuff or are looking for some customizing fodder it's worth looking through the listings. You can find The Force Awakens, The Black Series, and Rogue One product at lower than retail prices if you dig deep enough. For example, check out this heavily discounted Die Cast helmet set for $3.39. There's lots of great prices to be found if you take the time to look.

TARGET Exclusive Imperial AT-ACT Driver DPCI

Posted by Paul | March 03, 2017 at 09:03 PM ET |

JTA reader Garven Dreis has just returned from his local TARGET. In the Star Wars aisle they have already put shelf tags up for the Imperial AT-ACT Driver. The DPCI on the shelf tag is 087-06-1115 in case you're interested.

GameStop Exclusive TBS6 [SW40] R5-D4 Price, SKU And Release Date

Posted by Paul | March 03, 2017 at 03:14 PM ET |

We have learned that the GameStop/ThinkGeek exclusive R5-D4 figure is set to arrive April 21st and will retail for $22.96. The SKU is 143431 too. Special thanks to JTA reader Moteleone for the news!

TBS6 TARGET Exclusive Imperial AT-ACT Driver Available In April?

Posted by Paul | March 03, 2017 at 09:47 AM ET |

Retailer Robot Kingdom has put up the "Elephant Driver" pre-order with an April 1st ship date. This should give us a good guage on when we can expect to see this figure at TARGET. has just reduced the price again for The Black Series [Star Wars 40] figures to a low $16.78 each now. R2-D2 is gone, but Han Solo can still be pre-ordered as of this post. We are also hearing that those who pre-ordered them for $17.99 are getting credits fort eh difference.

Jedha Revolt NOW IN STOCK At Hasbro Toy Shop!

Posted by Paul | March 01, 2017 at 01:37 PM ET |

It's IN STOCK! Hasbro Toy Shop has put up this item for sale now! has just put up pre-orders for The Black Series [Star Wars 40] figures for a low $17.99 each. R2-D2 and Han Solo can be pre-ordered as of this post.t

Jedha Revolt Four-Pack IN STOCK At Dorkside Toys!

Posted by Paul | March 01, 2017 at 11:56 AM ET |

JTA sponsor Dorkside Toys has the Jedha Revolt multipack IN STOCK!

Jedha Revolt Product Page Up At Hasbro Toy Shop

Posted by Paul | March 01, 2017 at 08:52 AM ET |

It isn't in stock yet, but Hasbro Toy Shop has put up a product page for the Jedha Revolt multipack. You may want to bookmark this page for when it goes live. Special thanks to good friend Ayem Mayhem for the alert!

We're coming across more and more examples of how retailers are responding to the case assortment of wave 1 of The Black Series [Star Wars 40] line. Retailers like Toy Wiz are knocking as much as $30 off the MSRP just to take the three "overpacked" figures in the case assortment. How come fans and retailers know what a good case assortment is, yet after all of these years, Hasbro does not?

On a more positive note, we did learn today from our friends at Star Wars Figuren that the wave 2 case assortment looks like THIS:

1x Sand People 
2x Death Squad Commander 
2x Jawa
1x C-3PO 
1x Chewbacca 
1x Stormtrooper

Fox Business is reporting that Hasbro, in a rare move (and for the first time in years), will be bringing Play-Doh manufacturing back to the USA. Is this possibly any indication that we'll see the production of Star Wars figures in the USA too? (This is something Hasbro declined to elaborate on – other brands – per the article.) "Although the preschool clay was invented in Cincinnati in the 1950s, it hasn't been made in the U.S. since 2004." Click through for more.

TRU Exclusive Imperial Hovertank Pilot Finally IN STOCK Online!

Posted by Paul | February 26, 2017 at 12:36 PM ET |

They're inundating Toys R Us stores all over the USA, falling off of the shelves even, but the Imperial Hovertank Pilot has finally arrived at Special thanks to all that wrote in to let us know!

What Do You Think Of The 2017 Version Of The Early Bird Kit?

Posted by Paul | February 24, 2017 at 09:40 AM ET |

Now that you've had almost a week to digest the 2017 Toy Fair Hasbro reveals, let us know what you think about the new generation Early Bird Kit. Is this what you expected as part of the 40th anniversary tribute?

A UPC Surfaces For Something "Revealed" In January By JTA

Posted by Paul | February 24, 2017 at 07:46 AM ET |

"Additional" details are popping up on Instagram (including a UPC) for an item that should be old news for JTA readers. All we can say is "Look at this post again."

Walmart Exclusive ERG Back IN STOCK For $10.83!

Posted by Paul | February 23, 2017 at 03:00 PM ET |

As of the time of this post, the Emperor's Royal Guard is IN STOCK for $10.83! Special thanks to JTA reader Matthew S. for the alert! Interviews Hasbro's Steve Evans

Posted by Paul | February 23, 2017 at 07:49 AM ET | has posted a new Hasbro interview. See what else Steve Evans, Design Director at Hasbro, has to say about the 40th anniversary of Star Wars.

Takadona Encounter Multipack For Less Than $7

Posted by Paul | February 22, 2017 at 01:35 PM ET |

Do you want to pay less than $7 for the Takadona Encounter multipack GameStop has it for $6.97! Special thansk to JTA reader Jon M. for the alert!

We are UNABLE to check sources on this tidbit of news we received. It looks legit to us, but DON'T hold it against us if it doesn't pan out. We have received information that Hasbro Toy Shop will have additional 40th Anniversary TBS6 figures (the See Now Buy Now ones) in stock after midnight tonight (ET). Please let us know if you have success ordering them should this pan out to be true.

40th Anniversary Case Assortment Makes This Etailer Voice Opinions

Posted by Paul | February 20, 2017 at 09:22 PM ET |

Etailer Star Action Figures lets their opinion known about the 40th Anniversary case assortments. We are already seeing proof of this by what figures are selling out first on Hasbro Toy Shop and Amazon among many other sellers. Click through for the rant. We edited it for content. Full transcipt can be found HERE. It, at the very least, is a curious opinion of what small "mom and pop" shops can possibly experience with poor case assortments.

Hasbro Toy Shop Is Already Shipping 40th Anniversary Figures!

Posted by Paul | February 20, 2017 at 09:14 PM ET |

Thank you for all of the email notifications! We are receiving confirmation that Hasbro Toy Shop has begun to ship out the 40th Anniversary TBS6 figures already. That was fast!

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