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Medicom Toy Real Action Heroes

Darth Maul - Real Action Heroes

Name: Darth Maul
Type: Real Action Heroes
Number: No. 354
Source: The Phantom Menace
Released: 2008
License: Medicom Toy

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It seems that some of the biggest and coolest villains have the most untimely deaths in the Star Wars saga. But maybe that’s what makes them so cool and last in the psyche of fans across the world. Because Darth Maul has this ironic longevity (in death, not life), the various licensees around the world have seen Maul as a proverbial cash cow and he is one Star Wars villain that has seen a plethora of collectible releases. And there was no shortage of 12” scaled collectibles when it came to Darth Maul either. Hasbro was probably the guiltiest about pumping out one 12” Darth Maul collectible after the other. Three immediately come to mind, but we’re sure if we searched our database, we’d come up with one or two more. It wasn’t until Sideshow Collectibles and Medicom Toy took the reigns over and produced the highest quality Darth Maul one-sixth scaled collectibles to date.

Perhaps the Medicom Toy issue succeeeds as much as it fails, but it certainly isn't the best 12” version of Darth Maul out there. The outfit is too shimmery and he almost has a giraffe's neck, but the likeness is fabulous and well as the costumu underneath the shiny outer one. He is a hair shorter than the average figure too. (All of the Medicom Toy 12” figures are in a slightly smaller scale than Sideshow Collectibles’ 12” line.) Also, the Medicom Toy 12” figure body is of a higher quality than Sideshow Collectibles Art S. Buck body type. Don’t get us wrong because both figures are excellent, we just think that the Medicom figure has more issues to make the figure look a little more awkward. While the body type is superior, we have to question on the expression Medicom Toy decided to give Darth Maul. He is borderline cross-eyed at certain angles (because of the way his eyes are looking “through” his brow), but this is really being picky because the figure truly looks remarkable 99% of the time and it’s really one of the best likenesses of Darth Maul that has ever been captured in 12” scale.

But even despite a great likeness, we question the silhouette of the head. It seems a little bit too oblong which certainly isn’t the shape of Darth Maul’s head. This is only worsened by a terribly long neck (as we've metioned briefly earlier). You think that this figure would have more negative than positive based on our complaints, but we’re overall satisfied with the final result. But if we had to pick only one 12" Darth Maul figure for our collection, we would absolutely choose the Sideshow Collectibles interpretation. But it is important ot note that the RAH Medicom version may have the superior paint job. It's excellent and Maul’s tattoos are perfectly captured on his head. The horns are also very faithful to how they appear in The Phantom Menace (and are quite sharp we might add). There are a lot of options to choose from as far as Darth Maul is concerned. Choose wisely, because these things aren'y cheap at all.

Collector Notes

Darth Maul

Status: Darth Maul is an all-new figure utilizing the Real Action Heroes body type.

Articulation Count: 24 points

Articulation Details: ball-jointed head, swivel neck, 2 ball-jointed shoulders, 2 swivel biceps, 2 ball-jointed elbows, 2 ball-jointed wrists (removable hands), ball-jointed torso, swivel waist, 2 ball-jointed hips, 2 swivel thighs, 2 ball-jointed knees, 2 swivel calves, 2 ball-jointed ankles, 2 articulated feet

Accessory Count: 18

Accessory Details: 9 interchangeable hands, macrobinoculars, 2 battle-damaged lightsaber halves, 2 lightsaber blades, lightsaber hilt, 3 half glove attachments

Date Stamp: 2007

Retail: $149.99 USD

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Added: May 23, 2011
Category: Real Action Heroes
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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