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eBay Ranks Most Popular Female Movie Characters

eBay has revealed the nation’s most favorite female movie character. You’ll just never guess who won! Click through for more.

In the lead up to the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, eBay has revealed that Rey is the nation’s favourite female movie character with fans searching almost 7,000 times every hour for the galactic leading lady since her first appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015. [1]

eBay’s ranking of our favourite on-screen fictional females reveals a shift away from princesses in pretty dresses and tiaras, to war heroines and super heroes armed with weapons and specialist powers. Joining Rey in the top ranking is the iconic Wonder Woman with searches for the super hero increasing 13 times over since the launch of the film earlier this year.[2]

A second Star Wars character, Princess Leia, is also among the nation’s favourite leading ladies with almost 800 searches for Princess Leia on eBay in the UK every hour. [3] The archaeologist come adventurer, Lara Croft, comes in at twelfth place in the ranking in her iconic camouflage trousers, crop top and armed backpack, battling her way to survival. [4]

Despite a significant rise in the popularity of less conventional female role models, the classic Disney princesses are still among some of the nation’s favourite female characters, with almost 500 searches every hour on for the beauty that is Princess Belle and 400 searches per hour for everybody’s favourite little mermaid, Ariel. [5]

Barbie is still holding her own in the ranking with 15 searches for the doll on eBay per minute.[6] It is also no surprise that Frozen’s Elsa comes in sixth place in the ranking with frozen products flying off the virtual shelves last year at a rate of three items per minute.[7]

Whether you are a Rey looking for a lightsaber to fight off the dark force, or a Princess Belle in search of a beautiful new yellow ball gown – is the one stop marketplace with all you need this Christmas to be whatever leading lady you choose.

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  • rebelsfangirl

    Not Reyly a huge surprise.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    UK not US? what is a favoUrite ???

    • Nick TheBabbler

      What is favoUrite? Well, it’s the correct spelling of the word favourite.

  • ShipGirlLover

    Not a surprise in Britain.

  • Kinja

    Did I miss some front page post where Paul outlines his hatred of Rey? Cuz really, the continual digs come off as a little childish. Maybe that’s the joke? Is he poking fun at those who hated Rey simply because she was a female lead? Is it because she seems to already have Jedi training, but neither her or the audience know why yet? Did Ridley snub him for an autograph in an elevator once? Can somebody elaborate? Honestly curious.

    • Wow. Where should I begin?
      1. Why did you post this comment? What part of this post triggered you to go on a Rey defense/Paul attack?
      2. This is Star Wars news. I thought those who are Star Wars fans would be curious to know that a Star Wars female lead topped the ranking.
      3. I am not an autograph collector. I will never pay for someone else’s signature or pat for a photo op with any Hollywood actor/actress.
      4. Most importantly, I hate no one or nothing, certainly not a fictional character. My opinion of her is irrelevant to this post.

    • juju

      In any post you can expect racist comments, sexism, and the idea that he loves Star Wars so much he hates everything about it.

      • LIAR! Don’t ever accuse me of such despicable things. Go away troll.

        • juju

          “jihad Jyn” “mary sue”

          • juju

            And actually, Paul, you said nothing negative I can see in this post. Well done. (:

          • Yeah, well I don’t write posts to please you.

          • Jyn’s outfit did resemble a jihadist and there is nothing wrong with questioning that. Rey is a Mary Sue. That’s not sexist.

          • juju

            Is Luke Skywalker a Mary Sue? In Anakin (TPM) a Mary Sue?

          • No, but Harry Potter is a Marty Stu.

          • juju

            You know what? We might be in agreement on that one. Maybe you’re not evil but dude. “Jihad Jyn” radiates ignorance and calling Rey a Mary Sue is sexist. I’m sorry but it just is. Anyway, I hope you have a good day. Thanks for the chat.

          • Evil? LOL. Because I don’t align with your moral authority? Get over your superior self. Please. I don’t have to answer to anyone for my opinions.

          • juju

            I just said you’re NOT evil. ?? I also said have a good day. *throws rainbows and glitter at you*

          • Long Snoot

            Allow me to ask you a question, why do you consider the “Mary Sue” argument to be a form of sexism? Personally, I don’t really have many issues with Rey, but the two things don’t seem to be related to each other in any way.

          • juju

            Well that term is used on Rey because people think she shouldn’t be able to take care of herself the way she does. I think that mostly applies to her fight with Kylo Ren. But she’s experiencing an awakening in the force and herself and she’s fighting a shaken, unstable, young guy. And she’s been a scavenger in a place more or less an anarchy. But these people don’t call Anakin a Mary Sue when he blows up a space station even before he’s a teenager. They don’t call Luke a Mary Sue for blowing up the Death Dtar when it’s the first time he’s flown in space. There is sexism at play here. I think it’s the subconscious idea that women are not as capable as men.

          • The fallacy of your logic is burning brightly in your last sentence. NO ONE who calls Rey a Mary Sue is doing so because of a comparison with men. She is called a Mary Sue because she isn’t flawed, perfect instead and can do everything better than every other character before her. People of YOUR mindset are making this about sexism, not people like me.

          • juju

            And yet Luke was the best pilot. Anakin was the best pilot. Best best best.

          • Anakin was the Chosen One who had innate Force skills. And both were flawed in most other ways.

          • Long Snoot

            About flight, Luke had been training his pilot skills by racing with his T-16 Skyhopper since he was a teenager (as mentioned in ANH), while Rey has only ever piloted her own “junkspeeder”, as canonically confirmed by a series of canon reference books. Anakin was said to have a very strong connection with the force, but it should be noted that the character was very badly received (at least in episode I). Should we consider that as a form of discrimination against men as a whole?

          • Long Snoot

            I don’t think you should assume that said people consider women as a whole not to be as capable as men because of a movie character’s overpowered status. A good example of that is the Star Wars The Force Unleashed multi-media project: several people have been complaining about how strong the main character was when compared to the movie characters, and he’s male. I don’t think that means said people are disrespecting men as a whole in the process. The examples you made’s (Anakin and Luke Skywalker) strong connection with the force has been explained in the movies, while Rey’s was not. While I believe we will get an explaination in TLJ as part of her backstory, I can see where the complaints are coming from. Finally, the “Mary Sue” name cannot be applied to Luke and Anakin since, by its pure definition, it’s only used to define over-powered female characters. I’m pretty sure there’s a “male only” substitute somewhere.

          • darthmadonna

            In regards to Luke and Anakin before either were thought to be force sensitive they did have charmed lives of good luck but we never saw Anakin call upon the force to destroy the Trade Federation ship. It came across as gifted luck. Unfortunately for TFA they went to far with Rey. The example of knowing and being able to perform a Jedi mind trick when hours before she just discovered the myth of the Jedi were real.

          • Walter F.

            I was thinking more along the line of the old 50s and 60s hair/head scarf fashions. 😉

          • Yes, now it does. At the time I thought otherwise. But they love to keep bringing it back up.

          • Walter F.

            Brother that’s the world we now live in. We’re white males. That alone makes us racist, sexist and Lord knows what else. And all we have to do is wake up in the mornings. Heck I’m Southern. That’s just one more jab that I happen to have over you.

          • juju

            Not true. I know plenty of decent white males. But it doesn’t help any white male’s case when not only are they not supportive, but they also play victim in a world where they are literally the most privileged demographic.

          • juju

            You can’t help your privilege but you can annoy the crap out of everyone around you by playing victim OR you can use it to call out social BS.

          • Walter F.

            I’m not privileged. Born a poor farm boy. Busted my butt all my life to have what I have. Worked. Not just with my head, but with my hands and back. That’s been a family trait for generations. Being Farmers in this state. No need to play victim, we refuse to be one.

          • juju

            Oh so I just imagined your previous comment. And privilege comes in different ways.

          • Same here.
            Again, you’re wasting your time. These college people are going to wake up and smell the coffee one day.

          • Walter F.

            Yeah. Guess that happens when you try to defend someone from nonsense. Anyway. Change subject. I’m hyped about TVC! Dang this waiting. 😉

          • Walter doesn’t know, but I am not a white male. I am mixed.

          • Walter F.

            My Apologies Sir.

          • Oh please. I am half honky. White dude is cool with me. You can also call me a scalper and I won’t be offended. But I scalp heads and not Star Wars toys. 🙂

          • Walter F.


            Well I would have to look again. Not sure which one, Cherokee I think. But it’s in my blood. My Wife has Arapaho in her family and it shows in all of them. Hard to see The Scottish and German in her.

          • Awesome. We’re blood brothers. 🙂 I have three or four distinct tribes in me. I know that Cherokee and Seminole are two of them.

          • Walter F.

            That’s awesome.

            It’s a heritage I’m proud of.

          • Yes, I am proud of all my heritages, white included, and I know you are too! 🙂

          • The whole irony here for me is that I am being called a racist yet an American Indian by their definition can’t be racist. I just LOL a lot.

          • Walter F.

            Laughing and shaking your head is all you can do.

          • shane

            I am white. My long term GF is Blackfoot and Cherokee.
            But she doesn’t collect Star Wars stuff. She collects Living Dead Dolls.

          • Walter F.

            Not being Supportive? Where I come from we’re raised to be supportive. Everyone and everything is equal. My Wife makes more than me, now carries our health insurance as well. And there is no other sole in this world I trust more with my life. She’s as dangerous as me. Maybe more being a Mother. I wouldn’t cross her. Yes, plenty of support in our house. Respect and equality too.

          • It’s not worth responding. His college has done a number on him. Trying to offer up truth in these discussions is like putting a band aid on a femoral artery bleed. It’s just not going to do any good.

          • ILoveSand

            Why should people just be supportive of everything just because? If they didn’t like the character they should be able to express their dislike. DISLIKE does NOT equate to HATE. As far as how people feel about her, I think you would find a different story if the character had been portrayed better. She was just so very capable all at once, as opposed to other Jedi who were shown in previous movies needing training to gain the skills they used. I do not think it was a realistic portrayal of a character at all, male or female. As a woman myself I hated it. Not Daisy Ridley’s fault, more how they wanted her portrayed. But really this article had nothing at all to do with characterization so why go looking for arguments? I thought the article was very interesting and presented a unique view of people’s current tastes.

          • Thank you. By the way, I had no idea you were a woman! 🙂

          • ILoveSand

            Haha. I used to use my name Michelle, but changed it to this to show some prequel love.

          • darthmadonna

            this was perfect IMO,

            “It makes me feel like I can’t be good enough because I am not immediately good at everything I do”

            I would equate it to photoshopped thigh gaps brainwashing young girls into feeling insecure.

          • shane

            That just sounds like a bunch of crap to me.

          • Hazzbro Jonez

            i love the victim stuff

          • Hazzbro Jonez

            if you have a problem with any of that might i suggest acquiring thicker skin? im as southern and white as the july day is long but you don’t hear me belly-aching about woman, muslims or inclusion.

          • Walter F.

            No problem here. I just give them the ole “Bless your heart” and step on.

          • darthmadonna

            I support you but I disagree on this one. I have seen some crazy posts about how the darn scarf is a Muslim indoctrination for kids by Hasbro and Disney. When I saw Jyn and her scarf I did not freak out about a supposed Jihad, this is more along the lines of what I saw.

          • Yeah, it was a bad comparison in hindsight. I also apologized for my comment. But that wasn’t enough to keep them from holding it against me.

          • “A Mary Sue is an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character. Often, this character is recognized as an author insert or wish fulfillment. They can usually perform better at tasks than should be possible given the amount of training or experience. Sometimes, the name is reserved only for women, but more often the name is used for both sexes. A male can also be referred to as a Gary Stu, but more commonly either sex is called a Mary Sue.”

            This is not a sexist or racist term. This is a way to describe a fictional character, male or female.

          • juju

            AND YET WE’RE ONLY USING IT ON WOMEN WHEN THERE ARE PLENTY OF MALE CANDIDATES FOR THE TERM. (Also, this is fantasy/fiction. Every. Single. Character. is a Mary Sue based on that logic.)

          • Luke and Anakin are BOTH flawed characters.

          • juju

            Rey’s flaws: Angry. She’s too emotional, as Luke AND Anakin were. She’s afraid. She’s scared to leave a hell hole because she thinks it might only get worse, although she gets through that quickly. And it’s just movie #1

          • Did you just call a female character too emotional? That’s sexist! Are you going to call her hysterical next? 🙂

          • I’m sorry, but it is NOT being used on WOMEN, it is being used on a single woman, and a single character at that. And that logic was taken from Wikipedia’s definition for the term. And it is being used as someone’s opinion on that character that you do NOT have to agree with, but just because you don’t agree with it does not make the other person a sexist or racist. And saying so is slanderous.

          • You locked on to the fantasy/fiction part of that. It requires the *PERFECT* aspect. Rey using a mind trick to tell a stormtrooper to unlock her and drop his gun while never seeing or hearing about said trick before. You want some male Mary Sue’s? How about James Bond? Batman is pretty Gary Stu-ish, Aragorn from LOTR, i mean…there’s TONS. And they’re not just women

          • One woman who has dragged my name through the mud has called me a misogynist for calling Rey a Mary Sue. The kicker is that she called Rey the same thing on her Facebook page in 2015 right after the film’s release. The hypocrisy is palpable.

          • Tom Chorlton

            Didnt he apologize for the Jyn comment over a year ago?

    • Nick TheBabbler

      As far as I can see this is just a case of Star Wars related news being reported on a Star Wars related web site.

    • Long Snoot

      It’s pretty annoying to see people being insulted for sexism/racism just because they didn’t like a movie’s character. I don’t recall ever reading Paul complaining about Rey for the only reason she’s a female lead.

      • That’s the narrative that these people and former colleagues on social media have done. They only bring up things that can be twisted for their narrative. Forget that Ripley, Carol and Michonne from TWD, and Charlie’s Angels (2000 film) are my favorite characters in pop culture. No, they just propagate Paul is a sexist (because I don’t like Rey). It’s laughable, but certainly enraging because I loathe liars. And they’re all lying.

        • Kinja

          Heh, no worries, Paul. This wasn’t meant as an attack. As I said, it’s genuine curiosity. I’ve been reading your site long enough to not only pick up on your sarcasm, but to see the plentiful zingers aimed at TFA and its specific characters, such as Rey. Your post today initially contained the phrase “…and you’ll never guess who!” in the headline, which was a pretty obvious pot shot at Rey, given your history of stating your dislike of the character.

          But since I’ve never seen you take a deep dive on why you dislike her exactly (and again, maybe you did post about it in the past and I missed it), my curiosity was finally piqued enough to ask ‘why?’

          Imagine if somebody in your Star Wars circle continually stated how much they dislike character X, but never offered an explanation. Wouldn’t you also be curious what the deal was? So that’s all. Just curious your reasons. I mean, my own sister disliked TFA cuz it didn’t have enough “cool creatures”. Odd reason to dislike a whole film, but at least it was a reason! lol

          • I certainly wouldn’t call them a sexist, racist or Anti-Dentite if they did complain about a character they didn’t like. The other side doesn’t play that way. They want to back you into a social justice corner until you relent you’re what they’re calling you.

          • darthmadonna

            Like this tweet I screen capped because I was offended seeing it being ReTweeted by Lucasfilm employees.

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Hilarious! ????

            Because according to this, that means TFA director JJ Abrams (who admitted that TFA reused ANH’s plot) doesn’t “see the importance of importance of women and POC as leads”.

            I love ideologists. Keep them rolling long enough and they’ll trip over themselves spectacularly. ????

          • darthmadonna

            I responded back and said stop blaming people for not liking it when it was Disney and Lucasfilm who have failed women and POC by putting them in a sub par retread of Star Wars

          • Darth_Rizzen

            Perfect. ????

          • Amen brother!

          • Wow. What an imprisoned life to lead when you’re governed by such nonsense.

    • Ridley is one of the very few actors in the ST who does a good job and by all accounts seems pretty down to Earth for an actress, It’s her character that’s the problem but that’s because she was written by lifelong hack Abrams and the sellout Kasdan. Hopefully RJ does better with her.

      • darthmadonna

        I have to agree with you. this all comes down to JJ and his piss poor ability to tell a story. People are so in love with Star Wars they can not admit the miss step so they create the narrative so as not to challenge their belief in Star Wars and for Disney to mask the fact the story stinks.

      • Mike_5555

        I understand the criticisms of Rey’s character in TFA, but yes I thought Ridley was great. She’s a talented actress, I hope Rian gave her some great material to work with.

  • CJ

    This is based on ebay searches? That just measures interest in licenced merchandise. This could all be people who hate Rey but compulsively buy Star wars stuff. Not to name names, but I’ve seen people like that on some websites.

    Many favorite female movie character is Faye Dunaway from Network, but I hardly ever search for her on ebay.

  • zx_spectrum_30

    Guess the Toryn Farr TBS ship has sailed 🙁

  • Jebediaah

    Imagine how everyone will react when it is revealed in TLJ that Rey’s birth name is actually Kira! Five years from now will more people Google the name “Rey” or “Kira to research the character?
    You must unlearn what you have learned!
    I’m kidding…I think.

  • darthmadonna

    Well this is just Ebay.UK but good for Star Wars and Rey.

  • Darth_Rizzen

    So… As Christmas nears, people are looking for merchandise related to the current (or upcoming) big movie releases: Wonder Woman (on DVD/BR), Justice League… Oh and that other movie… What’s the name again? Ah yes, “Star Wars Épisode 8: Les Derniers Jedi”.

    What a surprise!! ????

    Even good old La Poste is pushing La Guerre des Etoiles… Anybody collects stamps?

    With this being said, it’s great to see that our one and only Princess is not forgotten, and outpaces the Disney Princesses. Carrie Fisher will always be royalty. May the Force be with her. Always.

    Lara Croft is actually more surprising to me. I suppose this is related to the upcoming film? From the trailer, I’m afraid I’d much rather replay the Square Enix reboot from 2013 that watch this… Oh well. ????

  • matt

    Both Princess Leia (She should have been a Jedi, Abrams is a total fraud) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot, although Linda Carter is amazing) should have been ahead of Rey. Hell, Lara Croft too. I used to lock the creepy guy in the fridge in Tomb Raider on PS1.
    Rey sucks.

    • ILoveSand

      I’m right in the middle of playing through my TR games again and locking Winston in the freezer is the best.

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