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Supreme Leader Snoke (Throne Room) Up For Pre-order At ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek has put the Supreme Leader Snoke (Throne Room) figure up for pre-order with an “early October” availability date. Special thanks to JTA reader Ian D. for the alert!

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  • Dave Irwin

    “Early October” release date, huh? Funny since we are now in “Mid October”. LOL!

    • I know, I thought it was pretty funny too.

    • Darth Parsley

      well said brother

    • RumSleg

      It’s a time warp.

  • rusty_t

    Even though I pre-ordered on Gamestop on Force Friday, I just pre-ordered with ThinkGeek because maybe Thinkgeek will actually ship the item to me. If and when Gamestop shiops it to me, I’ll just return it to my local store.

  • Zach Alexander

    have it pre-ordered on Think Geek as well as Gamestop. Whichever ships first I’ll try and cancel the other and if both ship, just return Gamestops to the store.

  • JasonBL

    Spent $40 on Robotkingdom which included shipping and have had for a couple weeks now…Also got the Jaina Solo, $34 shipped…

    • Sean Rothe

      That is great and I appreciate you telling me about that company…going to try them out sometime. The fact still stands that it is sad that other companies are getting GameStop’s exclusive before GameStop themselves.

  • Chad

    Pretty sure that’s been up for preorder there since the Gamestop one was first put up as well, they are part of the same company. I preordered from gamestop instead of there because of free shipping.

  • Sean Rothe

    This is laughable. It is the same stupid company. They should be shipping all the pre-orders with GameStop before they dive into taking pre-orders and shipping with the ThinkGeek name. They have already gone against their own policy by shipping OUT OF ORDER instead of “processing the online orders in the order in which they were received.”

  • Andrew R

    Considering I preordered mine on September 1st and still haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this ThinkGeed preorder arriving anytime soon.

  • Darth Parsley

    Still waiting for GameStop to call me for my damn preorder and the inferno fig.

    • Brian B.

      Sorry to say, but I’d advise that you don’t hold your breath about the Inferno agent. Even if you pre-ordered it as far back as April, a lot of people I’ve seen online talking about it have been placed on back order for the figure. Gamestop doesn’t know when they’ll get more either.

      • jerome

        gamestops wharehouse is scheduled to recieve the battlefront 2 exclusive inferno agent on october 18th, individual stores will take about a week to receive their preorders and regular stock…this news is from the horses mouth 5mins ago…everyone will have their inferno agents within 2 weeks and you can take that to the bank ??

        • Brian B.

          Well it would’ve been great if that info came in one of the seven times I had to call GameStop support to figure out what the Sith they were doing with my order but it’s good to have that info nonetheless. Thanks.

        • JediLurkerNoMore

          Good job on jumping Brian B. ill opinion. Unfounded comments like that generate the wrong perception and cause panic.

      • JediLurkerNoMore

        How did you get screwed? You’ll get your figure.

        • Brian B.

          Well once I saw the first orders shipping out about two weeks, I checked on my order. It said “open” for a while so I was wondering why mine hadn’t shipped out, which I had expected it to since I had pre-ordered it way, way back when it first went live. Makes sense right? So I decided there’d be no harm in calling to check on the order. Eventually this turned into gamestop giving me an answer of “there is a hold on the order we’ll remove and it’ll ship tomorrow” and then tomorrow comes and it’s a whole different issue. Then the next day a different person gives me a different solution. And then two days after. And so on. I got so many different answers and by the time someone gave me the absolutely definitive solution they said the thing was no longer available. So I wouldn’t say it’s entirely “unfounded,” they did tell me there was nothing left and their site showed the same. Jerome’s info was brand new, but the info I had had been accurate up until that very moment. It had been for the last two weeks.

          So to me, it looked like they had misdirected me for so long they sent out other orders while mine was being held due to one of the many different reasons they gave me before actually giving me the info I needed. I’m not the only one who had a similar issue either. I’m aware that might not be the case and they might’ve just run out, which is probably not them legitimately screwing me over, (which I updated my above comment to reflect) but I felt like I could’ve gotten mine before if I had been given a proper solution. So if anything I made that comment out of spite for the whole incident (which I’ll admit, yeah, it could potentially cause more trouble than I intended) and on behalf of anyone else who had a similar issue, and I know there are others who have.

          • JediLurkerNoMore

            Well brother talk about timing… I received the infamous email yesterday of my Snoke preorder now being delayed. And this morning Gamestop has Inferno Pilot for sale and while my preorder has not been process. So yeah… this is rediculous.

          • Brian B.

            No hard feelings. Let’s just hope we both get our figures now, yeah? That’s what matters in the end LOL

  • Jaden Korr

    No problem ๐Ÿ˜‰ yeah not necessarily a better deal (since no free shipping), but at least itโ€™s another place to check for it in store.

    On a related note, when I was checking a Gamestop today, I saw they had the 40th Anniversary Vader Legacy pack as part of their in store B1G1 free clearance. I also broke down and bought a Guardians of Evil 4 pack from them since I was able to inspect it. However, now I found out Barnes and Noble wonโ€™t let me cancel my preorder through them, even though itโ€™s not shipping until November 1st.

  • I still can’t get over how subpar the animation for him has been in both TFA and TLJ so far, To say nothing of Serkiss’s hammy performance.

  • Jon Morgan

    There is a pre-pre-release Hot Tub Store exclusive that comes with Snoke, throne and additional gold colored bacta hot tub with soft goods monogrammed “S” towels.

  • OfWolfandMan

    From what I read with pre-orders in April, Force Friday, last week, first day of summer, back ordered, cancelled, shipping notification, I think they are referring to “early October 2018.”

  • Danny

    yak face has more interesting news…

    • Yawn. Old news. Show me something I haven’t known for three months already.

      • Danny

        good for you ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t say “new”, I only said “interesting” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Glenn P. Winkler

    I got mine yesterday. I lament I can’t wear an outfit like that to work. IT LOOKS SO COMFORTABLE. It’s good to be the Supreme Leader…

    I’d love to see the Emperor released with a throne accessory like that.

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