Kotobukiya Spotlight: McQuarrie Luke Vs. Darth Vader
Date: September 28, 2007 at 04:28 PM ET
Topic: Special Reports

     Next up in our Kotobukiya Spotlight series is one of the coolest pieces ever coming out of Kotobukiya: the Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader McQuarrie concept set. This is one massive set, made especially for the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. Check out all the details in our spotlight photo gallery!

Ralph McQuarrie Version ARTFX Statue

30th Anniversary Limited Edition

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! As the design consultant and conceptual artist for the original Star Wars trilogy, Ralph McQuarrie helped to bring the vision of George Lucas to life. With only Lucas's script as a reference, McQuarrie played a pivotal role in creating the look of the Star Wars universe, and most famously helped to create the visual image of the most feared villain in cinematic history: Darth Vader.

As tribute to the 30th anniversary of Episode IV: A New Hope, the legendary original painting depicting a lightsaber duel between Lord Vader with Luke Skywalker has been fully realized in three dimensions as an ARTFX Statue. The artisans of KOTOBUKIYA have taken great pains to faithfully reproduce McQuarrie’s every detail, from Vader’s samurai inspired mask, to Luke’s unseen-in-film breathing apparatus. Able to be assembled in seconds, this kit not only celebrates the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, but it is also the 30th ARTFX Statue in KOTOBUKIYA’s popular Star Wars line!

The two figures can be displayed together, locked in the iconic pose made famous by McQuarrie's classic illustration, or separately. Together, the combined bases measure approximately 16.5 inches long, with Vader standing about 11 inches tall.

This is a special two-pack that will be a one-time production run, and will not be reproduced in the future. A statement of limitation will be printed on each package, as well as a special SERIAL NUMBERED sticker that will be exclusive for each territory (Europe,Japan, and North America). The back of the box is a gigantic preproduction of the original McQuarrie artwork.

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