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A New Hope Black & White

Set Details

Release Date: February 14, 2018

Boxes Per Case: 12

Packs Box: 7

Cards Per Pack: 8

Set Size: 140 cards

Inserts: 77 cards

Hits: Autograph Cards (1:18 packs), Sketch Cards (1:17 packs), Die-Cut Sketch Cards (1:182 packs), Panorama Sketch Cards (1:907 packs)

Hobby Box

Autograph/Sketch: 1

Inserts: 7

Parallels: 7

Insert Sets

Behind the Scenes (41 cards) (1:2 packs)

Concept Art (12 cards) (1:4 packs)

Iconic Characers (12 cards) (1:12 packs)

Poster Cards (12 Cards) (1:6packs)


Base Set

1 Battle on the Tantive IV

2 Crossing through Blaster Fire

3 Darth Vader's Arrival

4 Storming the Tantive IV

5 Darth Vader's Fury

6 Searching the Ship

7 Princess Leia Takes Aim

8 The Distress Signal

9 Stranded in the Desert

10 Next to the Krayt Dragon

11 The Sandtrooper Detachment

12 Dewback Riders

13 The Escape Pod Found

14 Artoo Alone

15 The Counterparts Reunited

16 Aboard the Sandcrawler

17 Out to Meet the Jawas

18 Practical Selections

19 Calming Down Artoo

20 Flicking the Switch

21 A Jawa Gathering

22 Threepio's Coveted Oil Bath

23 Young Luke Skywalker

24 In the Lars Garage

25 Droids on the Farm

26 The Tusken Raider

27 Assault on Luke Skywalker

28 Ben Kenobi: Just in time

29 On the Move

30 Jedi Master Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi

31 Tales of the Past

32 A Gift for Luke

33 Testing the Lightsaber

34 Luke's difficult decision

35 The Imperial Conference

36 Admiral Motti

37 Motti's Arrogance

38 Frightful Agents of the Emperor

39 Darth Vader

40 The Empire's Quarry

41 Back at the Homestead

42 Overlooking the Spaceport

43 The Mos Eisley Cantina

44 A Popular Spot

45 Served by Wuher

46 Luke and The Doctor

47 Obi-Wan Steps in

48 Taking Action

49 Grabbed by Greedo

50 Han Solo Grips his Blaster

51 Greedo Prattles on

52 The Streets of Mos Eisley

53 Selling the Landspeeder

54 The Droid's Clever Ruse

55 Rushing to the Millennium Falcon

56 The Empire's Informant

57 Meeting Chewbacca

58 The Passengers Arrive

59 The Imperial Navy Commander

60 Locking in on Alderaan

61 An Abrasive Meeting

62 Princess Leia's Pleas

63 The Captain's Cynicism

64 Han at the Helm

65 Luke's Training Begins

66 A Brand-New View

67 Luke's Bright Future

68 News of the Dantooine Base

69 The Imperial Stormtroopers

70 Vader's Familiar Feeling

71 Han Solo Incognito

72 The Princess is Here

73 Escorting the Prisoner

74 March of the Stormtroopers

75 The Death Star Droid

76 Darth Vader Makes his Rounds

77 The Wookiee is Loose!

78 A Slight Weapons Malfunction

79 Imperial Defense

80 Cell Number 2187

81 Awaiting The Empire's Company

82 The Princess Awaits her Rescue

83 Disturbance at Princess Leia's Cell

84 Back-up Arrives!

85 Han Returns Fire

86 Looking for an Escape

87 Into the Garbage Chute

88 Stuck in the Trash Compactor

89 The Walls Close in

90 Droids to the Rescue

91 In the Nick of Time

92 Obi-Wan's Mission

93 Killing the Tractor Beam

94 Searching for the Rebels

95 A Sly Escape

96 Han's Foolish Bravery

97 The Two-Man Assault

98 Stormtroopers set the trap

99 Luke and Leia's wrong turn

100 In Hot Pursuit

101 "Locking" the Door

102 Safe for a Moment

103 Stromtroopers Breaking through!

104 Luke Skywalker's Bold Plan

105 Swing to Safety

106 Obi-Wan Prepares for a Fight

107 Master Vs. Master

108 Obi-Wan Holds his own

109 The Duel Continues

110 To the End!

111 Drawing an Audience

112 Obi-Wan's Sacrifice

113 Darth Vader: Victorious

114 Defending the Escape

115 Mourning a Mentor

116 To the Turrets!

117 Extinguishing the Flames

118 All Mixed Up

119 General Dodonna Explains the Plan

120 The General's Eager Audience

121 Luke and Wedge

122 Fast Friends and Allies

123 Leia Looks On

124 Pre-Flight Prep

125 About Han…

126 Luke Skywalker Climbs in

127 Red Five: Ready to Launch

128 Darth Vader and Chief Bast

129 Red Leader: Garven Dreis

130 Red Two: Wedge Antilles

131 Red Three: Biggs Darklighter

132 Red Four: John D. Branon

133 Red Five: Luke Skywalker

134 Red Six: Jek Porkins

135 Gold Leader: Jon "Dutch" Vander

136 The Fearsome Darth Vader In-Flight

137 The Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot

138 Celebration & Threepio's Generous Offer

139 Presented by Princess Leia

140 A Grand Celebration


Base Set Parallels


Sepia (1 per pack)

Blue Hue Shift (1:4 packs)


Green Hue Shift (#/99)

Purple Hue Shift (#/25)

Red Hue Shift(#/10)

Metal (1/1)


Insert: Behind the Scenes

BTS-1 Cantina Break

BTS-2 Making Evazan

BTS-3 Mark and Peter

BTS-4 X-wing Interior

BTS-5 Working with the Dianoga

BTS-6 Mark and Alec

BTS-7 Downtime on the Death Star

BTS-8 Aboard the Millennium Falcon

BTS-9 Setting up Greedo

BTS-10 Kenny Inside

BTS-11 Small Spaces, Big Personalities

BTS-12 A Funny Resting Place

BTS-13 Another Evil Rodian

BTS-14 Droids and Fires

BTS-15 A Welcome Break

BTS-16 Harrison Ford

BTS-17 Carrie Takes a Breather

BTS-18 Creatures and Patrons

BTS-19 Break in the Action

BTS-20 Desert Troopers

BTS-21 The Landspeeder

BTS-22 Assembling C-3PO

BTS-23 The Heart of R2-D2

BTS-24 Anthony in the Shade

BTS-25 Dressing the Rebellion

BTS-26 The Compactor

BTS-27 Han and Chewie

BTS-28 A New Perspective for Anthony

BTS-29 Mark in Tunisia

BTS-30 R2-D2 in Pieces

BTS-31 Creature Construction

BTS-32 Building the Creature Frame

BTS-33 Fine Details

BTS-34 Prepping the hall

BTS-35 Making Leesub

BTS-36 The Birth of Dr. Evazan

BTS-37 Greedo on the Spot

BTS-38 Touching Greedo Up

BTS-39 Ready for Han Solo

BTS-40 Stormtroopers Take a Break

BTS-41 Ben Between Takes


Insert: Concept Art

CA-1 Darth Vader

CA-2 X-wing Fighter

CA-3 Y-wing Fighter

CA-4 Momaw Nadon

CA-5 Escape Pod

CA-6 TIE Fighter

CA-7 X-wing Fighter

CA-8 Rebel Blockade Runner

CA-9 Millennium Falcon Cockpit

CA-10 Y-wing (Long Version)

CA-11 Boarding Ramp Detail

CA-12 X-wing (Attack Position)


Insert: Iconic Characters

IC-1 Luke Skywalker

IC-2 Han Solo

IC-3 Princess Leia Organa

IC-4 Chewbacca

IC-5 Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi

IC-6 C-3PO

IC-7 R2-D2

IC-8 Darth Vader

IC-9 Grand Moff Tarkin

IC-10 Stormtroopers

IC-11 Jawa

IC-12 Tusken Raider


Insert: Poster Cards

PO-1 Star Wars Coming Soon!

PO-2 Battle in Space

PO-3 Star Wars!

PO-4 Poster Concept 3

PO-5 Poster Concept 2

PO-6 Over the Death Star

PO-7 C-3PO, Human/Cyborg Relations

PO-8 Luke and Leia

PO-9 The Evil Darth Vader

PO-10 Darth Vader in Person!

PO-11 The First Ten Years

PO-12 Star Wars


Sketch Card Artists

Nick Allsopp

Tom Amici

Andy Bohn

Carlos Cabaleiro

Ray Cover

Dave Holtz

Mohammad Jilani

Frank Kadar

Nathan Kennett

Bryce King

Matt Langford

Shane Molina

Nathan Ohlendorf

Jason Queen

Ray Richardson


**Additional Artists TBD



Die-Cut Sketch Card Artists

Jeff Abar

Colin Arthurs

Andy Bohn

Tom Carlton

Dave Fowler

Darren Coburn James

Mark Mangom

John Pleak

David Roman

Juan Rosales

Kurt Ruskin

Jim Sabo

Adam Talley


**Additional Artists TBD


Die-Cuts Available: Stormtrooper Helmet, Darth Vader Helmet



Panoramic Sketch Card Artists

K. Grimm


**Additional Artists TBD



Autograph Cards

Black and White

Al Lampert as Commander Daine Jir

Angus MacInnes as Jon "Dutch" Vander

Annette Jones as Mosep Binneed

Anthony Daniels as C-3PO

Anthony Forrest as Fixer

Anthony Forrest as Sandtrooper

Barbara Frankland as Saurin

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa

David Ankrum, Voice of Wedge Antilles

Denis Lawson as Wedge Antilles

Garrick Hagon as Biggs Darklighter

George Roubicek as Commander Praji

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Jack Klaff as John D. Branon

Kenny Baker as R2-D2

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

Pam Rose as Leesub Sirln

Paul Blake as Greedo

Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca

Rusty Goffe as Jawa

Color (Short Print)

Angus MacInnes as Jon "Dutch" Vander

Anthony Daniels as C-3PO

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa

David Ankrum, Voice of Wedge Antilles

Denis Lawson as Wedge Antilles

Garrick Hagon as Biggs Darklighter

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Kenny Baker as R2-D2

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

Paul Blake as Greedo

Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca


Autograph Cards (Continued)

Dual Autograph Cards

Al Lampert as Commander Daine Jir / George Roubicek as Commander Praji

Angus MacInnes as Jon "Dutch" Vander / Garrick Hagon as Biggs Darklighter

Denis Lawson as Wedge Antilles / David Ankrum, Voice of Wedge Antilles

Harrison Ford as Han Solo / Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca

Jack Klaff as John D. Branon / Angus MacInnes as Jon "Dutch" Vander

Kenny Baker as R2-D2 /Anthony Daniels as C-3PO

Triple Autograph Cards

Al Lampert as Commander Daine Jir / Anthony Forest as Sandtrooper / George Roubicek as Commander Praji

Garrick Hagon as Biggs Darklighter / Jack Klaff as John D. Branon / Angus MacInnes as Jon "Dutch" Vander

Kenny Baker as R2-D2 / Rusty Goffe as Jawa / Anthony Daniels as C-3PO

Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca / Kenny Baker as R2-D2 / Anthony Daniels as C-3PO

Six-Person Autograph (double-sided card)

Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, Kenny Baker and Anthony Daniels


Autograph Card Parallels

Blue Hue Shift (#/99)

Green Hue Shift (#/25)

Purple Hue Shift (#/10)

Red Hue Shift (1/1)


Gallery: Star Wars: A New Hope Black & White Box Break


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