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Return of the Jedi (Series 2)

Set Details

Release Date: 1983

Series: 1

Border Color: Blue

Packs Per Box: 36

Cards Per Pack: 12 Cards/1 Sticker

Set Size: 88 cards

Inserts: 22 stickers

Insert Sets

Stickers (22 total)


Note: The numbering of the base set and stickers pick up from the end of Return of the Jedi Series 1.


Base Set

133 Title Card

134 Path to Destiny

135 Captured!

136 The Courageous Jedi

137 The Victors

138 Wicket and Princess Leia

139 The Emperor's Arrival

140 Sail Barge Battle!

141 Luke Skywalker, The Jedi

142 The Approach of Wicket

143 A Close Call!

144 Above the Sarlacc Pit

145 Admiral Ackbar's Defenders

146 R2-D2 on Endor

147 Boba Fett Attacks!

148 Deadly Plunge!

149 Lando Calrissian's Disguise

150 Soldiers of the Empire

151 A Curious Ewok

152 A Pensive Luke Skywalker

153 The Captive Princess

154 Luke Skywalker Surrenders

155 Thoughts of a Jedi

156 The Jaws of Death

157 Princess Leia Has the Force!

158 Arrival of the Emperor

159 Reunion on Endor

160 Toward the Sarlacc Pit

161 Sail Barge Creatures

162 Friends of the Alliance!

163 The Dreaded Rancor

164 Face of Terror

165 Inside Jabba the Hutt's Palace

166 The Ewok Village

167 A Collection of Creatures

168 Alert to Danger!

169 Walking the Plank!

170 A Gamorrean Guard Emerges

171 The Imperial Fleet

172 Jabba the Hutt on the Sail Barge

173 Escorted to the Ewok Village

174 A Monstrous Guest!

175 Village of the Ewoks

176 Aboard the Sail Barge

177 Confronting Their Destiny

178 "Where's Princess Leia?"

179 Horror From the Pit

180 "Give in to Your Hate!"

181 Awaiting His Majesty


Base Set (Continued)

182 A Mother Ewok and Child

183 A Concerned Princess Leia

184 Lead Singer Sy Snootles

185 The Arrival of Boushh

186 Master of His Court

187 Star Lovers

188 Luke Skywalker...Now a Jedi!

189 Battle of the Bunker!

190 Portrait of Wicket

191 Trapped by the Empire

192 Their Secret Revealed

193 Rethinking the Plan

194 Snagged by the Ewoks

195 Han Solo's in Trouble!

196 Is Han Solo Giving Up?

197 The Royal Droid

198 Princess Leia Intercedes

199 Rescuing Han Solo

200 Father Versus Son

201 Luke Skywalker, Jedi Warrior

202 The Young Jedi Knight

203 Han Solo Is Alive!

204 Lando Calrissian Undercover

205 Horrendous Creature

206 Corridors of the Imperial Destroyer

207 Surrounded by Ewoks

208 Gamorrean Guard Profile

209 Hulking Gamorrean Guard

210 Guests of Jabba the Hutt

211 A Full-Fledged Jedi!

212 Bizarre Alien Creatures

213 Headquarters Frigate

214 TIE Interceptor

215 The Nearly Completed Death Star

216 Rebel Cruiser

217 The Interceptor

218 The Emperor's Shuttle

219 Portrait of Chewbacca

220 Checklis


Insert: Stickers

34 Darth Vader

35 Luke Skywalker

36 Han Solo

37 Princess Leia

38 See-Threepio

39 Artoo-Detoo

40 Wicket

41 Admiral Ackbar

42 Chewbacca

43 The Emperor

44 Millennium Falcon

45 R2-D2 and C-3P0

46 Han Solo

47 Sand Barge

48 Nien Nunb and Lando

49 Leia and Jabba

50 Cast Photo

51 Leia, Chewie, C-3P0

52 Darth Vader

53 R2-D2 and Wicket

54 Han Solo

55 Salacious Crumb

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