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NYCC Website Updated With Hasbro Panel Details: Date And Time

The NYCC website updates the day and time of the Hasbro panel. It will be Sunday, October 6th at 1:15 PM at the Javits Center. We’ll likely learn a lot more about what will follow Triple Force Friday then. I am not sure how much new could be revealed after what shows up on eBay from now until then. Time will tell.

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Images Of Upcoming TBS6 Force Friday Figures Show Up Online

As expected, figures are starting to show up early. Stop by Instagram user @kylocollector to check out 8 (90-97) of the upcoming TBS6 figures. Minor spoilers apply. These were pulled from the online shop Offer Up

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"First Edition" Black Series Sith Trooper Leaked!

While browsing my local German Amazon shop today I stumbled upon a yet unannounced variant of the Sith Trooper figure: a so-called “First Edition” Sith Trooper that comes in an all white box and red background! I immediately tried to find the figure on Amazon US, but had no luck, so it seems that maybe Amazon Germany revealed something that they were not supposed to reveal yet.
But what is this? You can already pre-order the figure on, however availability is October 4th, which is Triple Force Friday! Is it possible that there will be more “First Editions” of other Triple Force Friday figures? Will Hasbro make box variants now? Are box variants or “First Editions” anything that interest you? As usual, we know nothing specific, I suppose Hasbro will eventually announce something. Until then we can speculate that the Black Series will see “Special Editions” or “First Editions” box variants. Actually, this “First Edition” box design with the circular callout was also something we saw in the leaked box photos of the Second Sister, which said “graphite”. Is it possible that “graphite” refers to the box here and is a special edition of sorts? Will you chase these box variants?

Black Series First Edition Sith Trooper

Click for larger version!

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Upcoming Triple Force Friday Star Wars Sets Have Leaked

There was an article here originally… that discussed and showed all the upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets for Triple Force Friday. We received a friendly email from LEGO about a previous article that showed photos posted elsewhere already and they asked us to remove the content. Which we did, of course.

If you want to see the photos of the sets, both the box and loose, google for they have high res photos of everything on their homepage!

Also, once the genie is out of the bottle you can’t put it back, these photos are on the internet, easily found. But LEGO has to abide by Disney’s rules as well, and the embargo exists, we have to respect that.



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And the leaks continue… a Spanish etailer may have leaked the Triple Force Friday case assortment for the Vintage Collection. We cannot verfiy if the list is correct, however, the list lines up with known info. So click through for the TVC Triple Force Friday figures! Thanks to JTA regular Rivesjunctionite for the alert and link!

Triple Force Friday

Full Story

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Black Series Line-up For Triple Force Friday Leaked

Begun the leaks have! Over on Reddit a list of the upcoming Black Series figures for Triple Force Friday was posted. Since Disney won’t allow Hasbro to promote anything, let us try to step in and show you what’s coming for TFF. Click through for more info!

Triple Force Friday

Full Story

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What Are Your Plans For Triple Force Friday?

A comment for one of the recent JTA articles made me think. A reader said this, and I paraphrase here: ” I am not buying a single thing on Triple Force Friday. I will find all of that merchandise at 80 to 90% off early to mid next year”.

So I wonder… what are your plans? Do you plan on buying everything at full price on October 4th and the days and weeks following that? Or will you patiently wait for the toys to get the usual huge discounts at Walmart or to eventually show up at Ross, Ollie’s and dollar stores for even less?
I think the trend of recent years, to see that again and again expensive sets are inevitably discounted to ridiculuous levels (the TVC Assault Tank for $12.99? Really? TBS Rex figure for less than $5?) may convince more fans than Hasbro would like not to buy anything on Triple Force Friday and to wait until everything is much cheaper.
So what are your plans? Buy everything on release? Or patiently wait until 2020 to find most or even all the toys for cheap? I think both Hasbro and Disney need Triple Force Friday to be a huge success. I believe this could make or break Star Wars toys or at least shape the future of the toyline. Hasbro still hasn’t announced anything concerning the license. We can only guess what keeps Disney and Hasbro from announcing the extension. So Triple Force Friday and toy sales for The Rise of Skywalker may be the deciding factor here. But if many fans decide to play the waiting game revenue may be seriously affected. So tell us your plans in the comments!

Star Wars The Force Awakens Force Friday

Crowds buying toys on Force Friday 2015 for The Force Awakens

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No matter your level of understanding and acceptance about what Hasbro could and couldn’t show at the SDCC presentation, there was no way anyone could argue how disappointing it is. Most of us are knee-jerk complainers, and that’s something that probably won’t change until we’re dead. JTA reader Michael H. also was angry but decided to engage a Hasbro employee about the state of collecting and why they showed so little. This is all from JTA reader Michael’s perspective. We have no way to corroborate what was said, but we think it’s a fair overview of what transpired. Click through for more.

Full Story

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Coming This Fall! Triple Force Friday!

As if we didn’t know already, officially confirms Triple Force Friday. It will include Episode IX, The Mandalorian and a video game this year.

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