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What Toy Companies Think About Licensors And Toy Licenses

Toyworld Magazine has published an interesting survey about what toy companies in the UK think about the current situation of licensed toys in the UK. Of special interest was how they view the collaboration with licensors. And while this is UK specific it’s certainly applicable to other countries as well. And there is even info about Disney hidden in the survey that should be of special interest to all of us. Also, the toy companies say how they really feel about embargos. So click through to find out how happy toy companies in the UK are about licensors!

Map of the World

A friendly reminder for the geographically challenged about the location of the United Kingdom. Click for larger view!

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Please Participate In New Star Wars Survey!

Data scientist Mark White has set up a Star Wars survey that wants to examine what both casual and hardcore fans think about the Star Wars franchise. This survey is not linked to Lucasfilm or any other company, rather, it’s a side project of Mark’s, who is a Star Wars fan himself.

The survey takes about 10 minutes. You will be asked about your opinion on the movies, the characters (and where applicable you get to choose how much you like the same character in the OT, PT or ST), there are also some political questions. Mark promised to share the results with us. I believe this survey could provide us with a very interesting snapshot of the current state of Star Wars fandom. The last scientific Star Wars survey I know of is from December 2017 (by Morning Consult), before The Last Jedi was released. This new survey can give us an important update, especially in light of what happened after The Last Jedi. So I ask you to please take the time for the survey! Also, you are encouraged to share the link, so as many people as possible can take it.

Click this link to take the survey.

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Popularity Of Star Wars Toys Among Kids In Europe

Each quarter the iconkids & youth GmbH publishes its “Kid’s License Monitor” in Europe, which monitors the popularity of various toy licenses in three of the European key toy markets: the UK, France and Germany. Kids ages 4-12 are the target of this survey. So, how much do they like Star Wars toys? Click through to find out!

Kids play with Star Wars toys

Boys and Star Wars toys

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Digital photo site Shutterfly asked more than 1,000 people for a representative survey what defining movie of the 2010s they would put in a time capsule to conserve for posterity. And the winner with the most votes: The Force Awakens. But when you look at the details of the results an interesting trend can be seen that should be cause for alarm for Disney. Click through for details.

The Force Awakens

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Interesting Star Wars Survey From Germany

Star Wars is a global phenomenon. And it has always been quite popular across Western Europe, Japan and Australia. Therefore, it might be interesting for people in the USA to learn what people in other countries such as Germany actually think about Star Wars and who the fans are. The SINUS Institute and YouGov conducted a representative Star Wars survey in Germany and published their results on May 4th. Click through to find out how German Star Wars fans tick and who they are!

Star Wars in Germany

Germany: the land of real life Disney castles and Darth Vader in Lederhosen

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Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in the Jedi Temple Archives Reader Survey. We received some incredible feedback from you! We are now going to look at the analyzed data in each of the 25 questions in the survey. You will be able to see the results of each question, a sampling of other readers’ anonymous direct free form comments and feedback, as well as our interpretation of the data and what we’re going to do to change or improve the topic at hand here at Jedi Temple Archives.We will provide a Summary, an Aim, and a Response to Feedback for every question we asked you. First up!

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UPDATE: Jedi Temple Archives Reader Survey

The response to the Jedi Temple Archives Reader Survey has significantly exceeded our expectations. There’s an incredible amount of great feedback we received from everyone and we will be sharing the results shortly. We are simply overwhelmed with how many of you took the time to add the free form comments. There is a great to deal to digest (which we’re extremely thankful for – that’s not a complaint).

We had only set up this survey to accommodate 3% of our daily visits (what our traditional participation experiences have been in the past). But we are nearly quadrupling that participation percentage unexpectedly already. The long story short is that there are only about 100 spots left to take this survey and provide your feedback. The survey is probably going to end before the planned August 31st date. We feel strongly that we have a tremendously fair sampling of opinions already, but it you want to leave your own personal responses, please act now. Thank you to EVERYONE who has already participated. We look forward to doing what we can to make Jedi Temple Archives better for everyone.


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Jedi Temple Archives wants your feedback on our site! Here is your chance to tell us how you really feel about us! Would you kindly take this very simple 25 question survey so that we can get your feedback to provide you with the best site possible. We can only improve things here if we know what needs changing. We also would like to know what you think we’re doing right, so your affirmations are appreciated too! Let your voice be heard! All responses are anonymous (they may be used in a summary of the results), your participation is confidential (we won’t know who is actually participating). We appreciate it! Survey feedback will be accepted through August 31st. Thank you!

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