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Today is January 30, 2022, and that means it’s been ten years since Hasbro released the Star Wars [The Phantom Menace 3D] line. Where does the time go? Although revered as a controversial lineup of a motley crew of products, it contained some of the best items we ever received from Hasbro. Yes, and it contained some of the worst products as well. Many blame Lucasfilm for the deluge of wave 1 products in this line that flooded stores everywhere. It’s believed they marketed this event as a new film, and stores bought up the products like there was no tomorrow. It would explain such an overage of products on the street date. Collectors would find “TPM 3D” products nearly everywhere for many years.

In the confusion of perplexing re-releases, overcharged 5POA action figures, and a deluge of products that rotted on shelves for years afterward, it’s easy to forget that the line did bring collectors some amazing newness and goodness. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and recapture the good, the bad, and the ugly that this line brought to the Star Wars collecting community.

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There are two other super-articulated action figures that longtime Star Wars collectors want to see released by Hasbro, and preferably part of The Vintage Collection. The first was supposed to be part of the 2012 Star Wars [The Phantom Menace 3D] Ewok Pack, but Lucasfilm didn’t approve it because they wanted a friendlier face on Teebo. But this version is 100% screen-accurate. We also need Teebo carded for The Vintage Collection. The second figure is the canceled running change of the Legacy Collection Utai (BD41) figure, without headgear and came with a fuel filling device. Would you like to see either finally released for your collection?


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JTA Presents: Evolutions - Chewbacca [A New Hope]

History should NOT repeat itself as often as it does in the Hasbro line. As the concern for proper case assortments continues to grow, we have provided evidence of what brought the first run of The Vintage Collection to a screeching halt. Within the collecting community, it was hailed the TPM 3D Debacle of 2012; you know a significant period in history like the War of 1812. (Who knew 200 years later collectors would be fighting for the salvaging of The Vintage Collection?) This article is two-fold. Firstly, we want to show what horrid case assortments will do to a thriving line. And secondly, we want to show what figures make great carry-forward options and which ones do not. (more….)

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Star Wars [The Phantom Menace 3D] Line: How Time Has Changed It

For many of us, in the last couple of years, we have found a new appreciation for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Many have likened the film to a bottle of fine wine, that is getting better with age. Certainly far from perfection, the issues in the film often go overlooked in favor of enjoying what is enjoyable about it. Jar Jar Binks is usually the scapegoat for the film’s critics, but even he doesn’t bother us like he used to. (more….)

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104th Battalion Ultimate Gift Set Back IN STOCK!

The 104th Battalion Ultimate Gift Set is BACK IN STOCK at TARGET.com. You can see our own review on these figures HERE. I remember this showing up on TARGET.com a couple of years ago for about $50, but the price has been adjusted back to its normal MSRP of $29.99. A cursory eBay search will prove to you that these sets average about $75 on the aftermarket and some of the clones in this set go for $30 each loose. If you never got this set, this might be your last chance to grab it for a decent price! Special thanks to JTA reader ThorsWars12 for the alert!

UPDATE: Now out of stock!

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