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Star Wars Roll Out Episode 3

The first Star Wars Roll Out story came to a conclusion with the 3rd episode that was released yesterday, amidst all the exciting D23 news.
After the third Roll Out episode we can observe that each episode seems to be doing worse than the one before. There are fewer comments as well for each episode. So who knows how much of a future this web series has. It’s cute, it’s fun, it has its charm, but it doesn’t seem to excite all that many people, in fact a good percentage of the comments wonders why no new Galaxy of Adventures episodes are released instead. Anyway, in the 3rd episode BB-8 and friends defeat the big bad spider creature. You can watch the conclusion of BB-8’s jungle adventure by clicking on the screenshot below!

Star Wars Roll Out

Click to watch the video!

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Star Wars And Kids

In light of recent articles, not just on JTA, but also on sites such as Bloomberg, I would like to talk about one more time about Star Wars and kids. According to Bloomberg Star Wars has problems reaching kids. I believe everyone agrees that Star Wars, like any other franchise, needs young fans, not just adults. Lucasfilm has tried various things in recent times to reach kids. Hasbro too, tried several things to get kids to buy or want the toys. Forces of Destiny failed. Resistance has disappointing ratings and will end with season 2, the toyline was cancelled already. And most famously Force Link figures, which were always meant to be played with by kids, were discontinued in favor of an all new 5 inch super articulated Galaxy of Adventures toyline. It remains to be seen if this new line will meet more success. So maybe it’s time to look at how the source material has been doing on YouTube. Is Galaxy of Adventures a success? How does it compare to Forces of Destiny? And how is the latest web series, Star Wars Roll Out doing? Click through for a look at Lucasfilm’s kid oriented entertainment.

Kids play with Star Wars toys

Everyone’s most favorite Star Wars photo ever

Full Story

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Roll Out Episode 2 Has Been Released

And the adventure continues… if last week’s first episode seemed to end very abruptly, this week’s episode shows us why. Apparently Roll Out will spread a single story across several episodes. So BB-8’s jungle adventure continues. He meets a shapeshifting critter which scares him and while on the run he gets attacked by a giant spider that wants to eat him. All the while the droid friends from last week are on their way to rescue BB-8. This episode also ends on a cliffhanger, so more is yet to come most certainly.

The first episode has 16,742 clicks after one week. The new episode is at 2,520. I wonder what Lucasfilm’s expectations for this web series are.

Watch the video by clicking on the screenshot below!

Star Wars Roll Out

Giant Spiders!

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Watch The First Star Wars Roll Out Episode On YouTube

The first Star Wars Roll Out episode was released on August 9th. In the pilot BB-8 goes on a jungle adventure and meets the plants and wildlife, much to his chagrin.
So what is Roll Out like? Click through for a few thoughts about the show!

Star Wars Roll Out

Click to watch the video! You can see, among others, BB-Nunb, BB-3PO and BB-Konnix in the screenshot.

Full Story

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New Animated Star Wars Shorts Announced

An all new series of animated shorts is coming to the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel on August 9th. “Star Wars Roll Out” re-imagines Star Wars characters as BB units. Hence the name, “Roll Out”. The show is based on an original idea by Hideo Itoyanagi who created an animated retelling of The Force Awakens for Japan. His approach, however, was different: in his short each and every character was a BB unit, even the humans. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy loved the idea so much that she hired Itoyanagi and tasked him with creating the new show for the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel. Featured characters will be, according to the trailer at least, Rey, Finn, Maz Kanata, Phasma, BB-8, Chewie and the Porgs. But other characters will certainly also make an appearance. Now the question is if the Galaxy of Adventure shorts will also continue, it would be odd if no new shorts would be produced when an all new toyline will soon be launched. It seems “Star Wars Roll Out” is aimed at even younger kids, so maybe Lucasfilm wants to try out new things and will pursue various ideas and projects on the YouTube channel. The following quote elaborates on that idea.
Lucasfilm vice president franchise content and strategy, James Waugh, says this about the show: “One of the wonderful things about our Star Wars Kids channel is that we can experiment to see how far we can stretch the franchise to a new expression, while still being totally rooted, recognizable, and authentic.”
Read the full story with more background on, you can watch the very short trailer on Youtube! Thanks to Matt Z. for the alert!

Star Wars Roll Out

Star Wars Roll Out

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