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Photo Of Huge Outdoor Set For The Andor Show Has Leaked

Lucasfilm is busy constructing a huge outdoor set near Little Marlow, which is a small village in the UK. A British tabloid (The Sun) got hold of photos made by a drone flying over the set and the photo reveals the scope, it’s quite large and massive. So if you want to see the photo, then please click through. If you consider a photo of an outdoor set a spoiler, well, then just don’t click, it’s easy!

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A brand new The Rise of Skywalker trailer was just posted on the official Star Wars Facebook page, it includes an entirely new scene from near the beginning of the movie, plus a few other shots, but the new scene is what people will talk about.

It not only confirms the Reddit leaks even more, it also confirms fan theories. If you want to know more, click through. If not, stay away and buy some Baby Yoda merchandise instead!

The Rise of Skywalker trailer

Kylo Ren with ignited lightsaber

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You Want To See Something That Doesn't Exist Officially?

Same procedure as last year? Same procedure as every year! It seems street dates and embargos don’t mean very much when stores put product on shelves which we are not supposed to know about yet.

But TRU Canada put yet unannounced The Rise of Skywalker Galaxy of Adventures figures on shelves! And of course a Star Wars fan found them, took a picture of the figures in the box, and posted them, on Facebook of all things.

You will see Kylo Ren, Rey and the Jet Trooper, and the product packaging for the new Galaxy of Adventures line is revealed as well. The tubes are gone. And once more, these figures were found at Toys R Us Canada, in the wild, so the figures can no longer be considered top secret. Maybe they live in a different time zone up north and it’s already October 4th in Canada 😉 Thanks to JTA regular Matthew Cohen for the tip! So click through to see the three all new Galaxy of Adventures TROS figures, that you need to forget about again as soon as you see them!

Triple Force Friday


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Black Series Line-up For Triple Force Friday Leaked

Begun the leaks have! Over on Reddit a list of the upcoming Black Series figures for Triple Force Friday was posted. Since Disney won’t allow Hasbro to promote anything, let us try to step in and show you what’s coming for TFF. Click through for more info!

Triple Force Friday

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It's Friday Night, Let's Have Some Fun

Friday nights are usually quiet here on JTA. Maybe the right time to discuss some crazy things. By crazy I mean “fun”, not meant to be taken seriously. So please don’t be upset or think any of what I will post after the break is true, or necessarily real. But I learned about a wild The Rise of Skywalker theory tonight, that sounds so crazy… that it might be true, if JJ Abrams and Chris Terio maybe smoked one too many while writing the script 🙂 So please click through for the theory. Stay away if you don’t want to discuss potential spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker!

Rey is shocked

Even Rey didn’t see that coming

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Timeline Of Episode IX Revealed

An article in Empire magazine reveals the timeline for Episode IX. Now, if you want to know more, just click through. If you want to know nothing, well, then don’t click through. It’s as simple as that!

Star Wars Episode IX logo

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SPOILER: First Photos From The Set Of Episode IX

Some photos from the filming of Episode IX have appeared on the web. You can get a good look at Poe Dameron, Finn and Chewbacca as well as some extras (?). Get a first glimpse of what we might be getting as action figures in late 2019, early 2020 for Poe and Finn.  Only click through if you want to see some of photos from the Episode IX set! Don’t click through and ignore this article if photos of Oscar Isaac and John Boyega in their Episode IX outfits will spoil things too much for you! You are warned!

Episode IX Set Photo

Officially released photo from the set of Episode IX

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The following clip was shown on Jimmy Kimmel live. It’s a 30 second preview of a full scene on Mimban. Don’t watch it if you don’t want to be spoiled, since the scene gives away something important! But if you do, then click through and leave a comment!

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