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I didn’t pick up on this detail immediately. I read the news post but didn’t “absorb” it entirely which led to my double-take. Perhaps this is a “nothing burger,” but I still found it interesting. Sarah Carroll, Brand Marketing Manager of Star Wars (Hasbro) and Sam Smith, Design Manager (Hasbro) will be joined by members of Lucasfilm at the Hasbro Star Wars panel this year. It will be the first Hasbro presentation (that I can recall) that has Lucasfilm employees present. Could the format of this presentation have changed to help address the new changes in the line, or is the indeed something more here? This post is 100% speculation and nothing more. But let us know your thoughts.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Is Back!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is coming back! Click through to watch the announcement trailer!

Update: Check out the official article on which features an interview with Dave Filoni! We will get 12 all new episodes of The Clone Wars!


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What Are You Expecting This Year For 2018 SDCC Reveals?

It’s hard to believe, but San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner. Before it begins, we wanted you to weigh in on your speculation of what licensees, specifically Hasbro, will reveal this year at the show. We’ve been hinted since Toy Fair that 2019 will be a year like no other in a very long time, post the Golden Age of Collecting. But will those rumors be revealed to be true? Anyway, let us know what expectations you have for The Vintage Collection, The Black Series 6″ line, vehicles, multipacks, and stuff from other licensees in our comments.

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For fans of the series it may be hard to believe, but Star Wars: The Clone Wars will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. Lucasfilm announced earlier this morning that the Emmy Award winning series and its 10th anniversary will be the focus of a panel at San Diego Comic Con. Click through to read the official press release from Lucasfilm and learn everything you need to know about this exciting announcement!

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A preview for Timothy Zahn’s upcoming novel Thrawn: Alliances, which focuses on Grand Admiral Thrawn and Darth Vader, was released yesterday. Head over to to check out an excerpt from the upcoming novel and get a first look at the San Diego Comic Con exclusive cover that features Anakin Skywalker and Thrawn.

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After their greatest Toy Fair Presentations in five years, I’m holding Hasbro to a higher standard to what each convention event should reveal. I jogged my memory and remembered 2011’s San Diego Comic Con was one of their many highlights from the past. (Check out the slide presentation gallery by click thing image below.) I hope that this year’s 2018 SDCC event will take the necessary strides forward to mimic the best presentations of years’ past. Great things are in store, but we want to see the signs of that proof now. So Hasbro, please make this year’s SDCC event the greatest in five years too!

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Yeah, baby! You read that right. We are TRULY getting back to the good old days when Hasbro focused on the best line in the world: The Vintage Collection. JTA has learned that there will be a The Vintage Collection focused San Diego Comic-Con exclusive this year! Feel free to speculate on what it will be in our comments!

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We hope you got to check out our complete and close look at all of the San Diego Comic Con Hasbro exclusives that were available this year. With this recap, you can click any image below and be taken to that release’s Research Droids Review and Visual Guide. On an interesting and related note, we have noticed that availability of these exclusives on eBay seem better than ever and the prices are coming down a bit too. Check it out on eBay!

Clone Commander Gree
Rey (Jedi Training)/Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)
X-34 Landspeeder/Luke Skywalker
Grand Admiral Thrawn

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It’s that time… the SDCC Hasbro Star Wars panel. Click through as we continually update this post with the latest news from the panel, feel free to comment, and if you want to watch live join our friends from Star Wars Action News for the live feed

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Hot Toys Emperor Palpatine Sixth Scale Figure Revealed

Sideshow Collectibles shows off another Hot Toys offering, this time it’s Return of the Jedi’s Emperor Palpatine! Now you are going to need two of those Royal Guards! Click here for the preview page. 

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It appears that we will be getting another 6″ Rey in The Black Series. The Rey (Jedi Training) from the SDCC Exclusive set with Luke and then a Resistance Base Rey. Special thanks to Hasbro Design Director Steve Evans for sharing the image below on his Intsagram. If you were wondering how her face looks so similar to Daisy Ridley, Steve commented and said “Our new Rey. New face application technique will be implemented on our 6″ Black Series figs from spring 2018 onwards” So hopefully this means we will be getting some amazing looking new faces coming our way. Check out The Wookie Gunner Twitter page for more images.

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Sideshow Collectibles is not holding back on their Life-Size figure collection! In addition to the gigantic K-2SO figure on display, Sideshow announced the addition of a Life-Size Death Trooper. Their Life-Size collection is taking collecting action figures to a whole new level! Click here for the preview page! The pre-order for this is coming soon for those that (of course) want to add this to their collection!

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SDCC 2017: Preview Night At The Hasbro Booth

Our friends at have a great gallery of the Hasbro booth on Preview Night at SDCC. If they don’t make these diorama pieces for actual sale, then Hasbro is making the biggest mistake of their lifetime. Check out these gorgeous backdrops!

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Sideshow Collectibles Life-Size K-2SO Will Be At SDCC has an exclusive look at the newly revealed Life-Size K-2SO. This will be on display at SDCC this week, and will most surely be HUGE! Get the full story after the jump!

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Hallmark has posted details about their exclusives available at SDCC this week. Click through for the full press release…

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Check out the 2017 SDCC exclusive Holographic Princess Leia Collector’s Gallery Statue. And, if you didn’t have a chance to pick one up at Celebration Orlando this year, you have another chance to pick up the 2017 Convention Exclusive Han Solo McQuarrie Concept Mini Bust at SDCC. 

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Attendees of SDCC will be among the first to see this new Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figure. Sideshow teased the Stormtrooper Premium Format Figuree in their latest newsletter. Click here for a direct link to the teaser page. 

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Following the success of the popular SWCO Thrawn exclusive cover, SDCC attendees will get a chance at an exclusive cover version of Inferno Squad. I’m sad I will be missing out on this one!

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Gentle Giant Announces First Two SDCC 2017 Exclusives

Gentle Giant revealed their Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader 40th Anniversary Classic Busts. These can be ordered separately, or as a bundle

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Are You Attending SDCC This Year?

You are? Well, how much do you enjoy standing in lines? Lines, lines, lines, and more lines! Star Wars Celebration is the same way. If you want exclusives, let’s face it, you’ll be in a line most of the day. Wouldn’t it be great if there was another way? Well, there is and I think it is time that everyone gets on board. Click through to see how to quell the queue madness.

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Funko SDCC 2017 Exclusive POP! Wave 1

Funko announced their Wave 1: Star Wars San Diego Comic Con 2017 Pop! Exclusives, and it looks like there might be something for everyone! Just look at that Super Sized glow-in-the-dark Snoke. Click through to see them all.

 Pop! Star Wars: 6″ Supreme Leader Snoke (Glow-in-the-Dark)

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