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Yet Another Cancelled EE Item Heads to Ross

The last Ross exclusive was the Red Squadron A-wing. Are you ready for another? The once Toys R Us, turned Entertainment Earth then cancelled exclusive C-3PO and R2-D2 2-pack showed up at one of my local Ross stores in Mesa, AZ. It’s been available on Amazon for some time, but you can potentially get it for only $7 at Ross. Can we just send all the exclusives there so I can get them on the cheap? Check out our review of this nicely painted 2-pack here.

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TBS Princess Leia #30 Hitting Ross Hard

About a week ago we posted that Captain Rex was showing up at Ross stores in the US. Well, I went to six Ross stores yesterday and was sorely disappointed. Not only did I not find a single Captain Rex, I found something much worse (at more than one store). If you need reminded why this particular Leia figure is essentially terrible, just check out our RDR here. Has anyone had luck finding Captain Rex or the Target 3-pack at Ross? Let us know in the comments!

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WOW! Black Series Captain Rex Showing Up at Ross!

More and more Star Wars collectibles are showing up at discount retailers, and it looks like the next one to hit Ross is Captain Rex. Surprising to me since it’s such a good figure, but this probably has more to do with distribution than collectors not buying it at retail. It looks like the search is on once again to find this figure on the cheap. Thanks to Mike Y. and Rand R. from Arizona for the images. Have you found this figure at Ross too? Let us know in the comments!

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You never know what you’re going to find Star Wars toy-related at ROSS. JTA reader and friend Josh M. located a Quay Tolsite action figure for $4.99 on the shelves. Oh, and let’s not froget about that red A-wing Fighter! Insanity.

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Even More $3.99 TBS6 [P3] Figures Arrive At ROSS

JTA reader eagerly sends us an email that he found a ton of The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ Snowtroopers at his local ROSS stores for $3.99 each. Where are all of these old figures hiding? It’s astounding how much stuff is ending up at clearance outlets. Again, I haven’t seen ANYTHING remotely similar to this devastation in my lifetime of collecting. I don’t even think The Phantom Menace [3D] debacle was this bad. Special thanks to JTA reader Christian C. for the alert!


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Wow. You can’t make this stuff up if you tried. JTA reader Mister Jackpot sends us proof that The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ figures are arriving at CLEARANCE OUTLET ROSS for a mere $2.99. But they’re still not as cheap as the $.03 6″ figures at Walmart. That’s a world record so far. Click through for his report.

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Former Walmart Exclusive 3.75" TBS [P3] Figures Hit ROSS

And speaking of more clearance, former Walmart exclusive The Black Series [Phase III] 3.75″ figures are ending up at ROSS for cheap. How many of these figures did they repack?

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More Ross Clearance Finds!

If you still need an AT-ACT or The Black Series AT-ST 3.75″ Walmart Exclusive, keep trying your luck at your local Ross stores. JTA reader MPrice shares with us his find at his local Ross in Alabama where he said they had a ton of AT-ACT’s at $29.99 and AT-ST’s at $21. Have you had any luck at your Ross? I know mine didn’t have any of those, but its possible they didn’t show up yet. Let us know if you found anything good at yours.



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ROSS Is Blowing Out Current Star Wars Stock!

Wow! ROSS discount chain stores are finally blowing out their current Star Wars stock! We have received multiple reports on these markdowns. The AT-ACT is $29.99. The Walmart AT-ST is $21.99. And the super successful TBS6 [P3] FO Special Forces TIE Fighter is $24.99. Get there before they’re gone! Special thanks to friends Josh and Frank for the images and alerts!


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Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT Hits Discount Chain ROSS

The Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT vehicle from the Rogue One line has finally hit ROSS and can be purchased there for $89.99 if your store was fortunate to receive stock. If only this vehicle would have been stripped of its NERF gimmick, given a larger scale (Hasbro already has the tooling from 2010) and made collector-friendly, this set would have sold like hotcakes at close to MSRP. Hopefully next time. Special thanks to JTA reader Tim M. for the report!

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New Hot Wheels "The Last Jedi" Sets Found At ROSS

Well, here is one for the books. Discount chain retailer ROSS has just received brand new Hot Wheels sets (in The Last Jedi packaging). We’re unable to explain why this is. Special thanks to JTA reader and friend Alexander G. for the report.

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Rogue One U-wing Found At ROSS For Under $17

JTA friend and moderator Sjefke sends us a store report that the Rogue One U-wing vehicle has been found at ROSS for only $16.99.

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Target Rogue One Black Series [P3] 6" 3-Pack Found At Ross

The Target Exclusive 3-pack has been showing up at discounted prices all over, but so far Ross seems to have the lowest price at $22. If you still need this, now is a good time to go take a look! Thanks to JTA readers Bryan and Merdock for the news.

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Unsold Rogue One Products End Up At ROSS

JTA reader and Facebook friend Casey M. sends us proof that some unsold Rogue One products have been peddled to ROSS outlet stores. If you’re interested in these it might be worth your while to check out your local ROSS!


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