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Arrested Star Wars Development

You remember Arrested Development? One of the producers on the show was Solo director Ron Howard, who also provided the narration. Now imagine if Star Wars A New Hope was a whacky comedy in the style of Arrested Development. Complete with narration by Ron Howard. Check it out and have some fun! It’ll be the best 3 Minutes you’ll spend on the internet this week!

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Director Ron Howard posted this photo on his Twitter feed the other day. It gives a behind the scenes glimpse at the sound mixing done for Solo: A Star Wars Story and also reveals what Clint Howard’s character will look like. Click through to see the full image!

Solo Sound Mix


Full Story

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Why Alden Ehrenreich Was Cast As Han Solo

The Solo: A Star Wars Story article in Empire Magazine sheds some light on the casting process of the movie and what the producers wanted from any prospective Han Solo actor. Click through for more details.

Aldren Ehrenreich as Han Solo

Full Story

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Website Vulture has a lengthy article about the behind the scenes troubles on the Solo: A Star Wars Movie set. And if true, sheds some light on the real reasons why Lord & Miller were fired from the movie by Kathleen Kennedy. Click through to learn more!

Solo A Star Wars Story

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Ron Howard and Jon Favreau revealed on Twitter that Favreau will provide the voice for a “very cool & important alien character” in Solo: A Star Wars Story. You can actually see the four-armed alien in the trailer for the film. Of course, this isn’t Favreau’s first time voicing a Star Wars character since he provided the voice for Pre Vizsla in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Check out the full story at Entertainment Weekly! 

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Tags: , , , is claiming that at minimal, Ron Howard re-shot 80% of the Solo: A Star Wars Story film and needed twice the budget to complete it. How bad could the original version of the film have been? Yikes.

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The Dark Lord Of The Sith In The Han Solo Movie???

A recent rumor has popped up claiming that someone was seen on set wearing the famous suit during filming. There are no images of this as of now, but according to their source is reliable. The question is, do we NEED Darth Vader in the Han Solo movie? Yes…He was used expertly in Rogue One and some may argue he had some of the best scenes, but I personally don’t think he should be stuck in every anthology film just for the sake of using him. It may water down the impact that Vader has. What are your thoughts on this rumor? Do you think we really need to see Vader in this film? In other news, Ron Howard teases us with a possible Kessel Run. Check out more of that info here at

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Han Solo Film Loses A Cast Member

Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire) was among the most exciting cast members to join the still untitled Han Solo film.  Unfortunately, the actor revealed in an interview with Deadline that his role has been cut from the film. Williams told Deadline, “When Ron Howard got hired to finish out the film, there were some reshoot issues that needed to be done in regards to my character, in order for it to match the new direction which the producers wanted Ron to carry the film in.” Williams is currently filming The Red Sea Diving Resort in South Africa and was unavailable for the reshoots. Instead of pushing back the Han Solo film to accommodate his schedule, Williams’ role was cut altogether. His character was described as “half-human, half-animal.” Head over to Deadline to read the full interview!

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How Many Howards Does It Take To Finish A Han Solo Movie?

Two apparently! As we’ve all expected since the announcement of Ron Howard coming in to finish the still untitled Han Solo film, he has supposedly found a role for his brother Clint according to his Twitter comment. That shouldn’t be too hard in a Star Wars film considering he isn’t the most conventional look actor as he himself poked fun at in The Waterboy.  You can read more about this on Variety.

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Woody Harrelson Talks A Bit About 'Han Solo'

Uproxx recently sat down with Woody Harrelson to discuss his new War For The Planet Of The Apes movie and briefly spoke about the still Untitled Han Solo Movie, namely the drama surrounding it. Click through to read more.

Full Story

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Ron Howard makes some comments about his first adventure in A Galaxy Far, Far Away on Twitter. He discusses how he has been around Star Wars basically since the beginning. Also, TMZ asks George Lucas his thoughts on Ron Howard’s journey into Star Wars and Lucas also gets some shots in at the fake Autograph seekers (pretty funny, worth a watch). And Ron Howard’s letter defending The Phantom Menace & Jake Llyod’s performance. Come on in and check it out!

Full Story

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Ron Howard To Direct The Han Solo Film

Following the shocking news that directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller had been fired over four and a half months into production, rumors began to swirl that Oscar winner Ron Howard was the top choice to take over the directing duties on the Han Solo film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ron Howard has officially been named as the new director of the Han Solo film. Howard will take over a contentious set, Lord and Miller were fired after clashing with Kathleen Kennedy and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan. It’s extremely rare for a director to be fired this far into production, so a veteran director like Howard is a smart choice to finish the film under these bizarre circumstances. Head over to The Hollywood Reporter for the full story.  

Update: Click here to read to read the official announcement and a statement from Kathleen Kennedy at

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