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The latest HasLab campaign has concluded successfully, though it fell just short of reaching the final tier. With a shorter run than past HasLabs, would it have been met with a little more time? The final tally came in at 14,737. 

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The Next Haslab Will Be The Mos Eisley Cantina

And to no one’s surprise (after the leak), the next HasLab will be the Mos Eisley Cantina. You can head over and start backing now! And, it WILL include the long-awaited Tonnika Sisters!

Featuring a base version ($399.99) and a Deluxe version ($499.99). 

You can start backing now!

Click through for some photos and some more details!

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Our next The Black Series [Phase IV] Visual Guide update features Ponda Baba (ANH02). Click below to check out the full Visual Guide! You can also read a full review of this figure in our review database.

Ponda Baba - The Black Series [Phase IV]

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The Star Wars “Saga” line is officially two decades old. We’re revisiting all of the figures that made up this unprecedented lineup. Today, we continue with 2002’s Star Wars “Saga” [Phase I] Djas Puhr (Alien Bounty Hunter) (’02 #40) figure. Check out the new review template, the all-new Photo Gallery, the rewritten review, and the other content we updated as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the line that supported Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones.

Djas Puhr (Alien Bounty Hunter) ('02 #40)

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Review: Doctor Evazan - TBS6 [P4] - ANH03

The Black Series [Phase IV] Doctor Evazan (ANH03) figure is a bit better than Ponda Baba, but still not where it should be with all things said. And this figure’s head sculpt isn’t accurate either. (more….)

Doctor Evazan

Thank you for reading Research Droids Reviews: Season 13!

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Review: Ponda Baba - TBS6 [P4] - ANH02

The Black Series Cantina Set Leaked?

It looks like Instagram user @professorbtoyshop has once again leaked some interesting pictures of upcoming products. First up is what appears to be a TBS cantina set featuring Ben Kenobi, Dr. Evazan, and Ponda Baba. Click here to check out the post!

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Welcome to another entry in our The Vintage Collection: The Ninety Six column. Hasbro recently committed to collectors that they will be “focusing” on characters in The Vintage Collection that fall under “The Ninety Six” banner. If you’re new to this, it means that there needs a modern counterpart for every classic Kenner figure. Between 2020 and 2021, Hasbro’s made an admirable effort by focusing on these characters. But there is more work to be done, and we’ll figure out where we are step by step. Today we assess Hammerhead.


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We have a new Visual Guide addition to our The Vintage Collection guide. Click below to check out Zutton (VC189). We also have a full review of this figure right here.

Zutton (VC189) - The Vintage Collection

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Review: Zutton - TVC - VC189

We can handle the re-release of an excellent action figure like Zutton. What we cannot handle is an inferior paint job, and the refusal to update the figure’s mismatched insert-molded joints. What gives, Hasbro? At least Hasbro got the name right. People are confusing this character as Takeel, but if you do your research, you’ll find that Takeel has curly and thinning hair, Zutton does NOT. This is Zutton. And it’s a check-off of our “Kenner 96” list. Find out why this is true. (more….)


Thank you for reading Research Droids Reviews: Season 12!

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What would you do or what would be your response if Hasbro announced a modern update to the Creature Cantina for The Vintage Collection HasLab project? Imagine finally getting the bar complete with the distillery. Then think about carded pack-in figures like a Tonnika Sister, or a Blue Snaggletooth (among others). Oh, and imagine it filled with plenty of tables and chairs for various patrons. Let us know how you feel about this HasLab “idea.” (Please don’t comment on other suggestions just yet as we’ll be addressing multiple ideas this week.)

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