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As part of the Obi-Wan Wednesday the Reva Black Series action figure was officially revealed today on the official Star Wars website. Reva will also come to The Vintage Collection and the Retro Collection. And if you want to you can also buy a Funko Pop version of her! It seems Lucasfilm is going all in with Reva and that they want to push her to become the next fan favorite character.

The figure seems to have a cloth cape, which is ideal for an action oriented character that will probably do a lot of fighting. The other female Inquistor figure we have from Fallen Order did come with a plastic cape which hindered articulation. So cloth is certainly the superior choice here.

Pre-order for Black Series Reva starts Thursday at 10 am! Let’s see who can beat the bots this time!

Will you get Reva? Or will you wait for the series to air to see what kind of character she is?

Reva (click to enlarge)

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You all remember Patrick’s slip of the tongue when he accidentally revealed in a livestream that the Rancor would be the next Star Wars HasLab. Well, Hasbro is at it again and once more accidentally revealed the next Star Wars HasLab, on their own HasLab site of all things, before everyting was pulled down again.

The new HasLab will be for Reva’s Inquisitor lightsaber (the helicopter saber), cost will be $500. Launch is May 27th (the day the Kenobi series premieres on Disney+) and it will end on July 11th. Let’s see if this Star Wars HasLab will succeed again for a change after the Rancor failure. My personal opinion? $500 for an Inquisitor lightsaber is very ambitious. I feel a disturbance in the Force, as if millions of Star Wars fans groaned out in pain and rolled their eyes… but what do you think? Do you want a $500 Reva Force FX lightsaber? Or will you just order some popcorn and have yet another countdown party here on JTA on July 11th like last time with the Rancor?

Will it allow you to fly like a helicopter?

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Kenobi Promo Artwork Has Leaked

Kenobi is about five weeks away from release, on top of the usual rumors and potential spoilers some tangible things leak as well, in this case some promo art (via the Star Wars Leaks Reddit) Lucasfilm will use to advertise the series. Check out the Kenobi banner below with Kenobi and Vader on opposing sides. I still wonder how they will explain the fact that A New Hope made it seem as if Vader and Kenobi had not met for a long, long time, probably since Mustafar, something that will no longer be true if the two actually clash in the series, unless it’s all some kind of dream or Force vision. Are you excited for the rematch of the century?
But let’s see how much Kenobi will actually be in Kenobi, or if the series will pull a Book of Boba Fett, Reva, the female Inquisitor, is said to play a very important role in the series… If you want to know more about that you can read very spoilery things about Reva on Bespin Bulletin. Don’t go there unless you want to read spoilers!

Click for full version

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John Williams Returns To Star Wars With Kenobi!

There have been rumors floating around for a while, but now Variety has made it official with an exclusive scoop: John Williams (who just turned 90 last week) returns to Star Wars once more. He recorded the Kenobi theme for the upcoming Disney+ series last week. It is not known yet if the theme is an all new original work or if it’s based on a previous composition. It’s also unknown at this point who will score the individual episodes for the Kenobi series. But with securing John Williams for Kenobi Disney certainly landed a coup, since the composer rarely works for tv / streaming. His last work for tv is from 1985. Quite a few fans may be happy that Williams’ last work for Star Wars will definitely not be The Rise of Skywalker now. Kenobi will debut on Disney+ on May 25th. 45 years to the day after the release of A New Hope.

Once more with feeling – John Williams returns to Star Wars

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Excited about what we might see tomorrow for Kenobi? Here’s something to get your anticipation up. Concept Art is making its way around social media from the highly anticipated series. Click through to check out some of the shots! A sizzle reel also popped up for short time but was quickly taken down. Will we get a trailer tomorrow? Or just a sizzle reel? Kenobi is set to drop Fall of 2022!

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Mandalorian Season 3 Not Coming Before Late 2022

While Pedro Pascal himself only very recently confirmed once more that a Mandalorian season 3 is happening – check out the very interesting 31 minute talk between Ewan McGregor (fresh off the set of Kenobi, beard and all) and Pedro Pascal hosted by Variety on YouTube for more – no one really knows when the show will return. Collider however have learned a few things about the reason for the delay and when we can expect to see season 3 of The Mandalorian. Click through for more details!

He’ll be back!

Full Story

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