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Tom Hanks Talks About Disney's Strict Rules For Actors

You may ask what Tom Hanks is doing on JTA. Well, Tom Hanks appeared on Jimmy Kimmel the other day and it was there that Tom Hanks talked about the very strict rules Disney have for their stars when they are promoting a movie (Toy Story 4 in Hanks’ case). And it’s interesting to see what rules there are. Disney is more or less providing pre-fabricated bullet points for the stars and even anticipate various questions asked by the press and tell their stars what to reply when they get asked these questions. And of course Disney also tell their stars what is not allowed to talk about at all. And this leads us to Star Wars. Click through to learn more!

Tom Hanks with Disney's rules for Toy Story 4

Tom Hanks with Disney’s rules for Toy Story 4

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Star Wars actor John Boyega has dropped a hint about a physical change that may be in store for his character in the next instalment of the franchise. Yahoo! Finance has the full story.

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The Last Jedi Wins Big At 2018's Empire Awards

British magazine Empire held its Empire Awards ceremony last Sunday. The winners for each category are voted by the readers of the magazine.
And even though it is believed by some that 50% of the fans hate The Last Jedi, at least the British readers of Empire Magazine thought differently and the movie won a couple of awards. Which ones? Click here to find out more!

Empire Awards 2018

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John Boyega recently sat down with IGN and discussed a bit about Finn’s undercover work in The Last Jedi. He also sat down in an interview with “Popcorn with Peter Travers” and talked about Carrie’s final performance in The Last Jedi. More after the jump!

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“There are no black people on Game of Thrones,” Boyega says. “You don’t see one black person in Lord of the Rings. And though Star Wars had featured a few black characters — Billy Dee Williams as a smuggler, Samuel L. Jackson as a peripheral Jedi — they were less represented in the galaxy than Ewoks. I ain’t paying money to always see one type of person on-screen,” says Boyega. “Because you see different people from different backgrounds, different cultures, every day. Even if you’re a racist, you have to live with that. We can ruffle up some feathers.” Wow, John. I don’t see how that makes Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings unwatchable. I mean, we had to sit through The Force Awakens watching your nonstop panting. See how crippling identity politics is, folks? See the full interview at GQ.

UPDATE: NEW DEBATE – Did Boyega really mean “He won’t pay to see predominantly white casts? Or did he really mean “I don’t pay all of this money to see movies just to see a predominantly all-white cast. There are other people in this world…. it’s disappointing.” There is a fine line of difference here, but both are still in poor taste in my opinion. Either way, GQ should have elaborated on these quotes in a way to make them less incendiary. What do you think?

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