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A Look At The 2019 Toy Market And Top Performing Brands

The NPD Group, which tracks toy sales across 13 major markets, released their 2019 toy market numbers a while ago. And while toy sales were down 3% overall across all the tracked markets, it’s not all bad news. One toy supercategory saw very healthy growth even in 2019. Can you guess which one? Click through for the answer!

A Disney Store ar Target

A Disney Store at Target

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Burger King Germany Is Teasing Star Wars Fans With Spoilers!

The following story is NOT fake news! Burger King Germany has a really weird Star Wars promotion going on (which is apparently not supported by Disney). You can get a free Whopper if you are willing to open the (German) Burger King app, click a button to get a spoiler for The Rise of Skywalker and then read it out loud. Actually, the app has voice recognition and will give you a coupon if you read it out loud at home so you don’t really have to read it out loud to a BK employee behind the counter as the video suggests.
Burger King Germany even has a video on their official YouTube channel that explains it all. However, the restaurant you see, with the extremely spoilery menu names, was specifically made to look like that for the video. So it’s only that one restaurant that had the spoilery menu names. Even the food had spoilers, the fries, the straws, the packaging, the shirts worn by employees. All the normal Burger King restaurants still look the same, however! And it’s apparent that Burger King got all their leaks from JediPaxis on Reddit. What a weird world we live in! You can watch the extremely spoilery (if you can read German!) Burger King video here! Don’t click it if you can read German and want to know nothing! Has anything like that ever happened anywhere before? Is this peak spoiler culture? To quote McDonald’s: “I’m lovin’ it”.

Burger King Star Wars menu names

The menus were renamed just in one restaurant for the video. This is the blurred version.



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Star Wars And Foreign Box Office

There seems to be the common belief that Star Wars is not doing all that well at the box office outside North America. The struggle and failure of Star Wars at the Chinese box office has been much discussed. But how do the movies actually perform outside North America? And how does Star Wars compare to other modern day blockbusters, from the MCU and other franchises? You may be somewhat surprised by the results! So click through for a closer look at Star Wars at the foreign box office!

The World

The World… Bonus Points For Spotting Liechtenstein!

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A Trip To The Wasteland

Collectors in the USA like to complain about distribution, maybe not always realizing that while things are far from optimal, they still have it a lot better than many other people in the world… Click through for some musings from the wasteland!

Star Wars Toy Shelf

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Popularity Of Star Wars Toys Among Kids In Europe

Each quarter the iconkids & youth GmbH publishes its “Kid’s License Monitor” in Europe, which monitors the popularity of various toy licenses in three of the European key toy markets: the UK, France and Germany. Kids ages 4-12 are the target of this survey. So, how much do they like Star Wars toys? Click through to find out!

Kids play with Star Wars toys

Boys and Star Wars toys

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Interesting Star Wars Survey From Germany

Star Wars is a global phenomenon. And it has always been quite popular across Western Europe, Japan and Australia. Therefore, it might be interesting for people in the USA to learn what people in other countries such as Germany actually think about Star Wars and who the fans are. The SINUS Institute and YouGov conducted a representative Star Wars survey in Germany and published their results on May 4th. Click through to find out how German Star Wars fans tick and who they are!

Star Wars in Germany

Germany: the land of real life Disney castles and Darth Vader in Lederhosen

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