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Toy Run Tuesday #146 - TVC Delivery

This last week or so I took advantage of some sales on Six TVC figures made their way to my house. I also had a frustrating Target experience, and I need to vent! Something for everyone today… Click here to read about it.

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Toy Run Tuesday #125 - Book of Boba Tusken Raiders

Hello, toy runners! Thanks for checking in on another Tuesday morning. I made some new customs for my collection, and rearranged a display shelf. Did you pick up any new toys or shuffle things around? Let us know in the comments!

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Toy Run Tuesday #86 - Disney droids and Imperial Customs

Welcome, readers! It’s Toy Run Tuesday again, and I have a few great new toys to share with you today. I hope to see your week’s finds in the comments, too! Please click here to check it out!

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New Star Wars Trading Outpost Opens in Downtown Disney Anaheim

One of my favorite Disneyland blogs, Endor Express, shared some wonderful photos of the new Galaxy’s Edge trading post in Downtown Disney, Anaheim.  Will you be going to the outpost any time soon? What exclusive items would you like to buy the most? Let us know in the comments!

Images courtesy of

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Toy Run Tuesday Order 66 - Umbra Operative and Hondo

I have a custom clone to share with you this week. Perfect, since we’ve reached the 66th TRT. I also got a new figure in the mail and it’s one of my favorites since TVC was relaunched. Click here to check them out!

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Toy Run Tuesday #60 - TVC and TBS Clone Wars and Galaxy's Edge

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Toy Run Tuesday! I’m excited to share a couple of this week’s acquisitions. They are related to the clone wars/prequel era so if you like clones, this may be of especial interest to you! Click here to see more…

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Disneyland and Walt Disney World To Re-Open In July

The Disney theme parks in the US will re-open in July, with several caveats however. Click through for more details!

Crowds at Disney World

A sight you will not see for some time

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Toy Run Tuesday # 42 - Purge Troopers and Dogs

Hello everyone! A little late start to my Tuesday today. I have a few new things to share with you for our Toy Run this week. I’m curious to see if anyone has found the Retro Collection at Walmart or the new Boba Fett helmets. Click here to let us know in the comments!

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Review: Star Wars Galaxy's Edge - Disneyland - Theme Parks

We had the chance to check out Galaxy’s Edge for ourselves last week. Click through for our non-biased review and experience of the new Star Wars land. If you’ve been, we’d love to hear your experience too in the comments! All-and-all, it was a fun experience and I’m looking forward to going again in the future. 

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The beautiful music composed by John Williams for Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge has been released in a buyable format. Purchase it through Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play. Or if you’re like me and don’t buy individual songs anymore, listen to it on Spotify here.

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Did Coca-Cola Just Become Star Wars Canon?

The Galaxy’s Edge panel is currently taking place at Star Wars celebration, and only a few minutes ago CNN Business posted an exclusive article about bringing Coke products to a galaxy far, far away. More…

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Everything You Want to Know About Galaxy's Edge

A lot of news surrounding Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge attraction has surfaced in the last couple days. Earlier we posted about the upcoming merchandise you may find in the streets of Batuu, but there is so much more to the land than just what you can buy. TechCrunch was able to interview Disney Portfolio Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, Scott Trowbridge, and he provides us with some amazing insight into the world of Galaxy’s Edge. If you were wondering what their thought process was behind creating a new planet, you’ll want to read more.

“This place, Black Spire Outpost, is an opportunity.”

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Behind The Scenes Look At Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

The YouTube Disney Parks channel released a behind the scenes video for the upcoming Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge attraction on Christmas. The video gives a good overview about some of the things you can expect. Click through for more details!

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Walk the Same Ground as Grand Admiral Thrawn in Batuu

Guardians Of Evil 4-Pack Showing Up At Disneyland

JTA reader and friend Mario M. sends us word and a photo that the Guardians Of Evil 4-pack has been found at Disneyland in California. If you’re headed out there you might want to see if you can pick up this great set there while vacationing!

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