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BREAKING NEWS: Benioff & Weiss Exit Star Wars

Just what is going on over at Lucasfilm/Disney? Benioff & Weiss were announced as the ones who would oversee a new Star Wars trilogy/project in 2018, and Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioned them by name again and again since then. Now Deadline reports that the former Game of Thrones showrunners have stepped down from their Star Wars project. Some speculations arose when Benioff & Weiss made a deal with Netflix not too long ago, because that begged the question of why Netflix would pay them both so much money if Benioff & Weiss would be potentially busy with Star Wars for years to come. So now we have the answer. They will not work on Star Wars. Now, this is nothing new for Lucasfilm. They’ve lost quite a few directors/writers in the past few years, all of them were fired.

And while this is just speculation one could assume that whatever idea Benioff & Weiss came up with for their movie project was nixed by Disney in favor of whatever it is Kevin Feige may be doing. Deadline thinks it was their busy schedule that informed their decision, but they fail to mention that their Star Wars project was announced long before they made a deal with Netflix which now seemingly leaves them no time for Star Wars.

Read the full story on Deadline and then leave an insightful comment! One thing is sure, following Lucasfilm news is never boring. The revolving door of creative people coming and going keeps on revolving!

DB Weiss, David Benioff

DB Weiss & David Benioff

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How Involved Will Benioff & Weiss Be With Star Wars?

The Hollywood Reporter has an article about the new deal between Netflix and the former Game of Thrones showrunners Benioff & Weiss. According to Hollywood Reporter sources Netflix is not worried about Benioff & Weiss’ Star Wars schedule. The Hollywood Reporter goes on and says that according to their sources, all that Benioff & Weiss will do for Star Wars is to write a treatment and to write the script for at least one movie. They were originally supposed to write all three scripts for the new trilogy, so according to whatever sources Hollywood Reporter has, something seems to have changed here.
How involved will Benioff & Weiss be with Star Wars? Will Lucasfilm once more have different teams write the scripts for the follow-up trilogy? In other news it seems Rian Johnson still thinks he will work on Star Wars after Knives Out, so maybe Lucasfim will have Johnson write and direct whatever movie comes after the 2022 release of the Benioff & Weiss’ penned movie? Perhaps D23 will tell us more.
Anyway, it is very likely that Benioff & Weiss will not be involved with Star Wars for the next decade or so, the final movie of the new trilofy would likely be released in 2026. Netflix would certainly not pay them $250 million if they had other time consuming obligations that keep them from developing shows for the streaming service. And Netflix wouldn’t state they aren’t worried about their Star Wars schedule, if Benioff & Weiss would be deeply involved with Star Wars beyond 2022.

Read the Hollywood Reporter article here.

DB Weiss, David Benioff

DB Weiss & David Benioff

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Lucasfilm Won't Tell Who's Making The New Movies

Ever since the new Star Wars movie release schedule was announced by Disney fans have been wondering whose movies we’re going to get: Rian Johnson’s or Benioff & Weiss’. ABC correspondent Clayton Sandell asked Lucasfilm just about that. And this is what he posted on Twitter:

We asked, but Lucasfilm is not yet saying if the new films planned for 2022, 2024 and 2026 are part of the previously-announced Rian Johnson trilogy or the series from “Game of Thrones” producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

In my opinion this can only mean one thing: Lucasfilm hasn’t decided yet. If everything was already set in motion they could have announced at least which name is attached to the movies. That they didn’t doesn’t necessarily mean that plans are going to change. But I wouldn’t be completely surprised that when we get the announcement neither Johnson nor Benioff & Weiss will make the movies. I suppose Celebration Anaheim in 2020 is the earliest we will learn more. Maybe there’s still hope we’ll get movies by Favreau and Filoni instead.

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Let's Talk About Benioff & Weiss For A Moment

I have to admit something: I don’t watch Game of Thrones. I used to watch it but gave up several years ago when I realized I found the series to be boring (all the talking, and then some more talking…), nihilistic (I really hate it when people you root for die all the freaking time!) and generally nothing I really enjoy (because of all the endless talking and dying). However, every now and then I do read about the series or I watch a YouTube review about Game of Thrones. Just to have a general idea of what’s going on, and to know how it all ends.
But ever since season 8 began a few weeks ago I have noticed a serious increase in complaints about the writing and general direction of the show, with some people comparing the Night King episode to “The Last Jedi”, and it wasn’t meant as a compliment. So I wonder… are Benioff & Weiss really up to the task of writing a Star Wars movie trilogy? After reading so many negative things about the show lately I am somewhat worried! I would like to get your thoughts and feedback here. So leave your comments and I am looking forward to discussing Benioff & Weiss with you. And if you need to talk about Game of Thrones, do so, but let’s try to focus on the upcoming Benioff & Weiss Star Wars trilogy and whether or not you think the two if them are the right people for the project.

Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke

Someone knows how Game of Thrones ends…

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Lucasfilm has announced that Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will write and produce a new series of Star Wars films. This new series of films will be separate from both the episodic Skywalker films and the new trilogy that is being developed by Rian Johnson. Benioff and Weiss will begin working on the new series of films “as soon as the final season of Game of Thrones is complete.” Head over to to read the full statements from Kathleen Kennedy, Benioff, and Weiss. What are your thoughts regarding this latest announcement? Let us know!


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