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Review: Ahsoka Tano (Padawan) - TBS6 [P4] - TCW13

Earlier today Kathleen Kennedy announced three all new movies at Star Wars Celebration… yet again. But the movies she did announce will make waves! Daisy Ridley will return to Star Wars as Rey in the movie that was originally meant to be written by Damon Lindelof, who exited the project. Steven Knight is still meant to write the Rey movie, with Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, a two time Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker who also directed two Ms Marvel episodes, in the director’s chair!

But it does not stop there! Two more movies were announced! And one of them will be directed by Dave Filoni and is meant to be an epic crossover Mandoverse event movie! Click through for more!

She’s back!


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Hello again, fellow toy runners! This week was an excellent week for Star Wars collecting. I got the most expensive piece in my collection this week, and completed multiple custom figures. I’m very excited to share them with you so please click on through!

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The Future Of Lucasfilm And Star Wars

Following the Kathleen Kennedy Interview for Rolling Stone, the Hollywood Reporter released an article with their take on how the future of Lucasfilm and Star Wars might look like. So what does the Hollywood Reporter think? Click through the details!

Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni

The future of Star Wars?

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Watch Highlights From The Mandalorian Press Conference

27 minutes of footage from The Mandalorian was shown to the press on Saturday and first reactions are very positive. After the screening a press conference was held, highlights of which you can watch on YouTube.

On the panel are Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano and Carl Weathers. They talk about what their approach to the show was, in addition to that Dave Filoni talks about the differences between working on animation and live action. It is revealed that Favreau and Filoni worked on the plots together, brainstorming ideas, with Favreau then writing the script.

You also learn that while directors on TV usually don’t have all that much creative freedom, they approached each episode of the Mandalorian more like a movie, where a director has a lot more input. Overall, you get the feeling that the Mandalorian is in very good and capable hands. Jon Favreau speaks specifically about how they want to reward fans that have been with the franchise for a long time, since they were kids, and to bring everyone together, you can expect some Easter Eggs, references to both legends and canon, one of these things that will get referenced is actually Lifeday, as Favreau seems to have a weak spot for the Holiday Special. But watch for yourself! The video is about 21 minutes long, just click on the image below to start the video.

Mandalorian Press Conference

Click the image to watch the video!

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The Mandalorian Show Will Explore The First Order Origins!

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive story on their website with one all new detail about the upcoming Mandalorian show on Disney+.

The show will explore the origins of the First Order! Now if that is just a side plot or a major plot element is unknown. What we do know is that remnants of Imperial forces are still around. Perhaps we will see how these remnants reform to become the First Order. Not all of the former Stormtroopers, Moffs and Governors became good citizens of the New Republic. So it seems The Mandalorian might bridge the original and the sequel trilogy and provide some much needed background and add some worldbuilding to the sequels.

Check out the EW website for their exclusive story and some quotes by Dave Filoni and Jon Favrau, which add some perspective to the First Order angle!

Mandalorian D23 Teaser Poster

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A First Look At The Mandalorian!

The Mandalorian panel just closed a few minutes ago. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni talked about the show and revealed a few details. Also on the panel were the three main characters Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano and Carl Weathers. And while not very much was revealed, almost nothing about the actual story, we did learn a few things! A sizzle reel was also shown, however, the YouTube stream faded to back when the footage was shown. But several Bothan spies were able to smuggle out the footage and we will show you some screenshots of the revealed footage! So click through for a look at The Mandalorian!

Mandalorian Crew

The 501st was asked to portray Stormtroopers on set – click for the much larger version

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For fans of the series it may be hard to believe, but Star Wars: The Clone Wars will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. Lucasfilm announced earlier this morning that the Emmy Award winning series and its 10th anniversary will be the focus of a panel at San Diego Comic Con. Click through to read the official press release from Lucasfilm and learn everything you need to know about this exciting announcement!

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New Animated Series "Star Wars: Resistance" Announced!

The new animated Star Wars series by Dave Filoni has just been announced. The show will be titled “Star Wars: Resistance”. Click through for more details!

Star Wars Resistance

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Dave Filoni and the cast of Star Wars Rebels talked with Entertainment Weekly about the explosive series finale, the future, who really voices Chopper, and honoring George Lucas through fearless storytelling. Head over to EW to read the full interview.

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Star Wars Rebels aired it’s last episode tonight, which means that we saw the final episode of Rebels Recon as well. Rebels Recon has been a wonderful companion series and this last episode is absolutely worth your time. During an interview for Rebels Recon, Filoni clarified the fate of two major characters. SPOILER WARNING. Click through to watch the full video! 

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Dave Filoni Interviewed By Collider

Kristian Harloff of Collider interviewed David Filoni ahead of tonight’s Star Wars Rebels series finale.
While they do talk at length about Rebels and some of the creative processes Harloff also very openly asks about whether or not Filoni would be interested in doing live action. Filoni gives a somewhat non-committal reply but states his interest.
And then Harloff asks the big question: could David Filoni see himself getting more involved with the creative decisions at Lucasfilm, not just animation but on a much more general level. And yes, David Filoni says he’d be up for it.

Watch the whole 20+ minute inverview here. It’s well worth the time! And then come back and discuss! Would you like for David Filoni to be more involved with creative decisions at Lucasfilm? Would you like him to become creative head at Lucasfilm? Would you like for him to get a chance at a live action movie? It seems that Filoni is up for any of that. So it’s up to Lucasfilm to give him some more things to do.


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Star Wars Rebels Gets A Live Orchestra For The Finale

After four seasons, Star Wars Rebels is coming to an end. We’re halfway through the final season, and it appears Dave Filoni and company are pulling out all of the stops for the show’s conclusion. Kevin Kiner has finished the final score for Star Wars Rebels, and he was given a live orchestra to work with. Dave Filoni confirmed this news on Twitter but we want to thank JTA reader Joseph for bringing it to our attention.  Click through to see Filoni’s confirmation.

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