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An eBay seller from North Carolina has The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ Captain Rex figure for $6.37 and FREE shipping. Just an FYI. The guy has 100% positive feedback too.

UPDATE: eBay pulled the auction.

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HASCON Exclusive Clone Captain Rex On Amazon For $49.99

The HASCON exclusive Clone Captain Rex is on Amazon for $49.99 if you’re interested. Special thanks to JTA reader Mark for the alert!

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TBS6 Clone Captain Rex IN STOCK At Amazon For $29.95

If you’re interested, Clone Captain Rex in IN STOCK at Amazon with prime, but for $29.95. (You could do worse at the moment.) Special thanks to all who wrote in to let us know! Also, The Black Series 6″ Dewback in IN STOCK with FREE one day shipping too!

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JTA sponsor Big Boy Collectibles has the “photorealistic” Clone Captain Rex 6″ figure IN STOCK!

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More Reports Of TBS6 [P3] Wave 15 Hitting TARGET!

Wow! We are continuing to get many reports on people successfully finding wave 15 of The Black Series [Phase III] line at their TARGET stores. Most reports are coming in from California right now. As you know, we’ve just reviewed this entire fantastic wave in our RDRs. Check them out HERE. Special thanks to Eric T. for this latest report!

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Latest TBS6 [P3] Wave Found At Target For Ridiculous Price!

The latest wave of The Black Series 6″ figures have made their way to a Target in San Luis Obispo, CA, but they rang up at a RIDICULOUS price. Each of the figures rang up for only $2.96! That’s a pretty insane price and it’s another example of the issues plaguing Target’s inventory system. Have you found these in the wild yet? And if so, have you seen these crazy prices at your local target?


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HTS Restocked New Wave Of TBS6 + Revan

The latest wave of The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ figures are back in stock! Check out DJ (Canto Bight), Clone Captain Rex, and Rey (Island Journey).  I’d also like to point out that Darth Revan has also come in stock once again and lasted a whole 3 minutes this time. Check back tomorrow morning at 4:25 a.m.


UPDATE: Rex and Rey went out of stock in 5 minutes. DJ still in stock. 

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Hurry! New TBS6" Figures IN STOCK At HTS!

HURRY! The latest wave of The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ figures are now IN STOCK!. Check out DJ (Canto Bight), Clone Captain Rex, and Rey (Island Journey).  I’d also like to point out that Darth Revan has also come in stock 4 times at HTS over the past 7 days, so if you’re still looking for him there is hope!


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Hasbro Toys Shop Lists Latest 6" Figures' Product Pages!

And from what we have been told, the stock is imminent. Get ready for the carnage! Hasbro Toy Shop has just added product pages for the latest The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ figures. Check out DJ (Canto Bight), Clone Captain Rex, and Rey (Island Journey). Extra special thanks to JTA reader Agustin for the alert!


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Found! TBS6 [P3] Wave 15 Hits Toys R Us!

Found! The Black Series [Phase III] wave 15 figures have been found at Toys R Us in Ft. Wayne Indiana! We exclusively revealed what figures would make up part of this case assortment last year. Sadly, as expected, the First Order Stormtrooper is exactly the same as the 2015 figure. (Hasbro, you really couldn’t update the helmet?) And even worse, Captain Phasma has not been given her staff and still has the same bulky body. Oh well. Special thanks to JTA reader Ian D. for the alert!


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As we have bene alluding for a while now, the next wave of The Black Series [Phase III] figures are available for pre-order RIGHT NOW at JTA sponsor Dorkside Toys. Pre-order the full case assortment, or order Clone Captain Rex and Rey (Island Journey) for $21.99. What’s more, Dorkside Toys has a slew of 6″ figures on sale for $10.99 each including Hera Syndulla, Darth Vader and MANY others. Even more, The Last Jedi Force Link figures can be found for as low as $3.99 each! PLACE YOUR ORDERS NOW with one of the best retailers Star Wars collectors can find!

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New Amazon Pages For Upcoming TBS6"

After some digging, I was able to find some Amazon pages for some upcoming The Black Series 6″ Figures. I was also able to find the Amazon pages for the upcoming Solo 6″ figures which include 2 actual names. So without further ado, here are the pages in case you wish to add them to your lists: DJ (Canto Bight), Clone Captain Rex, 4-LOM, (and others which JTA cannot post now). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find working links to Rey (Island Journey) or Grand Moff Tarkin, but we’ll keep you updated!

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Found! The latest wave of The Black Series [Phase III] figures has been found in Canada! JTA reader Argyris A. sends us some quick pics to share with the rest of our readers. The “photo realistic” technology came out better than expected. We thank him for sending these pictures along!


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Latest TBS6 Figures Hitting eBay

The latest wave of The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ figures have begun to hit eBay. If you want to lose your shirt, then feel free to bid!

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HASCON Captain Rex Still Showing Up At HTS?

It’s been over a month since HASCON Captain Rex made his live appearance at HasbroToyShop.com, and he has made a few scattered appearances since then. However, the past few nights, at 4:25 am EST EXACTLY, he has come in stock.  It’s real, it’s not fake. He has been ordered and has been shipped. Where is this stock coming from? I don’t know, but it seems a little late for returns and cancellations. It’s just sold out again now, but I wanted to make those aware that it could very well come in stock again tomorrow morning. Good luck to those still searching!

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It's Taken Quite A Dive!

Haha! Look what the HASCON exclusive Clone Captain Rex is going for on eBay now!

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Some Great TBS6 Figures Grouped Together Are Telling

When I look back at the third phase of The Black Series 6″ line through the recent reveals at NYCC, there is a diverse assortment of about six figures that really stand out to me. Lando Calrissian and the Imperial Royal Guard from wave 11 are definitely two of Hasbro’s best efforts. But then when I jog my memory further back in history, I remember the excitement of waiting to acquire the First Order Stormtrooper and Captain Phasma from wave 1 and wave 2 respectively. (That was of course before I saw Episode VII.) And then what a joy it was actually attending the HASCON convention and get the exclusive Clone Captain Rex. It’s going to be so exciting to see his “photo realistic” face deco in person. And the NYCC-revealed Rey (Island Journey) was a nice surprise too. She’s a nice-looking figure that’s also coming with “photo realistic” technology. You can truly see how far they’ve come in this format. These are not fourth rate action figures. No, they ride the crest of the wave of action figure superiority as far as we’re concerned. I wouldn’t mind seeing them again before the end of the year in fact. Let us know what figures stand out for you too!


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They know what you did last week. And apparently they know a whole lot more. JTA reader “Sneaky Snake” tried to circumvent the system and order FOUR (4) Clone Captain Rex figures and Hasbro Toy Shop did their order analysis and thwarted his efforts. Click through for the exchange.

Full Story

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Sponsor Announcement: Empire Toy Shop TBS6 Rex Raffle And More!

JTA sponsor Empire Toy Shop wants our readers to know about some really cool things! EmpireToyShop.com has Wave 13 in stock and shipping now! *Special Captain Rex Promotion: All Wave 13 Customers get a free raffle entry to win a Captain Rex Exclusive.*

You can also Pre-Order 40th Wave 2 now on the site! International customers can order by emailing direct: [email protected]. See all the in stock Star Wars items here:
LINK: https://www.empiretoyshop.com/collections/star-wars-black-series-6

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Melting Clone Captain Rex Packaging?

At first I thought my bizarrely packaged Clone Captain Rex was just a victim of getting crop-dusted by my good friend Chris Swanski of BanthaSkull.com fame during HASCON, but I am now seeing more occurrences of this strange phenomenon and I don’t think Chris has that much far reaching power. Have any of our readers experienced this strange, strange thing with their Clone Captain Rex figures from HASCON? It looks like we have “Meltgate” now folk if this is a common occurence!

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HASCON Exclusive Clone Captain Rex NOW SHIPPING!

Clone Captain Rex is SHIPPING! You should probably check your inbox for tracking information as Hasbro Toy Shop has begun shipping out the HASCON exclusive Clone Captain Rex figure! Special thanks to all who wrote in to let us know!

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It’s hard to believe, but the HASCON exclusive Clone Captain Rex hasn’t budged that much on eBay as far as what it is commanding, despite being available for nearly 45 minutes on Hasbro Toy Shop today. The question is how low will he go?

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Are You Ready To Get Your Game On For Clone Captain Rex?

Are you ready for the madness today? Jedi Temple Archives along with your other favorite Star Wars fan sites will be posting up-to-the-minute live links for this highly coveted Clone Captain Rex HASCON exclusive figure. Remember that this HASCON exclusive is exempt from any PROMO codes or offers and you should probably make sure you can get into your HasbroToyShop.com account right now,

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Let’s take a look at the The Black Series [Phase III] HASCON exclusive Clone Captain Rex 6 inch figure, today’s Visual Guide update. Click below for a full look at our guide page, and read our full review of this figure right here. Special thanks to Bret from Banthaskull.com for helping me out with the accessory images for this guide.

Clone Captain Rex - The Black Series [Phase III] - Exclusives

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Review: Clone Captain Rex - TBS6 [P3] - HASCON Exclusive

If Bantha Skull is done with their “n-1” attack tactics, we’d like to present our readers with a thorough look at the HASCON exclusive The Black Series [Phase III] Clone Captain Rex figure in our Research Droids Reviews today! Be sure to leave your own thoughts in our comments section, vote in the poll or even leave comments about it on our Facebook page. Click the banner below for the direct link to the review! As always, you can also send your own personal review requests via email if you’d like to see something that we didn’t cover yet.

Clone Captain Rex

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