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Pre-Order Today's 5POA "Celebrate the Saga" Sets

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The pre-orders are up for the Celebrate the Saga sets. Links Below:



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"Best Of" Celebrate The Saga 5 POA Figure Packs Revealed

A major focus of today’s livestream were the new “Celebrate the Saga” figure packs. These packs will offer highlights from the 5 POA figure line for one last time, Hasbro will put the 5 POA 3.75 in line into the “vault” after that. Hasbro said it doesn’t necessarily mean there will never again be 3.75 in 5 POA figures, but these new sets will be the last thing 5 POA fans will get for a long time.
But Hasbro doesn’t just repack old figures here. To sweeten the deal all 5 POA figures receive photoreal updates (unless it’s a masked character) and some sets also get droids never released in the line before, or for the first time released in a realistic style. Click through to see all the new 5 POA figure sets revealed today!

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Be Careful What You Wish For?

Some collectors have been very unhappy with modern day 5 POA 3.75 inch Star Wars figures. They say that what used to be good enough 40 years ago doesn’t cut it anymore in the modern day and that 3.75 in figures should all be super articulated. So some collectors vehemently called for the death of the modern 5 POA 3.75 inch line. And now it seems they may get their wish. But in the process everyone loses and no one really wins anything. Why? Click through for a discussion!


Objects of dislike?

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Let's Talk About Collecting Star Wars Action Figures

On paper things should look very bright for Star Wars. We have new movies. Quite a few of them too, with even more in the pipeline. And in the very near future we will get Star Wars shows on Disney’s streaming channel with one all new series, “The Mandalorian”, and the return of the fan favorite “The Clone Wars”. On the toy front we have a lot to choose from, there are 5 POA toys, there is The Vintage Collection, we have the Black Series, and on top of that there are Asian companies that also make 6 inch figures or model kits, not to mention larger scale figures such as Hot Toys / Sideshow, Jakks Pacific “Big Figs” or Hasbro’s very own 5 POA 12 inch figures. In terms of sheer choice things have hardly been any better. But nevertheless some collectors are unhappy, disillusioned and sometimes even angry at Disney, Lucasfilm and Hasbro. In this editorial I would like to talk about that feeling of frustration. Click through for some thoughts about the topic.

Baked bread with butter

Freshly baked bread with butter, delicious!

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Star Wars Is The Number 3 Toy Property Worldwide

While the retail apocalypse is a much discussed topic, with the disappearance of TRU in the USA and UK the most memorable blow to brick and mortar toy retailers in the past few months, the toy market still saw very strong growth in the first half of 2018 in most markets, including the USA which posted really strong numbers. And one of the leading trends of the global toy market? It’s collectables and youth electronics! How did action figures fare? And where exactly is Star Wars? It used to be the number 1 toy property worldwide not so long ago. But not anymore. Click through for more details!

LOL Surprose

The Number 1 Toy Property Worldwide

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