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Our tour around Javits Center turned up a few familiar companies, and a few surprises! We met up with the team from Star Wars Action News, and just hung out with the local LEGO folks. Browse through our galleries below to see the familiar, the new, and the odd Star Wars merchandise!

Keep checking back as we add our full reports on each one of our stops around Javits Center...

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UNCLE MILTON is a relatively new Star Wars licensee that offers a line of toys that offer something for those who are interested in both the science and playability of the technology of Star Wars. The line drew some inspiration from the museum tour Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination, and offers at least one of the more notable pieces from the exhibit in the form of a toy.

The Force Trainer – MSRP $129.99
You may have seen the article about this on The Official Site. The Force Trainer works by using an EEG sensor equipped headset that interprets the alpha pattern brainwaves. A high level of concentration will send a signal to the base station which starts a fan. The fan in turn will cause a ball to float in the clear plastic tube. There are a number of levels of difficulty, and the base station emits sound effects, including “instruction” by Jedi Master Yoda himself.

STAR WARS Optical Command Unit – MSRP $34.99
The Optical Command Unit will look instantly familiar to any fan of the OT. It's based on the electrobinoculars that you see used in A NEW HOPE and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. It combines the functionality of binoculars, and adds in the capability of a microscope as well as a mini-projector.

STAR WARS Darth Vader Robotic Arm – MSRP $44.99
Based on Anakin Skywalker's robotic right arm as it appears in REVENGE OF THE SITH, this kit offers collectors the opportunity to build the robotic arm from snap-together parts. It mounts on a stand, and using controls, you can grip items and move the hand and arm.

STAR WARS Naboo Sea Creatures – MSRP $34.00
Remember Sea Monkeys? The Naboo Sea Creatures set seems to be right from that playbook. It uses Triops Longicaudatus eggs which you place into the Naboo aquatic environment. The eggs hatch and will swim around the aquarium.

STAR WARS Dagobah Frog Habitat – MSRP $34.99
Want your own Dagobah swamp? Then check out the Dagobah Frog Habitat. It's a replica of the Dagobah swamp and is a habitat for watching the metamorphosis of tadpoles into frogs. Each set includes a mail-in coupon for live tadpoles.

STAR WARS Jedi Telescope – MSRP $34.99
Scan the skies with the Jedi Telescope. It's a functional telescope that also features audio facts, sound effects and 10 images of planets from the Star Wars saga.

STAR WARS Jedi Projector – MSRP $44.99
Learn about Clone Wars technology using the Jedi Projector. It can project images on a ceiling or wall with images of vehicles from the Clone Wars, and includes an audio tour that is synched with the projected images.

STAR WARS Mustafar Volcano Kit – MSRP $24.99
Remember those school science fair volcanoes? The Mustafar Volcano kit combines Star Wars with the old baking soda style school science experiment. So if you want to watch the lava flow down the mountains of Mustafar, check this kit out.

01unclemilton001 01unclemilton002 01unclemilton003 01unclemilton004
01unclemilton005 01unclemilton006 01unclemilton007 01unclemilton008
01unclemilton009 01unclemilton010 01unclemilton011 01unclemilton012
01unclemilton013 01unclemilton014 01unclemilton015 01unclemilton016
01unclemilton017 01unclemilton018 01unclemilton019 01unclemilton020
01unclemilton021 01unclemilton022 01unclemilton023 01unclemilton024
01unclemilton025 01unclemilton026    

02funko001 02funko002 02funko003 02funko004
02funko005 02funko006 02funko007 02funko008
02funko009 02funko010 02funko011 02funko012
02funko013 02funko014 02funko015 02funko016
02funko017 02funko018 02funko019 02funko020
02funko021 02funko022 02funko023 02funko024

03basicfun001 03basicfun002 03basicfun003 03basicfun004
03basicfun005 03basicfun006 03basicfun007 03basicfun008
03basicfun009 03basicfun010 03basicfun011 03basicfun012
03basicfun013 03basicfun014 03basicfun015 03basicfun016
03basicfun017 03basicfun018 03basicfun019 03basicfun020
03basicfun021 03basicfun022 03basicfun023 03basicfun024
03basicfun025 03basicfun026 03basicfun027 03basicfun028
03basicfun029 03basicfun030 03basicfun031 03basicfun032
03basicfun033 03basicfun034 03basicfun035 03basicfun036

04underground001 04underground002 04underground003 04underground004
04underground005 04underground006 04underground007 04underground008
04underground009 04underground010 04underground011 04underground012
04underground013 04underground014 04underground015 04underground016
04underground017 04underground018 04underground019 04underground020
04underground021 04underground022 04underground023 04underground024

French Star Wars licensee Attakus was in attendance at the 2009 New York International Toy Fair after skipping last year's show.  They presented their high quality line of collectibles, and among them were some previously seen Star Wars items as well as a new item which may debut later this year.

New in the land of Attakus is an Imperial Probe Droid, as seen in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.  Standing just over 16" tall, this cold cast porcelain statue captures the intricate details of the probe droid that sought out Echo Base on Hoth.  Attakus designers expressed that there were some challenges in bringing the Probe Droid from concept to actuality.  The slim legs of the Probe Droid proved to be insufficient to support the Probe Droid's weight through Attakus's traditional methods.  So they resorted to reinforcing the legs with aluminum and sculpted around the legs in resin.  While this Probe Droid may not have a repulsorlift to keep it aloft, the reinforced legs keep this statue standing upright.  Availability on the Probe Droid is estimated to be in the Fall of 2009.

Attakus was also forthcoming with information about the long fabled Dagobah environment which had been pictured from the development stages as far back as 2007.  And it's fate appears to have been linked with that of the Millenium Falcon diorama and Death Star environment.  Apparently there had been significant issues with the Falcon regarding it's weight and durability when it came to shipping.  The Falcon and Death Star environment weighed in excess of 100 pounds and were very cumbersome.  The Dagobah environment was even larger and presented even more challenges when it came to packaging and shipping.  And with that in mind the development of the Dagobah environment was suspended.

05attakus001 05attakus002 05attakus002a 05attakus003
05attakus004 05attakus005 05attakus005a 05attakus006
05attakus007 05attakus008 05attakus009 05attakus010
05attakus011 05attakus012 05attakus013 05attakus014
05attakus015 05attakus016 05attakus017 05attakus018
05attakus019 05attakus020 05attakus021 05attakus022

06rubies001 06rubies002 06rubies003 06rubies004
06rubies005 06rubies006 06rubies007 06rubies008
06rubies009 06rubies010 06rubies011 06rubies012
06rubies013 06rubies014 06rubies015  

07stylus001 07stylus002 07stylus003 07stylus004
07stylus005 07stylus006 07stylus007 07stylus008
07stylus009 07stylus010 07stylus011 07stylus012
07stylus013 07stylus014 07stylus015 07stylus016
07stylus017 07stylus018    

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