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Hasbro Toy Fair 2008 Collector Event Presentation

Hasbro started off this years tour a little differently from the past. This time, we were treated to a 2 hour presentation & Q&A session, followed by a shuttle ride to their showroom. You can see the full Star Wars portion of that presentation right here. Our research droids gathered alot of information, so let's get right to it! We'll start you off with a small gallery of Hasbro's lobby. As you might have guessed, Clone Wars and Indy were big in the Hasbro showroom!

01hasbro001 01hasbro002 01hasbro003 01hasbro004
01hasbro005 01hasbro006 01hasbro007 01hasbro008
01hasbro009 01hasbro010

Hasbro presented a wide ranging product line for 2008.  They divulged quite a bit about the line through the fall of this year.  About what?  Let's find out!

First, the current 30TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION will continue to have a presence on shelves through July.  However, there will only be TWO waves of Basic Figures for the remaining 30TH Anniversary Collection.  The current wave, REVENGE OF THE SITH which is in stores now, and THE FORCE UNLEASHED which will ship in March.  These two waves of Basic Figures and the final 30AC Saga Legends wave will be the last of the Basic Figure offerings until the line relaunches with the new CLONE WARS line and the concurrent LEGACY COLLECTION which will celebrate the entire Star Wars Saga.

There are still a good number of 30TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION exclusives in the pipeline.  Here's a breakdown of the offerings and their retailers:

     Aayla Secura's Jedi Starfighter
     THE FORCE UNLEASHED  The Battle of Kashyyyk Battle Pack - Includes Darth Vader, 2 x Stormtroopers & 2 x Wookiee Warriors
     THE FORCE UNLEASHED Jungle Rancor with rider - Includes a Felucian rider & saddle - IN STORES APRIL '08
     ORDER 66 2-Packs - Featuring the following 2-packs:
            -Anakin Skywalker & ARC Trooper (blue)
            -Obi-Wan Kenobi & ARC Trooper Commander (red)
            -Jedi Master Sev & ARC Trooper (yellow)
            -Emporer Palpatine & Commander Vill
            -Luminara Unduli & AT-RT Driver (Kashyyyk camo)
            -Jedi Master Tsui Choi & BARC Trooper
     GALACTIC HEROES Cinema Scene - Endor Speeder Bike Chase
     GALACTIC HEROES Cinema Scene - Battle of Mustafar

     STAP Attack Battle Pack - Includes 2 x STAP's, 2 x Pilot Battle Droids & 1 x Super Battle Droid
     Hoth Patrol Battle Pack - Includes Luke Skywalker, Tauntaun & Wampa

     THE FORCE UNLEASHED 3-PACK - Includes Darth Vader & 2 x Incinerator Troopers - IN STORES JULY '08
     THE FORCE UNLEASHED 3-PACK - Includes Emporer Palpatine & 2 x Blackhole Stormtroopers - IN STORES JULY '08
     DROID FACTORY 2-Packs.  The Droid Factory concept is launching with these 2-packs exclusively at WalMart stores.  But this is also one of the last offerings of the 30TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION.  Each 2-pack includes of a Build-A-Figure droid.  There are 6 pieces in all, and they assemble to form C-3PX, a Protocol Droid with weaponry.  Each 2-pack includes the same droid part.  The 2-pack lineups are as follows:
            -Darth Vader & K-3PX (protocol droid)
            -Plo Koon & R4-F5 (astromech droid)
            -Kit Fisto & R4-H5 (astromech droid)
            -Luke Skywalker (X-Wing pilot gear) & R2-D2 (battle damaged)
            -Watto & R2-TO (astromech droid)
            -Han Solo (Hoth gear, blue) & R-3PO (protocol droid)

We broke this news first several weeks ago in our Q&A sessions with Hasbro.  The 2008 San Diego Comic Con exclusive figure will be a giant holographic Emporer Palpatine head from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, depicting the scene where Darth Vader confers with the Emporer.  It will feature a light-up base along with a sound chip with phrases from TESB.  The packaging will be similar in style to the Shadow Scout Trooper that was sold as the 2007 SDCC exclusive.  And it will also be made available via Hasbro Toy Shop.

The Legacy Collection

THE LEGACY COLLECTION has been announced as the catch-all, classic Star Wars line.  This line will be the home for figures from both the Classic and Prequel trilogies as well as real-world versions of characters from the original Clone Wars series.  The card design is quite similar to that of THE CLONE WARS line, being shaped like a trooper helmet.  But this line uses a Stormtrooper helmet rather than a Clone Trooper for the cardback silhouette.

According to Hasbro's press release we are set to see a total of 30 Basic Figures in THE LEGACY COLLECTION  line for 2008.  This line launches the same day as THE CLONE WARS, on July 26th, 2008.  It will have a seperate SKU from Clone Wars, and run concurrently with classic offerings.

A new feature in Hasbro's Star Wars basic figure line is the build a figure concept.  That concept is being called THE DROID FACTORY.  This concept is designed to give us never before offered droids in a way that Star Wars figures have never before been offered.  Each part for a DROID FACTORY droid is unique to a single figure in a wave.  The Han Solo in LEGACY COLLECTION  wave 1 will always have the same droid part.  So don't worry about having to mix and match parts in order to complete the build-a-figure droid.

DROID FACTORY waves will consist of either 6 or 8 figures.  Waves of 6 figures will have parts to build 1 X Protocol Droid.  And waves of 8 figures will have parts for 2 X Astromech droids.  So while the price for Basic Figures may have risen to $7.99 per figure, there are now parts for one additional figure in each figure package.  DROID FACTORY will launch under the 30AC banner in a series of WalMart exclusive 2-packs starting July 1.  Check our 30TH ANNIVERSARY REPORT for details.

The first two LEGACY COLLECTION waves are listed with 8 figures each, bringing the line to a total of 16 figures.  There are another 14 Basic Figures scheduled for the remainder of 2008, so we can extrapolate that there will be at least 1 X wave of six figures and 1 X wave of eight figures that have yet to be announced.  Hasbro confirmed that wave 3 which remains unannounced will include a Protocol Droid.  As such we can expect 6 figures in wave 3.

But now onto the figure listings for THE LEGACY COLLECTION!  Wave 1 is themed around RETURN OF THE JEDI.  Three of these figures are from a deleted scene, where the Rebels find themselves in a sandstorm after the Sarlacc Pit battle.  The scene was deemed unusable when Episode VI was in production, but fan lore has kept this scene alive.  And in an effort to keep core character offerings fresh, Hasbro pitched this particular wave to Lucas Licensing.  So please do not take this figure wave as an indicator that Lucasfilm may be releasing OT DVD's with deleted scenes....even if that would be really cool!

     Han Solo - Tatooine sandstorm
     Luke Skywalker - Tatooine sandstorm
     Chewbacca - Tatooine sandstorm
     Yarna d'al Gargan - Jabba's dancer
     Bane Malor - Jabba's palace
     Ak Rev - Jabba's band drummer (gong connects with Umpass Stay's from the 30TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION )
     Leektar & Nippet - Ewok & Wokling
     Darth Vader (features 3 piece removable helmet)

LEGACY COLLECTION wave 2 was previously regarded as 30TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION (2008) wave 3.  However, Hasbro felt that issuing this wave as the 30AC sku's were being phased out would result in extremely short figure runs on this wave.  Hence it was moved back to be part of THE LEGACY COLLECTION so that the figures would enjoy a more numerous production run.

     Obi-Wan Kenobi in General's armor
     Padme Amidala - Ilum
     Saesee Tiin in General's armor
     Clone Scuba Trooper
     IG Lancer Droid
     Quarren Soldier
     Mon Calamari Warrior
     Clone Trooper with quad cannon

Hasbro confirmed in their presentation that a Saga Legends line will be returning to stores in the Fall of 2008.  It is designed to get classic characters into the mix.  And it will also bring a third basic action figure sku into the toy aisles.  A figure lineup is still pending, and will most likely be released in time for San Diego Comic Con.

Only 1 new Battle Pack was on display in the Hasbro showroom.  The official name is still TBD.
     HOTH - Includes Han Solo - Hoth (VTAC with hood up, brown), Chewbacca (Early Bird kit), R5-M2, K-3PO (without battle damage) & Imperial probe droid

Hasbro revealed one exclusive vehicle in their presentation.  Expect more to be revealed later in the year.
     Green Leader A-Wing starfighter - Includes Arvel Crynyd - WALMART EXCLUSIVE

There has been a mighty rumor floating about regarding a retooled and significantly larger Millenium Falcon.  This story has had some legs since the Falcon was found listed in at least one retail computer system.  Hasbro has stated repeatedly that they would like to retool the Falcon.  However circumstances are such that they are not fielding questions about the Millenium Falcon at this time.  HOWEVER, should the Clone Wars AT-TE prove to be successful, it might pave the way for just such a Millenium Falcon.  So be sure to buy those AT-TE's at full price.  Take this reporter's word for it:  it's worth the price.

02a-legacy001 02a-legacy002 02a-legacy003 02a-legacy004
02a-legacy005 02a-legacy006 02a-legacy007 02a-legacy008
02a-legacy009 02a-legacy010 02a-legacy011 02a-legacy012
02a-legacy013 02a-legacy014 02a-legacy015 02a-legacy016
02a-legacy017 02a-legacy018 02a-legacy019 02a-legacy020
02a-legacy021 02a-legacy022 02a-legacy023 02a-legacy024
02a-legacy025 02a-legacy026 02a-legacy027 02a-legacy028

The Clone Wars

THE CLONE WARS theatrical release and television series is the driving force behind the Hasbro-Star Wars line in 2008.  It launches in stores on July 26th, and is bound to be a topic for a lot of discussion.  The product offerings run the gamut from the Basic Figure line, to a mail-away promotion, to vehicles, role play and beyond.  So what can we expect?

The $64,000 question about the figures from THE CLONE WARS is whether or not the figures are presented in an animated style or not.  And the answer?  The figures are stylized in a fashion that is similar to the animation.  But unlike the previous CLONE WARS animated offerings, these figures are much more articulated.  The stylization is more evident on the un-armored figures.  But it doesn't shine through quite as much on the Clone Troopers or droids.  However the stylization is very evident on figures like Yoda.

These figures have got some serious accessories as well.  Some that border on what we've come to know as action features.  These figures also integrate reasonably well with the vehicles that have been designed for the 3-3/4" figure system.

THE CLONE WARS  is set to include a total of 23 Basic Figures in 2008.  All told there were nine figures on display.  It appears to be the first wave of figures plus the promotional Captain Rex figure.  Here's the lineup that has been revealed so far:

            Obi-Wan Kenobi in armor (includes Clone helmet & backpack)
Anakin Skywalker
R2-D2 (features numerous open tool hatches and accessories)
General Grievous (signifigantly larger and features arms that split into 4 arms)
Captain Rex
Clone Trooper (includes rocket launcher accessory)
Battle Droid

Captain Rex has been the subject of much discussion in the community.  Namely because this is the mailaway figure, and this particular Clone has also been featured prominently in the trailer for THE CLONE WARS.  Rex is an ARC Trooper with blue markings.  The mailaway version of Captain Rex will be different from the Basic Figure line offering.  The mailaway will feature different deco as well as a removable helmet.  Additionally, the card for Captain Rex can unfold to create a small diorama.  This is unique to the mailaway Captain Rex figure, and that feature does not appear on the cards for the rest of the Basic Figure line.

There were no Clone Wars Battle Packs on display in the Hasbro showroom.  However there was a package mockup for a forthcoming battle pack.  It's called SPEEDERBIKE PATROL and will feature 2 x Clone Troopers and 2 x BARC Speeders.

02b-cwbasic001 02b-cwbasic002 02b-cwbasic003 02b-cwbasic004
02b-cwbasic005 02b-cwbasic006 02b-cwbasic007 02b-cwbasic008
02b-cwbasic009 02b-cwbasic010 02b-cwbasic011 02b-cwbasic012
02b-cwbasic013 02b-cwbasic014 02b-cwbasic015 02b-cwbasic016
02b-cwbasic017 02b-cwbasic018 02b-cwbasic019  

Expanded Universe Comic Packs

The comic 2-pack concept continues into 2008's LEGACY COLLECTION.  Expect a total of 15 2-packs to be offered.  These are to be offered from late spring through the fall.  Here are the ones that have been announced by Hasbro thus far:
     REPUBLIC  #69 - includes Tol Skorr & Asajj Ventress
     OBSESSION #3 - includes Durge & Anakin Skywalker
     LEGACY #2 - includes Darth Talon & Cade Skywalker
     LEGACY #6 - includes Antares Draco & Ganner Keig (previously confirmed in our Hasbro Q&A sessions)
     Marvel STAR WARS #68 - Dengar & Fenn Shysa
     Marvel STAR WARS #69 - Princess Leia Organa & Tabbi Dala
     INFINITIES - RETURN OF THE JEDI #4 - Includes Princess Leia Organa (VTAC with sniper rifle) & redeemed Darth Vader (white armor)
     SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE - Includes Princess Leia Organa & Prince Xizor (new sculpt)
     HEIR TO THE EMPIRE - Includes Talon Kardde & Grand Admiral Thrawn w/ ysalamir (new sculpt)

There will also be another series of WalMart exclusive 2-packs.  These include:
     Marvel STAR WARS #44 - includes Lando Calrissian & Stormtrooper
     REVENGE OF THE SITH #3 - includes Kashyyyk Trooper & Wookiee Warrior
     REVENGE OF THE SITH #1 - includes Anakin Skywalker & Count Dooku

02c-comics001 02c-comics002 02c-comics003 02c-comics004
02c-comics005 02c-comics006 02c-comics007 02c-comics008
02c-comics009 02c-comics010 02c-comics011 02c-comics012
02c-comics013 02c-comics014 02c-comics015 02c-comics016
02c-comics017 02c-comics018 02c-comics019 02c-comics020
02c-comics021 02c-comics022

Order 66

02d-o66001 02d-o66002 02d-o66003 02d-o66004

Droid Factory

02e-droidfactory001 02e-droidfactory002 02e-droidfactory003 02e-droidfactory004
02e-droidfactory005 02e-droidfactory006 02e-droidfactory007 02e-droidfactory008
02e-droidfactory009 02e-droidfactory010 02e-droidfactory011 02e-droidfactory012

The Force Unleashed

02f-tfu001 02f-tfu002 02f-tfu003 02f-tfu004


The 4 current Evolutions sets that are shipping now (The Fett Legacy, The Sith Legacy, The Jedi Order & The Force Unleashed) will all be shipping again in THE LEGACY COLLECTION packaging once that line launches in July.  There are also two new offerings that were confirmed in Hasbro's presentation:

     REBELLION PILOTS LEGACY - Includes Dorovio Bold (X-Wing pilot), Wes Janson (Snowspeeder gunner) & Ten Nunb (B-Wing pilot)
     PADME AMIDALA LEGACY - Includes Queen Amidala (EPISODE I, pre-Senate), Padme Amidala (EPISODE II, white Geonosis outfit), Padme Amidala (EPISODE III, Coruscant Apartment garb)

02g-evolutions001 02g-evolutions002 02g-evolutions003 02g-evolutions004
02g-evolutions005 02g-evolutions006 02g-evolutions007 02g-evolutions008


There are three extremely interesting new vehicles in the pipeline for THE CLONE WARS.  They're all-new sculpts that should really excite fans of the vehicle line.  Two of these will be part of what's known as the Starfighter vehicle assortment (retail price $19.99 - $24.99).  Expect these on shelf for the launch of THE CLONE WARS line when it launches on July 26th.

The first is what Hasbro is referring to as the V-19 Clone Shuttle.  It's really a fighter if you're familiar with the original Genndy Tartakovsky CLONE WARS series, as that ship was featured prominently in that show.  The wings fold up for landing in a fashion that's very similar to the Imperial Shuttle.  This is probably the source of Hasbro calling this particular ship a Clone Shuttle.

Next up in the starfighter assortment is the Trade Federation Spider Droid.  It's also known as the Homing Spider Droid.  It's a sizable piece.  The one in the showroom was posed next to an AT-AP and it almost dwarfed that vehicle.

Last but most certainly not least in the vehicle line is the AT-TE.  We first got a glimpse of it during a CNN piece, but truthfully fans have been calling for this vehicle since they first saw it in ATTACK OF THE CLONES in 2002.  So how does Hasbro's rendition of this Republic walker stand up?  Read on!

The AT-TE measures roughly 2 feet long.  It ships with 1 x Clone Trooper pack-in, which will feature unique deco.  It will most likely not resemble the Clone Pilots that were shown in ATTACK OF THE CLONES.  The vehicle itself can carry 20 Clone Troopers.  There's a driver's compartment, a gunner station, a forward troop hold and a rear troop hold.  The forward hold has two troop hatches that act as ramps.  But the real treat is in the rear hold.  The rear hold has 2 gunner stations, blaster racks and will hold the bulk of the troops on the AT-TE.  But it gets better!  Hasbro has motorized the rear hatches, so when you press a button on the walker's midsection 2 hatches split off to the side and one main troop ramp deploys to the rear.

The electronics are definitely a significant bonus to the already cool AT-TE.  There's more to them than the motorized hatches.  There are multiple sounds available.  Including a Clone issuing orders, the sound of the troop ramp deploying, the sound of the walker, and blaster fire.  And when you press the blaster fire button a light at the dorsal gunner station illuminates.  The electronics require 3 x AA batteries.  And as usual those aren't included.  Recommended retail price is $99.99.

02h-vehicles001 02h-vehicles002 02h-vehicles003 02h-vehicles004
02h-vehicles005 02h-vehicles006 02h-vehicles007 02h-vehicles008
02h-vehicles009 02h-vehicles010 02h-vehicles011 02h-vehicles012
02h-vehicles013 02h-vehicles014 02h-vehicles015 02h-vehicles016
02h-vehicles017 02h-vehicles018 02h-vehicles019 02h-vehicles020
02h-vehicles021 02h-vehicles022 02h-vehicles023  

Galactic Heroes

     Commander Bly & Aayla Secura
     Commander Gree & Tarfful
     Ki-Adi Mundi & Commander Bacara
     Saesee Tiin & Agen Kolar
     Droideka & Jar Jar Binks
     Plo Koon & Commander Jag
     R2-D2 w/ bar & Slave Leia
     Magna Guard Droid & Shaak Ti

     Darth Vader's TIE Fighter with Darth Vader
     Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter with Obi-Wan Kenobi & R4-P17

     Tatooine with Dewback, 3 x Sandtroopers, Garindan, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker & Han Solo
     Geonosis with Reek, Nexu, Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala & Obi-Wan Kenobi

     Millenium Falcon with Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2 & C-3PO

     Endor Speeder Bike Chase with 3 x Speeder bikes, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Endor Rebel Trooper, Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper, Wicket, Paploo & Ewok TBD
     Battle On Mustafar - contents TBD

     Rancor with Gamorrean Guard & Luke Skywalker
     AT-RT with Kashyyyk Clone, Commander Gree, Tarfful & Yoda

03gh001 03gh002 03gh003 03gh004
03gh005 03gh006 03gh007 03gh008
03gh009 03gh010 03gh011  

Mighty Muggs

Hasbro is very excited to get into the Urban Vinyl game with the Mighty Muggs line.  In fact, most of Hasbro's boys licenses are offering some Mighty Muggs in their lines, including Transformers and Marvel.  Here are the Star Wars offerings:

     Princess Leia
     Jango Fett
     Commander Cody
     Lando Calrissian
     Emporer Palpatine
     General Grievous
     Luke Skywalker - Bespin (featuring removable hand)
     Commander Gree - WALMART EXCLUSIVE

04muggs001 04muggs002 04muggs003 04muggs004
04muggs005 04muggs006

Games, Role Play, Titaniums, & Transformers

Role play continues to be a significant segment of the line for kids.  Clone Wars offerings including a Clone Trooper helmet along with Clone Trooper blaster.

The Star Wars Transformers line is set to carry over into 2008 under the Crossovers name.  According to Hasbro a total of 18 Transformers figures are set to be released under the Star Wars banner.  Only two were on display at Toy Fair.  They include:
     Republic Gunship/ARC Trooper Pilot - Space whale / Clone Wars deco
     Jedi Starfighter with hyperdrive ring/Obi-Wan Kenobi - This is a repaint of the previously released Saesee Tiin fighter with hyperdrive ring.

05other001 05other002 05other003 05other004
05other005 05other006 05other007 05other008
05other009 05other010 05other011 05other012
05other013 05other014 05other015 05other016
05other017 05other018 05other019 05other020
05other021 05other022 05other023 05other024

Indiana Jones

It might not be Star Wars, but every Star Wars fan loves a bit of Indiana Jones. Here's a small gallery to show you what Hasbro has to offer this year for Indiana Jones.

06indy001 06indy002 06indy003 06indy004
06indy005 06indy006 06indy007 06indy008
06indy009 06indy010

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