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Sideshow Collectibles presented another nice Star Wars display at this years Toy Fair. Most of the previously announced figures showed up with the exception of Jabba the Hutt, and we were treated to two of the newly announced items: PF Darth Maul and Obi-Wan vs. Anakin from the new Verses line of 1/9 scale dioramas. Although no exclusives were announced or previewed, they said we can expect more than 1 Sideshow exclusive at Celebration IV.

12" Figures

Sideshow did not give us many surprises in the 1/6 Scale line today but they did have a number of figures on hand that we got to see with our own eyes for the first time.

  • Asajj Ventress – For a very "simple" character this has turned out to be a very elegant figure that will stand out in many collections
  • Buboicullaar Creature Pack – This pack will look good as a stand alone, displayed with Salcious Crumb and his pals or, of course, as part of a diorama with Jabba and the rest of the gang.
  • Dejarik Holochess Expansion Pack – This 1/6 scale representation of the Holochess table on the Falcon is just what the collector ordered. When asked what 1/6 scale figures would accompany this "expansion pack" we could not dig anything up other than it will not be Chewbacca, R2-D2 or C-3PO, at least not in the near future. The creatures on the chess table are each separate pieces and can be moved around the board.
  • Endor Rebel Infantry, Rebel Commando Sergeant and Nik Sant – Rebel Commando Pathfinder: This is a sharp looking bunch of troopers and Sideshow is looking to do more for just won't happen in 2007. This was the original set of troopers because there were different original plans for other characters that would be released around them. The original thoughts were also to do just one trooper but the team could not decide which one to do so they did all three.
  • Sideshow stated once again that the armored troops and guys like Boba Fett are on the horizon but they would like to get them just right before they decide to go ahead with them. Until then they are very happy to offer the RAH and promise that their versions, when offered will be unique from the RAH line.
  • Think 30th Anniversary when you try to figure out what else from the 12" line may be released this year.
  • The Leia Boushh on display is still a prototype...expect the release to be pushed from March to about May.
  • There is a good chance we will see more characters in the Lords of the Sith line.
  • Snowbunny Padmé is on hold. The prototype is done but they are not happy with it and are trying to fine tune the product.
0112inch-001 0112inch-002 0112inch-002a 0112inch-003
0112inch-004 0112inch-005 0112inch-006 0112inch-007
0112inch-008 0112inch-009 0112inch-010 0112inch-011
0112inch-011a 0112inch-012 0112inch-012a 0112inch-013
0112inch-014 0112inch-015 0112inch-016 0112inch-018
0112inch-019 0112inch-020 0112inch-021 0112inch-021a
0112inch-022 0112inch-023 0112inch-024 0112inch-025
0112inch-026 0112inch-027 0112inch-027a 0112inch-028
0112inch-029 0112inch-030 0112inch-031 0112inch-032
0112inch-033 0112inch-034 0112inch-035 0112inch-036
0112inch-037 0112inch-038 0112inch-039  

Premium Format Figures

The very special guest at Sideshow today was the just announced Darth Maul Premium Format figure. He will be armed with a double-bladed light up lightsaber. The Sideshow exclusive version will come with a Sith Probe Droid.

  • There will be 3 or 4 total Premium Format figures this year.
  • Think Original Trilogy when trying to figure out other offerings in the line-up this year.
  • The program that offers the Exclusive version of Darth Maul was developed to say thank you to the long time Premium Format collectors. The regular version will be available to all.
02pf-001 02pf-002 02pf-003 02pf-004
02pf-005 02pf-006 02pf-007 02pf-008
02pf-008a 02pf-009 02pf-009a 02pf-010
02pf-011 02pf-012 02pf-013 02pf-014
02pf-015 02pf-016 02pf-016a 02pf-017
02pf-018 02pf-019 02pf-020 02pf-023
02pf-024 02pf-025 02pf-026 02pf-027
02pf-028 02pf-028a 02pf-029 02pf-030
02pf-031 02pf-032 02pf-033 02pf-034
02pf-035 02pf-036 02pf-037 02pf-038

1:1 Scale Busts

Sideshow only had one of their 1:1 scale busts on display: the Jedi Master Yoda. The detail was incredible on this life-sized bust, and he should be shipping sometime in March.

03yoda-001 03yoda-002 03yoda-002a 03yoda-003
03yoda-003a 03yoda-004 03yoda-004a 03yoda-005
03yoda-006 03yoda-007 03yoda-008 03yoda-009
03yoda-010 03yoda-011 03yoda-012 03yoda-012a
03yoda-013 03yoda-014 03yoda-015  


1/9 Scale Dioramas (Versus)

On display for the first time since the line was announced a day before was the Anakin vs. Obi-Wan Versus diorama. This new line was inspired by the success that Sideshow has had with their Marvel dioramas and it looks like it will have plenty of opportunities to have success.

  • The line will focus on the important battles of Star Wars.
  • There will be a nice variety of settings for the conflicts, including some creatures.
  • Sideshow felt that even though they capture the characters in their individual formats (1/6 and PF scales) that creating an environment where characters square off on one another brings out even more of that character.
  • The line may even expand into the Clone Wars.
  • Anakin vs. Obi-Wan will retail for $280.
  • Anakin vs. Obi-Wan is planned to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2007.
  • Sideshow is planning on releasing only 3 or 4 different dioramas per year.
04diorama-001 04diorama-002 04diorama-002a 04diorama-003
04diorama-004 04diorama-005 04diorama-005a 04diorama-006
04diorama-007 04diorama-008 04diorama-009 04diorama-010
04diorama-011 04diorama-012 04diorama-013 04diorama-014
04diorama-015 04diorama-016 04diorama-017 04diorama-019


Sideshow will continue to offer a limited run of the Medicom Super Deformed and Real Action Heroes to collectors in the U.S.

05medi-001 05medi-002 05medi-003 05medi-004
05medi-005 05medi-006 05medi-007 05medi-008
05medi-009 05medi-010

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