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212th Battalion Clone Trooper - Hasbro - Legacy Collection [2] (2015)

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We will start our tour of Hasbro with news that does not directly relate to their line. The entry banner for their showroom was a cool tall banner with Vader, Yoda and Boba on it. We all lined up to take pictures but none of us chose to read the banner. A bit into our tour Daryl DePriest brings us over to the banner to point out a few things. First...the Yoda on the banner is from the animation that is being done on the new cartoon series. This is not your fathers cartoon, that is for sure! Second...and more news breaking than we ever thought...the Boba Fett was attached to the portion of the banner announcing the 2009 live action TV series! Just how prominent young Fett will be in the series is yet to be determined, but yes, it looks like we will be seeing more of our favorite bounty hunter. Now...on to the toys!

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30th Anniversary Series

Hasbro had plenty of the basic figure line on display for us right through carded and loose figures in wave 4. Plenty of accessories will come with our figures this year including Umpass-Stay's drum, a moisture evaporator, and yes... two pieces that make up the curved part of the cantina bar!      Hasbro was asked about this year's UGH campaign and we were told that the gold UGH coins will be much more plentiful than last year's pewter style hologram figures. Boy was that good to hear!

Some of the Saga Legends figures were on display today and the big news about these is that they will not be numbered. All of the figures will be straight repaints except for some of the droids, the 501st Trooper (now SA), know, figures that collectors won't mind a repaint on because we'd buy some more anyway to add to the armies. This new system and lack of repaints should make it easy for people to stay away from buying figures they already have.

Here are some of the main points of interest in the line:

  • Figures in the Basic Line ($6.99) will include characters from The Phantom Menace all the way through the Return of the Jedi and the Expanded Universe.
  • UGH chase will be gold coins and there will be more of them than last year's program.
  • Elis Helrot and M'iiyoom Onith will both come with the curved bar section
  • Luke Skywalker will be packed with a moisture evaporator
  • Saga Legends line will not be numbered
  • Concept Darth Vader will come with interchangeable heads
  • The Stormtrooper will have a removable helmet
  • Jedi Luke will be packed with a bone from the Rancor pit and a have battle damaged hand
  • Tatooine Biggs will not come with a cape

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Force Unleashed

The hit of the show was the surprise appearance of the Force Unleashed figures featuring seven figures from the upcoming video game, including a fantastic looking battle-damaged Darth Vader! Based on names floating around the internet these are the figures we saw today:

  • Darth Vader – This Vader really has taken on some serious battle damage!
  • Heavy Stormtrooper
  • Maris Brood
  • Samurai Jedi
  • Shadow Guard
  • Stormtrooper
  • Female Imperial Officer

03forceunleashed-001 03forceunleashed-002 03forceunleashed-003 03forceunleashed-004
03forceunleashed-005 03forceunleashed-006 03forceunleashed-007 03forceunleashed-008
03forceunleashed-009 03forceunleashed-010 03forceunleashed-011 03forceunleashed-012
03forceunleashed-013 03forceunleashed-014 03forceunleashed-015 03forceunleashed-016
03forceunleashed-017 03forceunleashed-018 03forceunleashed-019 03forceunleashed-020


Vintage Style Figures

The Vintage line's featured mail-away offer will please most people this time around. All 6 figures will each have a sticker like last year that needs to be mailed in to Hasbro to receive 6 special coins and a bonus 7th coin exactly like the one that was handed out at Toy Fair today. No missing figures from the collection this year if you choose not to participate and a nice set of coins will be coming you way if you mail it all in.

04vtac-001 04vtac-002 04vtac-003 04vtac-004
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04vtac-021 04vtac-022 04vtac-023 04vtac-024



There were several new, highly anticipated vehicles on display this year, namely the Sith Infiltrator and the V-Wing Fighter! Here's the low-down on what's coming up in the next few months...

  • The brand new Sith Infiltrator and V-Wing were both on display today and did not disappoint. The Sith Infiltrator has a working cockpit and firing missiles and it also sports wings that lock into attack position and a body that opens up to reveal all its weapons.
  • The V-Wing has a working canopy and some great detailing. The mechanism that works the change in the wing formation rotates the wings slowly into and out of position.
  • Both vehicles will be $19.99
  • Both vehicles should hit stores by the end of March
  • Yes...there are more vehicles to come this year. Hasbro could not comment on them but don't be surprised if we see at least one more new vehicle sculpt!

05ships-001 05ships-002 05ships-003 05ships-004
05ships-005 05ships-006 05ships-007 05ships-008
05ships-009 05ships-010 05ships-011 05ships-012
05ships-013 05ships-014 05ships-015 05ships-016
05ships-017 05ships-018 05ships-019 05ships-020


Unleashed Battlepacks

The 7" Unleashed line will consist of the Blackhole Stormtrooper wave and then one more previously released figure will be retooled and offered as an online exclusive. Unfortunately, that will be the last of the 7" line. Details on what we can expect from Unleashed this year...

Original Trilogy characters this year:   

  • Han and Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise    
  • Imperial Officers in their Black Uniforms    
  • Death Star Gunners & TIE Fighter Pilots    
  • A-Wing and X-Wing Pilots

The Unleashed Battlepacks "Force Unleashed" line will include at least the following:    

  • Stormtroopers and Heavy Stormtroopers    
  • Emperor Palpatine    
  • Samurai Jedi    
  • Maris Brood    
  • 3rd Jedi    
  • Shadow Guards    
  • Female Imperial Officer    
06unleashed-001 06unleashed-002 06unleashed-003 06unleashed-004
06unleashed-005 06unleashed-006 06unleashed-007 06unleashed-008
06unleashed-009 06unleashed-010 06unleashed-011 06unleashed-012
06unleashed-013 06unleashed-014 06unleashed-015 06unleashed-016
06unleashed-017 06unleashed-018 06unleashed-019 06unleashed-020
06unleashed-021 06unleashed-022 06unleashed-023 06unleashed-024
06unleashed-025 06unleashed-026 06unleashed-027 06unleashed-028
06unleashed-029 06unleashed-030 06unleashed-031 06unleashed-032
06unleashed-033 06unleashed-034 06unleashed-035 06unleashed-036
06unleashed-037 06unleashed-038 06unleashed-039 06unleashed-040



The Transformers line continues in full force with the release of quite a few new sets...

  • Dark Jedi / Sith Transformers The following is the new selection of Transformers on display in the showroom    
  • The Darth Vader / Death Star with 2 TIE Fighters, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper micro-figures    
  • Snowspeeder / Luke Skywalker
  • Mace Windu / Jedi Starfighter    
  • AT-AT / AT-AT Driver
  • Commander Cody / Turbo Tank
  • Saesee Tiin / Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Ring
  • Clone Trooper / Republic Gunship
07transformers-001 07transformers-002 07transformers-003 07transformers-004
07transformers-005 07transformers-006 07transformers-007 07transformers-008
07transformers-009 07transformers-010 07transformers-011 07transformers-012
07transformers-013 07transformers-014 07transformers-015 07transformers-016
07transformers-017 07transformers-018 07transformers-019 07transformers-020
07transformers-021 07transformers-022 07transformers-023 07transformers-024
07transformers-025 07transformers-026 07transformers-027 07transformers-028


Galactic Heroes, Titaniuim & Attacktix

The young kids toys were not as prominent as in past years, and most of the items up on display were previously released items. There is no indication that these lines are ending any time soon, but with the push of the 30th Anniversary line these seem to have taken a back seat here at Toy Fair for now.

  • No new Galactic Heroes were shown.
  • A very small sampling of the Star Wars Attacktix was on display.
  • No new Titanium vehicles were on display but expect in the neighborhood of 40 vehicles for 2007.
  • None of the Titanium figures that were showcased at the SDCC that have not reached retail to date will be released.
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