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Gentle Giant showed off a great selection of their fantastic mini-busts, statues, maquettes and more this year in their Toy Fair show room. On display were all the mini-busts that have been announced to date, including the newly announced clone commanders that were announced just this morning as part of the Gentle Giant World Tour, and a whole slew...9 (including the clones)...of exclusive mini-busts...with even more to come! 

Now we move on to a few new things...first (and easier to describe) will be a nice Star Wars chess set. The figures will be done in "realistic" style and it will of course be the Empire vs. Rebellion. We are in an OT year so here is the lineup:

  • Empire – Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader (king & queen), Royal Guards x2 (bishops), Tarkin and Boba Fett (knights), Death Star surface cannons (rooks) and Stormtroopers (pawns).
  • Rebellion – Jedi Luke and Princess Leia (king and queen), R2-D2 and C-3PO (bishops), Han Solo and Chewbacca (knights), Hoth Turrets (rooks) and X-Wing pilots (pawns).

The other, and harder to explain, new offering will be a rotocast line that can best be described as "Funky Wars" by yours truly but look more like some pretty comical super-deformed representations of some cool characters. Imagine if you will a TIE Fighter pilot popping out of his under-sized (or is he just a big pilot?) TIE Fighter while flying over some molten planet...maybe that is why the ship is bent out of shape. The pilot is sporting some brass knuckles to add a bit of humor to the sculpt. Or maybe you need to imagine a Bike Scout whose helmet sports all the emotion of a human face trying his hardest to chase down the "bad guys". Poor speeder bike needs to use a screwdriver as the stick shift and the trooper was sent out before he finished his morning shower...he left his toothbrush on the back of the bike...along with his sporting Imperial logo flag of course! More to come on this line in the near future.      

Their Star Wars Classics will be mini-busts at about half the scale of their current mini-bust line and they will be set upon a multi-tiered pedestal. On display were the Kit Fisto and TIE Fighter Pilot. Both of them were sculpted in true bust form without their arms. Their price point is yet to be determined but they are being created to offer an alternative to folks who can not spend the cash on the standard mini-bust line. Unfortunately, all of these new offerings were unable to be photographed at this time.


As we move on to the statues, the Jabba the Hutt was on display along with the free mail-away Bib Fortuna, and they looked fantastic...make room on the coffee table for that one! Max Rebo and the boys were also there. New on the statue line, and again in unpainted prototype format, was Han Solo in his pilot gear sporting his blaster at his side in a nice relaxed position. A nicely done R2-D2 will also join the statue line this year. But...the big prize for almost any Gentle Giant collector will be the Darth Vader in his private chambers kneeling down to address his Master, in full 1/6th scale glory! The base is a round black platform with cutouts for lighting around the perimeter that actually work. All of the upcoming prototyped statues were unable to be photographed. Check out the exclusives section for a bit more news on statues!

gg01-001 gg01-002 gg01-003 gg01-004
gg01-004a gg01-005 gg01-006 gg01-007
gg01-007a gg01-008 gg01-009 gg01-009a
gg01-010 gg01-011 gg01-011a gg02-001
gg02-002 gg02-003 gg02-004 gg02-005
gg02-005b gg02-006 gg02-007 gg02-008
gg02-008a gg02-009 gg02-010 gg02-010a
gg02-013 gg02-014 gg02-014a  



The coolest of the new mini-busts that we were permitted to take pictures of is the Jawa 2-pack. One of our favorite scavengers comes with a busted up R4 head while the other one comes with a pair of blasters that can be interchanged with one another. We can't forget to mention the light-up eyes! Also on display was a red Royal Guard sporting his force pike and an unpainted prototype of the blue Senate Guard sporting his rifle. Remember to keep on reading to see what is in line for the exclusive mini-busts.

gg03-001 gg03-001a gg03-002 gg03-003
gg03-004 gg03-005 gg03-005a gg03-006
gg03-007 gg03-008 gg03-008a gg03-009
gg03-010 gg03-011 gg03-012 gg03-013
gg03-014 gg03-015 gg03-018 gg03-018a
gg03-019 gg03-020 gg03-021 gg03-022
gg03-023 gg03-024 gg03-025 gg03-025a
gg03-026 gg03-027 gg03-027a gg03-028


Next up...animated maquettes. The Clone Wars line will be closed out with a long time fan favorite...Mace Windu! know this reporter likes that one! He is giving a good Force push with one hand and has his purple lightsaber at a defensive position in the other. The OT animated line will continue on strong this year and on display Gentle Giant presented two more unpainted prototypes...Chewbacca sporting his bowcaster at the ready and Han Solo with blaster pointed out in firing position while balancing himself in action with his other arm pointing straight behind him while in a nice wide stance.

gg04-001 gg04-002 gg04-003 gg04-004
gg04-004a gg04-005 gg04-006 gg04-007
gg04-008 gg04-009 gg04-010 gg04-011


The bust-ups are evolving! Gentle Giant's license now allows them to expand on their bust-up scale offering by offering us full body sculpts. They had two of the first waves on display, but since these are still early production we could not photograph them. Here is what they have to offer:

  • Death Star – Grand Moff Tarkin, Darth Vader, Ben Kenobi and Stormtrooper Luke will all be offered in "figure" form. A Death Star Gunner will be in bust form and a mini-diorama of Luke's X-Wing racing away from an exploding Death Star will be the sixth in the wave. All six pieces will be packed with an additional piece that will build a R2-D2 that stands about 3" tall.
  • Endor – Wicket, Logray, Stormtrooper and Han Solo will all be in figure form. Princess Leia will be in bust form and the diorama will be a speeder bike. The extra pieces to this set will build an AT-ST.

Also on display was the new Animated Clone Wars boxed set. These guys will be shipping in some sharp new clam-shell packaging and it will not include a chase figure. Phew! And...contrary to what the Star Wars Shop states on their web site...Gentle Giant told us today that there is not a chase "Gree" (green Ep. II clone in their product description) included in the AOTC battle damaged clone box set. Hmmmmm....we are double checking with Gentle Giant to confirm the true nature of the SWS clones...

gg05-001 gg05-002 gg05-003 gg05-004
gg05-005 gg05-006 gg05-007 gg05-008
gg05-009 gg05-010


And now for the already know about Gree, Bacara, Cody (with light up hologram), Neyo and Bly. You also already know about Darth Malak. But...did you know about the Spirit of Yoda (light up base makes him glow) and the Spirit of Ben Kenobi (also glows)? These two sculpts have some of the best "spirit" paint and material used to date. There will also be an animated Yoda and R2-D2 piece...and a Senate Royal Guard Statue with his rifle slung over his right shoulder. Chewbacca with his breather mask from ESB will be offered as an exclusive mini-bust sometime this year as well as the Han and Luke bust-ups. No word yet on when and where all of these will be offered up, but count on us to get you the news as soon as it breaks!

Did you think that all you'll be able to pick up at Celebration IV would be the Malak and Gree...think again...not only will there be something from all of their lines offered up, but there will also be yet another mini-bust as well! When we asked what it was we were just told that the offerings will be celebrating the entire Saga. I'm guessing farm boy Luke...but, that is just my guess...

gg06-001 gg06-002 gg06-003 gg06-004
gg06-004a gg06-005 gg06-006 gg06-007
gg06-008 gg06-009 gg06-010 gg06-011
gg06-012 gg06-014 gg06-015 gg06-016
gg06-017 gg06-018 gg06-018a gg06-019
gg06-020 gg06-021 gg06-022 gg06-023
gg06-024 gg06-024a gg06-025 gg06-026
gg06-027 gg06-028 gg06-028a gg06-029
gg06-030 gg06-030a gg06-031 gg06-031a
gg06-032 gg06-033 gg06-034 gg06-034a
gg06-035 gg06-036 gg06-037 gg06-038
gg06-039 gg06-039a gg06-040 gg06-040a
gg06-041 gg06-042 gg06-043 gg06-043a
gg06-044 gg06-045 gg06-045a gg06-046
gg06-047 gg06-048 gg06-049 gg06-050
gg06-051 gg06-051a gg06-052 gg06-053
gg06-054 gg06-055 gg06-055a gg06-056

Miscellaneous Items

Rounding things out in the Gentle Giant showroom were a few familiar pieces. The helmet line was displayed with a few additions, as well as the Yoda monument. Gentle Giant will also be importing a very cool R2-D2 trash can, complete with pop-top lid.

gg07-001 gg07-002 gg07-003 gg07-004
gg07-005 gg07-006 gg07-007 gg07-007a
gg07-008 gg07-009 gg07-010 gg07-011

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