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Hasbro Q&A
April 22, 2005 (Day 2)

     This afternoon, Hasbro held a short Question and Answer session, along with a brief presentation as to what we can expect for the Star Wars line this year, and years to come. Here are some of the major points that were discussed or shown:

Major Points:

  • The Celebration III Vader will be on line at the Star Wars Shop for a limited time

  • Target Exclusive Clone Trooper is expected to go there May 5 or be prepared to miss out

  • is taking pre-orders at CIII. The shop will start off be selling full 56 figure sets for $499.99. You will also get 3 extra army builders, 60 protective cases. This offer is good for the first 1,000 people that sign up. The first 250 that sign up also will receive an exclusive Die Cast Gold X-Wing. All applicants will receive a coupon for $10 next order and will have priority for all new figures that come out. In May figures will be up for individual sale.

    Fall 2005

  • Hasbro is targeting the kids because the kids are the future of Star Wars collecting

  • Also focusing on toys that parents can play with the kids with (Attacktix)

  • Force Battlers - 12 total for 2005

  • Attactix - 5 in Starter Set and 30 more in the 1st series. The 2nd series in the Fall 30 more characters that will focus on the OT

  • Titanium Series for 2005 will all be Wal Mart Exclusives and will include (23) 3" vehicles, (2) 6" vehicles and (2) gift packs. In 2006 they will be in more stores.

  • The Energy Beam Blaster uses a silly string concept and comes with 2 canisters of string...4 different refill canisters will be on sale

  • Ultimate Vader Kit - Voice Changer Helmet, Vader Saber and Cape

  • Ultimate Lightsaber Kit has 21 parts to build your own with light and sound

  • Galactic Heroes Convertibles Vehicles include a Dune Buggy/X-Wing and Tank/Landspeeder

  • Galactic Heroes Key Chains - Yoda, Luke, Boba Fett, Han and Darth Tater

  • M-Pire Figures (Galactic Heroes scale) 8 different 2-packs for 16 total

  • M-Pire Plush - 16 total in 4 waves

  • Battle Packs will all contain 5 figures and the Jedi-Seperatist set will have new sculpts...the Jedi vs. Sith and Rebels vs. Empire will be repacks

  • Evolution Packs will have 3 figures each and all be new sculpts
    -Anakin Ep II, Anakin Ep III and Vader
    -Clone Ep II, Clone Ep. III and Sandtrooper (appear to be SA versions)
    -Darth Maul, Count Dooku and Lord Sideous

  • Things high on the list to make are the AT-TE, Death Star Playset & Cloud Car. They are just waiting for the right time and retailer.

  • There will be more basic figures in 2005 past the first 56 and they will all be ROTS based figures

  • We will see more troop builders in the future with superaticulation

  • The Wal Mart Early Bird Sets are meant to be stand alone and don't have anything to do with the past or the future of the figures...and you will love the 4 figures that you get (At least that is what Hasbro says)

  • Palpatine #35 was a production error and fixed in mid stream

  • 12" line is up in the air and continuation depends on sales this year.

  • There will be Fall 2005 Exclusives and some surprises will be tossed in there

  • Post 2005 Expanded Universe is always a possibility

  • Fan Voting for figures will return

  • Unleashed will continue and the line in 2006 is supposed to be super cool

  • There will be more Animated figures in the fall

  • Hasbro is trying to find a retailer for the curved sections of the Cantina Bar

  • Hasbro wants you to know that they DO listen and they ask all collectors to send in their wants to help them decide what direction to take
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