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2011 – It's Down to Seven...

by Paul Harrison & Chuck Paskovics
January 1, 2011

2011 - It's Down to Seven

Exactly one year ago today, Jedi Temple Archives brought you our Special Report entitled 2010: The Year We Make The Rest. It was a comprehensive commentary on where we are with regards to Hasbro updating the original Kenner vintage figures in the modern line. One of our most successful Special Reports ever, it was a bell that was heard around the internet as many readers scrambled to see what our thoughts were on this landmark in the modern line. (Thank you if you have already read this report!) The Special Report even struck a chord with other Star Wars fan sites and you can find similar columns on the very same subject at their respective sites. It certainly got a lot of people thinking and we thought that it was a great time to update the status of where we are exactly a year later. Determining just what are the exact definitive versions of those remarkable 100 original figures is quite a task as you can imagine. At the same rate, it’s quite exciting to compile. We would gather that no two collectors’ lists would be the same. Star Wars is as diverse as collectors’ tastes so it goes without reason that there will be major differences in opinion. So while this is a qualitative task, it is a gesture we offer to our readers to give you simply what we estimate to be opinions (but educated opinions) of what we deem as some of the definitive (or definitive right now) figures in the modern line and how much further we need to go before it's all completed.

So, a year has gone by since the last report and where does that bring us now? Believe it or not, after one whole year, we are only one more figure closer as the spectacular Wooof was released in the incredible The Vintage Collection bringing the list of our last year’s eight "yet-to-be-made" figures down to seven candidates for 2011. But perhaps more importantly, there have been some significant upgrades made to many other characters in the line. The updated figures are something to get really excited about and it makes us extremely joyous because we really want the best possible action figures for our collections, especially for the original 100. (By the way, 100 represents all 92 basic vintage figures as shown on the back of 1985's The Power Of The Force card backs, Yak Face, Sy Snootles & The Max Rebo Band, the original C-3PO, the original R2-D2, the R2-D2 with sensorscope and the classic Blue Snaggletooth. Sometimes people ask where we come up with 100 figures, so there is your answer.) This year we have taken the 2011 Special Report to new heights, a super-deluxe version you could say (for lack of a better term), and it includes a glorious 100 picture side by side gallery of all the original 100 figures standing next to their modern counterparts - well, at least 93 of the 100. (And you’ll love the gallery thumbnails too. Scroll over the vintage figure and see what happens! - Hey, we’re nerds, we get excited about these kinds of things!) Below the gallery is an updated chart from last year which gives you some reading material to identify exactly what choices we picked for the modern updated figures complete with production years and the collections from where the figures we chose came.

Some of the absolute definitive versions of our beloved vintage line have been released and may never need another stab at being further perfected. The recently released Return Of The Jedi wave from The Vintage Collection has not only given us a long-awaited modern update to the vintage Klaatu (thank the Maker!), it has also given us absolute definitive versions of Wicket, Admiral Ackbar and the Gamorrean Guard (just to name a few). But some other older figures have held up remarkably well. Even figures dating back to 2006’s The Saga Collection are going to be hard to beat (sculpt-wise, maybe not articulation) including the awesome Momaw Nadon and R5-D4. (Just to make it clear, we likely won’t ever consider the upcoming The Vintage Collection R5-D4 more definitive than The Saga Collection version, but that’s us...we’re quite stubborn.) But our point is that there is a whole plethora of figures in between The Saga Collection and The Vintage Collection that are absolutely definitive in every way as far as we’re concerned. Just look at the marvels in the Legacy Collection, The Saga Collection and the 30 (77-07) lines for example. There are a ton of definitive great figures mixed in there for sure. Cloud City Wing Guard, AT-AT Driver, Zuckuss, Chief Chirpa, Paploo, and Bib Fortuna among many others are just excellent, maybe not all entirely definitive, but would age gracefully nonetheless if the line ended tomorrow (God forbid, of course). Sometimes it’s not all about super-articulation. It’s also about great sculpts and brilliant paint applications which can keep an action figure from becoming outdated. And then there are many figures which we have determined to be definitive at one point, but have been simply, but brilliantly, enhanced from the VTSC line like Bossk, IG-88, Greedo and the now-perfect Snowtrooper with his corrected stance and beautiful paint job in the 2010 Shadow Of The Dark Side branding. (Yes, there are differences from the 2006/2007 figures.) Then Hasbro tweaked 2001's POTJ FX-7 and a few others for the nostalgic Special Action Figure Set TARGET exclusive. There is a lot to consider when it comes to awesome action figures!

There were some figures we reluctantly decided to designate as definitive for various reasons. One figure that definitely fits this bill is Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit) from The Original Trilogy Collection (and we’re still not entirely satisfied with our decision). But there has yet to be a “complete” Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit) with cape, Jabba blaster and lightsaber since 2004’s OTC version. While there are certainly much better Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker action figures out there (including the shining star that is 2010’s TVC figure), we still think that the 2004 figure right now best represents the modern update....for now. (We know a more complete one is forthcoming in the near future, so we will have to wait until that figure is released!) We also reluctantly chose MB-RA-7 for the modern update to the Death Star Droid figure. MB-RA-7 is what we consider “a modern figure that has been made in vintage deco”. While some argue that the 1979 vintage Death Star Droid is most likely the character we see in the sandcrawler on Tatooine (also known as 3B6-RA-7), many others think it is indeed the "dark" droid actually seen on the Death Star and the reason it turned out silver was due to the lack of reference materials back in the late 70s. Regardless, Hasbro decided to play with collectors’ heartstrings and make an MB-RA-7 (named by Matt Busch), a figure based off of the vintage figure and not a character in the film. So we suppose in some roundabout way MB-RA-7 is 3B6-RA-7 (the dirty silver sandcrawler droid) or 5D6-RA-7 (the dark droid). (That was exhausting trying to explain.) In short, we would love to see Hasbro “redo” MB-RA-7 (or whoever you are) in more accurate screen colors that better match the rusty and battle-damaged 3B6-RA-7 seen in A New Hope. There are other examples too. You’ll also see quite a few POTF2 figures still hanging around. There have been more articulated versions of Ponda Baba, but the POTF2 is our choice for now until Hasbro makes an acceptable one. The same is true for Weequay Skiff Guard (and other characters from Return Of The Jedi in particular). Some have had brighter repaints done as late as 2006, but the POTF2 versions will suffice for now. (Hasbro, please update the POTF2 figures soon? Please?)

You may also be surprised by some of our decisions on what we have chosen as "definitive" this year. While we don't discount that there'll be differences of opinions with other collectors as far as what to consider as the best modern updates to the vintage line, we think we nonetheless grabbed a great selection of action figures which represent the "best" versions to date as our eyes see it. It is important to note that our list has dramatically changed from the report last year. We tried extra hard to focus this year on providing the most realistic versions of as many of the figures we could. As a result you may notice some odd choices. For example, for the See-Threepio (Removable Limbs) vintage figure, we selected the Electronic C-3PO accessory from the Chewbacca With Electronic C-3PO (SAGA 054) that was part of 2006's The Saga Collection. Let's be honest, is there a more realistic version of a break-apart/battle-damaged C-3PO figure than this even if this figure functions more like an accessory? We don't think so. Also, we have received numerous stormtrooper figures in the line to date. We still think that the reigning victor is the Stormtrooper from the 2007's TAC Capture Of Tantive IV Battle Packs set. No, this Stormtrooper is certainly not perfect (complete with annoying holes in his back), but it looks the best in our eyes with an "at attention stance" and has limited but awesome articulation. Also, we feel we have yet to see a Stormtrooper with a helmet designed as good as this one. (Let the disagreeing begin!) We know we may not be popular for this selection, but a stormtrooper with a removable helmet is just not for us and the VOTC version is good, but doesn't have the great stance as the 2007 Battle Packs figure we chose does. (His legs are just way too close together.)

We are still in a slight quandary about some of the figures we chose that satisfy the vintage requirement. It seems that some of our action figure choices may be the best versions available, but not the same character. For example, we don't think that the 2007 TAC Death Star Trooper is really the modern replacement for 1978's Death Squad Commander. The vintage figure with the gray uniform, ranking badge (and communication cord gear) is seen in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and is the basis for the vintage figure, but we're sure he isn't the generic (all black) Death Star Trooper. It would certainly be an easy repaint for Hasbro to make, so let's see you do it, Hasbro! We would love to see a Death Star Trooper in a gray tunic. Also, the Lars' homestead “Gonk” Droid technically hasn't been redone in the modern line. This bluish/greenish Power Droid with the detailed ornamentation on its body hasn't been updated in the modern line yet. But we still think that the 1999 POTF2 Comm Tech figure loosely satisfies the requirement. It may just be the Power Droid from the sandcrawler (or it may not) despite its unidentifiable paint job. Anyhow, it's hard to know for 100% sure if this is intended to be the same Power Droid, even though we're inclined to believe it isn't. We still would like to see a more exact figure made and released in The Vintage Collection of course. The same is true for the Imperial Commander and AT-AT Commander. We are stuck on the fact that both of these characters in the vintage line are General Veers. While it would have been very easy to choose The Saga Collection’s General Veers for the AT-AT Commander, we have to swallow our pride and applaud Hasbro's modern update of the 2010 TVC generic AT-AT Commander. The 2006 General Veers without his AT-AT Commander gear would have been a great choice for the Imperial Commander (since Veers is pictured on the card back), but the black uniform on the vintage figure makes us want to choose the best Hasbro Imperial Commander figure that also has a black uniform and ranking badge. Imperial Commander [Lieutenant Renz] wins hands down! But there’s still a part of us that still disagrees with the choice. Time will tell just how long Hasbro makes us wait for these (more exact) updates.

We also were painfully sitting on the fence by selecting the 2007 TAC Han Solo (With Torture Rack) figure for the modern replacement of Han Solo (Bespin Outfit). It would seem peverse to choose the POTJ Han Solo (Bespin Escape) when there is a super-articulated version of the figure in this outfit (even if his shirt is untucked and has a bad head sculpt). While we love the 2007 TAC Han Solo figure when he is interacting with the torture rack, he is a nightmarish "stand alone" figure and we're not thrilled with choosing him. (It's sort of like voting for the better of two evils which is always a difficult choice.) We felt conversely about the Royal Guard. Many argue that the 2005 ROTS Royal Guard is the best modern update. But he doesn't come with a force pike (which is a requirement for us to label as a ROTJ specific Royal Guard), so we went with an older sculpt from 2002. (Besides, it was packed in with the 2006 TARGET exclusive Imperial Shuttle, so it's much easier for us to swallow our decision. It also kills us to choose the 1998 POTF2 Endor Rebel Soldier and pass on the amazing 2010 TVC Rebel Commando, but the 2010 figure is a sergeant with a very different uniform whereas the 1998 figure is a more generic soldier with an outfit that closely matches the 1983 vintage figure. (And even though the 2006 Commemorative Tin figure is more updated, he has facial hair which makes him too specific so we had to pass on him too.) Anakin Skywalker was a torturous decision for us. And we still don't know if we have it right. We are extremely positive that the vintage figure is indeed the spirit of Anakin Skywalker as evidenced by his paleness and the visible "glow" encircling him on the 1985 POTF card back art. We wanted very badly to choose the 1999 Jedi Spirits Cinema Scene figure but flipped last minute since Hasbro made the 1999 Flashback figure (who is technically an Expanded Universe figure as would the 1985 vintage figure be if he wasn't the "spirit" version we're leaning to believe he is). Who knows, we may switch our selection back down the road at some point, but right now we are at equal odds with our decision. The Ugnaughts were another hard decision. Between the two of them, collectors can recreate the one vintage version, but we'd say that the 2009 running change Legacy Collection figure is the closest option. Lastly, could there be a more confusing figure than Snaggletooth? The vintage figure is an amalgamation of Takeel (head) and Zutton (body) so he really doesn't even exist in Star Wars. But Hasbro's 2001 POTJ Zutton (Snaggletooth) is an accurate representation of the Holiday Special character. So, we'll leave it as we chose that the Snaggletooth figures are Zutton simply for ease.

But what we really want to know is what’s up with some figures that Hasbro is just adamant about avoiding. This is something that frustrates us beyond belief. Hasbro has flip-flopped for years claiming that the Hoth Rebel Soldier has been/hasn't been updated. (It hasn't.) We think part of their own confusion is that this figure was misnamed in the vintage line (just like 4-LOM/Zuckuss and Barada) and sometimes they realized the misidentification of it and other times they don't. The vintage Rebel Commander is our modern Hoth Rebel Trooper. That's relatively easy to figure out. But the vintage Rebel Soldier has never been made in the modern line. Affectionately renamed "Tauntaun handlers" for ease of designation by collectors, we have come close to seeing this figure in plastic, but no cigar. Major Bren Derlin and General Rieekan do not satisfy the requirement, nor do any of the other Hoth Rebel Troopers we have received. So Hasbro, please give us those "technicians" with the vest and make it generic. We'll buy a million of them, OK? Hasbro also avoids Imperial Dignitary Sim Aloo like the plague. Big mistake here, Hasbro! Big mistake! And we don't see their position changing on him. The good news however is that Hasbro is gaining a comfort level with Jabba's skiff guards and we believe that both Kithaba and Nikto (the vintage one) are essentially right around the corner. And let's not forget about the mustachioed Bespin Security Guard. You have given us two Cloud City Wing Guards already Hasbro, let's keep them coming and be sure to get Mr. Mustache out there first! Some of you may be surprised by our inclusion of Sy Snootles in the “yet to be made” list. Unfortunately, little to no hope exists for the "puppet" version of Sy Snootles and this grieves us terribly. But we can't let the CG-styled action figure serve as the modern counterpart of the vintage figure. We are stuck on this, sorry. Lastly, the mold for Lumat is already completed and we know him as Graak, so what’s the problem? Well, the "true" Lumat looks a lot like Graak (dark gray striped fur). Technically, the vintage Lumat is essentially an unidentified Ewok at the moment and Lumat isn’t even his real name.

Seven figures out of 100 is not so bad for Hasbro updating and we are getting so close. It's becoming more and more exciting for longtime collectors! But we want Hasbro to assure us that they will indeed get to these last seven because many of us will feel incomplete without them being remade. It's not our fault that toymakers in the 70s and 80s made weird decisions about which Star Wars characters they were going to make. The point is they were indeed released and now we want them updated in modern glory. So Hasbro, please make 2011 the year for the last seven. The great news is that Hasbro is getting more confident about Ewoks, Jabba's Palace aliens and collector figures. Thanks to great packaging like The Vintage Collection, collectors are coming out of the woodwork again and it seems for the first time in years Hasbro is actually having a little bit of trouble meeting demand. This is good! Let's hope for a few more figures getting checked off this list! After checking this Special Report out, let us know your thoughts about it and what you think will be the next ones released. And we highly encourage you to spend some quality time in our Research Droids Reviews if you're not already familiar with them yet. We have done in-depth reviews on a large percentage of the modern figures that appear in this report and have provided links for them in the comparison chart below. We think you’ll enjoy them very much. With only seven (7) figures to go, what tops your list first to complete the line? We know that when the line does get completely updated, it will be a day long remembered. We here at Jedi Temple Archives hope that a whole new list of updated figures as well as the final 7 are part of the announcements at Toy Fair in February 2011! Let us all continue to work together again this year and see if we can get Hasbro to knock out the last "seven" figures that need to be realized in the modern line! We hope everyone enjoys this special report.

As a supplement to this report, Jedi Temple Archives will be taking things further with a figure-by-figure breakdown, highlighting why we chose each figure, more comparison shots and more commentary. And we will be including guest editorials with our colleagues from around the web who will be helping us weigh in on this popular topic. Certainly one Star Wars fan site isn't enough to talk about the vintage versus modern comparisons! Stay closely tuned as we roll out each figure throughout the duration of 2011! Hopefully we knock a few of the remaining 7 off our list while we pursue this!

Want to comment on this report or share your opinion? Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to share your thoughts on this report through our included Facebook link and tell us what you think about what constitutes a definitive figure and your thoughts about our Special Report! Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, right? Just keep it clean and cordial please!

Luke Skywalker Princess Leia Organa Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2)
Chewbacca See-Threepio (C-3PO)
Darth Vader Stormtrooper Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi Han Solo Jawa
Sand People Death Squad Commander Greedo Hammerhead Snaggletooth
Walrus Man Luke Skywalker: X-Wing Fighter Pilot R5-D4 Death Star Droid Power Droid
Boba Fett Snaggletooth [Blue] Leia Organa (Bespin Gown) FX-7 Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear)
Rebel Soldier Bossk (Bounty Hunter) IG-88 Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) Han Solo (Hoth Outfit)
Lando Calrissian Bespin Security Guard Yoda Ugnaught Dengar
Han Solo (Bespin Outfit) Lobot Leia (Hoth Outfit) Rebel Commander AT-AT Driver
Imperial Commander 2-1B Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) (With Sensorscope) See-Threepio (C-3PO) (Removable Limbs) Luke Skywalker (Hoth Battle Gear)
AT-AT Commander (Twin Pod) Cloud Car Pilot Bespin Security Guard Zuckuss 4-LOM
Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot Admiral Ackbar Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit) Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise) Gamorrean Guard
Emperor's Royal Guard Chief Chirpa Logray (Ewok Medicine Man) Klaatu Rebel Commando
Weequay Squid Head General Madine Bib Fortuna Ree-Yees
Biker Scout Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise) Nien Nunb Nikto 8D8
Princess Leia Organa (In Combat Poncho) Wicket W. Warrick The Emperor B-Wing Pilot Klaatu (In Skiff Guard Outfit)
Han Solo (In Trench Coat) Teebo Prune Face AT-ST Driver Rancor Keeper
Lumat Paploo Sy Snootles Droopy McCool Max Rebo
Luke Skywalker (In Battle Poncho) Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) With Pop-Up Lightsaber Romba Amanaman Barada
Imperial Gunner Han Solo (In Carbonite Chamber) Luke Skywalker (Imperial Stormtrooper Outfit) Anakin Skywalker EV-9D9
Warok Lando Calrissian (General Pilot) A-wing Pilot Imperial Dignitary Yak Face
Vintage Figure
Modern Counterpart
Luke Skywalker SW (1978) Luke Skywalker (Resurgence Of The Jedi - Battle Packs) LC (2009)
Princess Leia Organa SW (1978) Princess Leia Organa VOTC (2004)
Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) SW (1978) R2-D2 (Resurgence Of The Jedi - Battle Packs) LC (2009)
Chewbacca SW (1978) Chewbacca (Early Bird) TSC (2005)
See-Threepio (C-3PO) SW (1978) C-3PO (Resurgence Of The Jedi - Battle Packs) LC (2009)
Darth Vader SW (1978) Darth Vader (No. 16) TAC (2007)
Stormtrooper SW (1978) Stormtrooper (Capture Of Tantive IV - Battle Packs) TAC (2007)
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi SW (1978) Obi-Wan Kenobi (Resurgence Of The Jedi - Battle Packs) LC (2009)
Han Solo SW (1978) Han Solo VOTC (2004)
Jawa SW (1978) Jawa [& Security Droid] (BD39) LC (2009)
Sand People SW (1978) Sand People VTSC (2006)

Death Squad Commander

SW (1978) Death Star Trooper (No. 13) TAC (2007)
Greedo SW (1979) Greedo (Saga Legends SL04) (See VTSC Greedo) SW [SOTDS] (2010)
Snaggletooth SW (1979) Zutton (Snaggletooth) POTJ (2001)
Walrus Man SW (1979) Ponda Baba POTF (1997)
Luke Skywalker:
X-Wing Fighter Pilot
SW (1979) Luke Skywalker (Saga Legends SL22) TLC (2009)
Hammerhead SW (1979) Momaw Nadon (SAGA 031) TSC (2006)
R5-D4 SW (1979) R5-D4 (SAGA 032) TSC (2006)
Death Star Droid SW (1979) MB-RA7 (Build A Droid) TLC (2008)
Power Droid SW (1979) [Jawa And] "GONK" Droid POTF (1999)
Boba Fett SW (1979) Boba Fett (VC09) TVC (2010)
Snaggletooth [Blue] SW (1979) Zutton (Mos Eisley Cantina Scene 2 - Exclusive) OTC (2004)
Leia Organa (Bespin Gown) TESB (1980) Princess Leia (Betrayal On Bespin - Battle Packs) TAC (2007)
FX-7 TESB (1980) FX-7 (Special Action Figure Set 9-Pack - Exclusive) TVC (2010)
Imperial Stormtrooper
(Hoth Battle Gear)
TESB (1980) Snowtrooper (Saga Legends SL23) (See VTSC Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear)) SW [SOTDS] (2010)
Rebel Soldier TESB (1980) To Be Determined 2011?
Bossk (Bounty Hunter) TESB (1980) Bossk (Saga Legends SL01) (See VTSC Bossk (Bounty Hunter)) SW [SOTDS] (2010)
IG-88 TESB (1980) IG-88 (Saga Legends SL02) (See VTSC IG-88 (Bounty Hunter)) SW [SOTDS] (2010)
Luke Skywalker
(Bespin Fatigues)
TESB (1980) Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) (VC04) TVC (2010)
Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) TESB (1980) Han Solo (Special Action Figure Set 9-Pack - Exclusive) SW [SOTDS] (2010)
Lando Calrissian TESB (1980) Lando Calrissian (Special Action Figure Set 9-Pack - Exclusive) TVC (2010)
Bespin Security Guard TESB (1980) To Be Determined 2011?
Yoda TESB (1981) Yoda VOTC (2004)
Ugnaught TESB (1981) Ugnaught (BD28)/Ugnaught (BD 43) LC (2009)/TLC (2009)
Dengar TESB (1981) Dengar (VC01) TVC (2010)
Han Solo (Bespin Outfit) TESB (1981) Han Solo [With Torture Rack] (No. 38) TAC (2007)
Lobot TESB (1981) Lobot (OTC #20) OTC (2004)
Leia (Hoth Outfit) TESB (1981) Leia (Hoth Outfit) (VC02) TVC (2010)
Rebel Commander TESB (1981) Hoth Rebel Trooper (BD 42) TLC (2009)
AT-AT Driver TESB (1981) AT-AT Driver (BD49) LC (2009)
Imperial Commander TESB (1981) Imperial Commander (Shield Generator Assault - Battle Packs) TLC (2008)
2-1B TESB (1981) 2-1B Medic Droid POTF (1997)
Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2)
(With Sensorscope)
TESB (1982) R2-D2 (SAGA 010) TSC (2006)
See-Threepio (C-3PO)
(With Removable Limbs)
TESB (1982) [Chewbacca &] Electronic
C-3PO (SAGA 054)
TSC (2006)
Luke Skywalker
(Hoth Battle Gear)
TESB (1982) Luke Skywalker (Hoth Patrol - Battle Packs - Exclusive) TAC (2008)
AT-AT Commander TESB (1982) AT-AT Commander (VC05) TVC (2010)
Cloud Car Pilot TESB (1982) (Twin Pod) Cloud Car Pilot (VC11) TVC (2010)
Bespin Security Guard TESB (1982) Cloud City Wing Guard [Sergeant Edian] (BD50) LC (2009)
Zuckuss ROTJ (1982) 4-LOM (VC10) TVC (2010)
4-LOM ROTJ (1982) Zuckuss (BD54) LC (2009)
Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot ROTJ (1982) TIE Interceptor Pilot (TIE Interceptor - Exclusive) LC (2009)
Admiral Ackbar ROTJ (1983) Admiral Ackbar (VC22) TVC (2010)
Luke Skywalker
(Jedi Knight Outfit)
ROTJ (1983) Luke Skywalker [Jedi Knight] (OTC #06) OTC (2004)
Princess Leia Organa
(Boushh Disguise)
ROTJ (1983) Princess Leia In Boushh Disguise (Saga Legends SL07) (See TSC SAGA 001) SW [SOTDS] (2010)
Gamorrean Guard ROTJ (1983) Gamorrean Guard (VC21) TVC (2010)
Emperor's Royal Guard ROTJ (1983) Royal Guard (Imperial Shuttle - Exclusive Pack-In) TSC (2006)
Chief Chirpa ROTJ (1983) Chief Chirpa (SAGA 039) TSC (2006)
Logray (Ewok Medicine Man) ROTJ (1983) [Ewoks: Wicket &] Logray POTF (1998)
Klaatu ROTJ (1983) Wooof (VC24) TVC (2010)
Rebel Commando ROTJ (1983) Endor Rebel Soldier POTF (1998)
Weequay ROTJ (1983) Weequay Skiff Guard POTF (1997)
Squid Head ROTJ (1983) Tessek POTJ (2001)
General Madine ROTJ (1983) General Madine (OTC #36) OTC (2004)
Bib Fortuna ROTJ (1983) Bib Fortuna (SAGA 003) TSC (2005)
Ree-Yees ROTJ (1983) Ree-Yees POTF (1998)
Biker Scout ROTJ (1983) Biker Scout (BD12) LC (2009)
Lando Calrissian
(Skiff Guard Disguise)
ROTJ (1983) Lando Calrissian [Skiff Guard Disguise] (OTC #32) OTC (2004)
Nien Nunb ROTJ (1983) Nien Nunb POTF (1997)
Nikto ROTJ (1984) To Be Determined 2011?
8D8 ROTJ (1984) 8D8 POTF (1998)
Princess Leia Organa
(In Combat Poncho)
ROTJ (1984)

Princess Leia Organa (In Combat Poncho)

VTSC (2007)
Wicket W. Warrick ROTJ (1984) Wicket (VC27) TVC (2010)
Emperor, The ROTJ (1984) Emperor Palpatine (Crimson Empire - Exclusive) TLC (2008)
B-wing Pilot ROTJ (1984) Keyan Farlander (Rebel Pilot Legacy (Series II) - Evolutions) TLC (2008)
Klaatu (In Skiff Guard Outfit) ROTJ (1984)

Klaatu (Jabba's Skiff Guards - Cinema Scenes)

POTF (1999)
Han Solo (In Trench Coat) ROTJ (1984) Han Solo (In Trench Coat) VTSC (2006)
Teebo ROTJ (1984) Teebo ('02 #57) SW (2002)
Prune Face ROTJ (1984) Orrimaarko (Prune Face) POTF (1998)
AT-ST Driver ROTJ (1984) AT-ST Driver (Attack On Hoth - Exclusive) SW [SOTDS] (2010)
Rancor Keeper ROTJ (1984) Malakili (BD22) LC (2009)
Lumat ROTJ (1984) To Be Determined 2011?
Paploo ROTJ (1984) Ewoks (BD18) LC (2009)
Sy Snootles ROTJ (1984) To Be Determined 2011?
Droopy McCool ROTJ (1984) Droopy McCool (The Max Rebo Band (Jabba's Palace Musicians) - Exclusive) TAC (2008)
Max Rebo ROTJ (1984) Max Rebo (The Max Rebo Band (Jabba's Palace Musicians) - Exclusive) TAC (2008)
Luke Skywalker
(In Battle Poncho)
POTF (1985) Luke Skywalker (Battle For Endor - Battle Packs) LC (2009)
Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2)
(With Pop-Up Lightsaber)
POTF (1985) R2-D2 (VC25) TVC (2010)
Romba POTF (1985) Romba [& Graak] (No. 43) TAC (2007)
Amanaman POTF (1985) Amanaman [With Salacious Crumb] (Deluxe) POTJ (2001)
Barada POTF (1985)
To Be Determined
Imperial Gunner POTF (1985) Death Star Gunner (SAGA 041) TSC (2006)
Han Solo
(In Carbonite Chamber)
POTF (1985)
TSC (2005)
Luke Skywalker
(Imperial Stormtrooper Outfit)
POTF (1985)
TLC (2009)
Anakin Skywalker POTF (1985)
Anakin Skywalker
POTF (1999)
EV-9D9 POTF (1985)
POTF (1997)
Warok POTF (1985)
Warok (Battle For Endor - Battle Packs)
LC (2009)
Lando Calrissian
(General Pilot)
POTF (1985)
Lando Calrissian
[Death Star Attack] (OTC #37)
OTC (2004)
A-wing Pilot POTF (1985)
Arvel Crynyd (Green Leader's A-wing Fighter - Exclusive)
TLC (2008)
Imperial Dignitary POTF (1985)
To Be Determined
Yak Face POTF (1985)
Saelt Marae (Yak Face)
POTF (1997)


Report by Paul Harrison
Vintage Vs. Modern Comparison Chart by Paul Harrison (with some advisement from good friends...)
Photography by Paul Harrison; Additional Photography by Chuck Paskovics
Graphic Design by Chuck Paskovics & Paul Harrison
Layout by Chuck Paskovics

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