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Special Report: Clone Wars Volume 1 DVD Review
by: Embra and Joris DeSmet

March 2005

Introduction | Chapters 11 - 20

The Clone Wars Cartoons


Chapter01_01 Chapter 1

Begun the Clone Wars have! The echo of Master Yoda’s words hasn’t even died away when the all-embracing conflict spreads through the Galaxy like a horrifying infectious disease. It will ask the very best of the Jedi Order to keep the order in the Galaxy.

More and more systems join up with the Confederation of Independent Systems and risk to tip over the balance in favor of the bad guys.

Chapter01_02 A huge battle droid factory is found on Muunilinst and General Kenobi and his troops are dispatched to take control of the planet and destroy the droid plant. But that won’t happen before Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has assured himself that his pupil, the promising Padawan Anakin Skywalker, will be allowed to take command over the Air Forces during the upcoming battle. Even if that is not what Obi-Wan and Yoda had in mind …

Chapter02_01 Chapter 2

In preparation of the battle at Muunilinst, General Kenobi remembers a team of ARC Troopers about the importance of their mission. This Elite squad will have to make the difference and they are determined to do so too.

Chapter02_02 Not so comfortable is the subsequent conversation between Obi-Wan and Anakin. Anakin seems to have more and more trouble accepting Obi-Wan’s authority and just keeps complaining about not being trusted. But there is no time to smooth out the emotional differences, the fierce battle of Muunilinst begins, both in space and on the planet’s surface. When the Clone Troops try to land, the Elite Squad dispatched by Obi-Wan finds itself almost immediately in trouble …

Chapter03_01 Chapter 3

The supplier of the Clone chromosomes was quite capable of taking care of himself. Luckily for the Elite Squad as his genetically manipulated offspring, they don’t seem to be any different. That and the fact that they brought an entire arsenal of handsome equipment, make that they cope splendidly with the perils put on their path.

Chapter03_02 The squad makes its way through the city and heads for its target: an enormous Planetary Defense Cannon that manages to keep the Army of the Republic at bay. The squad is determined to take it out, but the Droid Army at guard duty is just as determined to keep it intact. The Clone warriors will eventually manage, but not without difficulty and wasting a lot of laser energy …

Chapter04_01 Chapter 4

In the meantime, the space battle above the planet’s surface rages on and starts looking more and more grim for Commander Anakin Skywalker.

For the ground troops, the situation looks far better … at least for now … Deprived of the protecting cover of the Planetary Defense Cannon, the Droid Army has to yield more and more ground to the Army of the Republic. Very soon, the first volleys of laser fire are shot at the headquarters where the Commanders of the CIS are entrenched.

Chapter04_02 In this case, the CIS Commanders are members of the Intergalactic Banking Clan, under the lead of San Hill, and they seem just as sore losers as the single Neimodian who accompanies them. They start screaming at the Bounty Hunter, Durge, to take care of the situation. Durge makes clear that he is not to be bossed around but approaches the problem. He does so in a highly unusual yet effective way …

Chapter05_01 Chapter 5

We move our attention momentarily away from the Muunilinst battle field to witness another CIS uprising. On the planet Mon Calamari, the Quarren have just dissociated themselves from the other inhabitants of their home world, the Mon Calamari species. Before the conflict between both species can become too big, the Jedi Council dispatches Jedi Master Kit Fisto to solve the debacle and oppose the Quarren threat. Of course, he won’t exactly go alone … entire Legions of Scuba Clone Troopers follow in his wake.

Chapter05_02 It still remains to be seen if Master Fisto will be able to clear the problems away, though, considering he will be faced with the combined might of Quarren warriors and sub-water Battle Droid units. They did bring in a very nasty surprise too, as a matter of fact …

Chapter06_01 Chapter 6

Sith never rest.

At least, so it seems. Count Dooku doesn’t content himself with just leading herds of Droids into battle, but relentlessly plans Dark Side’s next moves.

Chapter06_02 We meet up with him when he arrives at Rattatak, a planet where guests can witness non-stop gladiator fights in immense arenas; the one Dooku visits, the Cauldron, is the biggest one on the rogue planet. Droids, aliens and unsavory humans test each other’s killing aptitude in a merciless, never-ending cutthroat game. Dooku takes place next to his aide, but not just to sit back and enjoy the show. He’s looking for a new ally and he’s about to meet one. Dooku doesn’t seem surprised at all when a hooded figure sneaks up to his aide, kills him and takes his place without making a single sound. Dooku should be impressed at so much skill, but he just sneers. That all the hooded character needs to jump of the balcony, shake her robes and start the fight with the gladiators in an attempt to make an impression. And Asajj Ventress does manage admirably well …

Chapter07_01 Chapter 7

Asajj Ventress is quite proud of herself. She explains her success by the fact that she is … Sith! But no matter how boldly and sincere these words were spoken, they are answered with nothing else than mocking laughter from Count Dooku. He then shows her what Dark Side use of the Force really is really about.

When Asajj wakes up from her defeat, she is laying on a bed in a desolate room on an unknown world. It doesn’t take long before Count Dooku shows up again and her training, if it can be called as such, continues.

Chapter07_02 When the good moment has arrived, Asajj meets with Darth Sidious, who immediately entrusts her with a first important mission.
Asajj is very willing to accept and rushes out to comply. Anakin should be watching his back even better from now on …

Chapter08_01 Chapter 8

At Muunilinst, Durge and his private army are turning the tables on the Army of the Republic with their innovative and daring approach.

As soon as Obi-Wan discovers what is going on, he decides to answer Durge’s strategy by fighting fire with fire. In the shortest of moments, he assembles the Lancer Troops, a Clone swoop cavalry and meets Durge and his IG-swoop bikers in pure medieval style.

It speaks for itself that the two Commanders, Obi-Wan and Durge seek each other out and start a fight from which only one of them will walk away.

Chapter08_02 Durge seems to get the worst of it, but it still remains to be seen if it will really be the last the Republic Forces will see of him …

Chapter09_01 Chapter 9

After his victory over the Bounty Hunter Durge, Obi-Wan races to the tower where the Banking Clan is hiding and meets up with the team of elite Clone Troopers that took out the Planetary Defense Cannon. They still meet a little resistance when breaking into the tower, but the barrage is over quickly and San Hill can’t do anything else but surrender.

Chapter09_02 At that moment, Durge delivers proof he’s very hard to kill as he crashes into the Command Room and makes short work of the Clone Trooper squad. The latter still prove themselves worthy and resourceful opponents, but it will still take all of Obi-Wan’s Force powers to finally finish the Bounty Hunter off. And so Durge gets another pounding. Will he stay down this time?

Chapter10_01 Chapter 10

If the battle at the surface took an end, the space battle around the planet seems to be growing into carnage of epic proportions. Anakin’s superior flying skill will eventually save the day. Eventually even the enormous orbital space stations are reduced to rubble.

Chapter10_02 In the middle of the space debacle, a mysterious starfighter drops out of hyperspace and starts pounding on the remaining Republic Forces. Anakin doesn’t hesitate for a moment and takes up the glove …



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