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The Bad Batch

Cut And Run (The Bad Batch - S01E02) - Animated Series

Series: The Bad Batch

Title: Cut and Run

Season: One

Episode: 2

Original Air Date: May 7th, 2021

Runtime: 27 minutes

Credits: Review & Text: Thomas; Page layout & Design: Chuck Paskovics

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"If this is where you want to be, then this is where you'll stay" SPOILERS.

Omega discovers the joys of playing with dirt

"Cut and Run" tackles an important question viewers probably had when "Aftermath" ended: is it actually a good idea for a young girl to be with a bunch of wanted ex clonetroopers who are pursued by the Empire? And the episode deals with this topic by contrasting the very new life of the Bad Batch trying to find their way with the life of another clone who escaped the system a long time ago: Cut. Cut was last seen in a season two episode of The Clone Wars. Here Rex finds the deserted clone who now lives with his Twi'lek wife Suu and her two children. In the end Rex decides not to report Cut and to let him live his civilian life with his family in peace. Sometime after these events Cut met the Bad Batch. Which is why the Bad Batch went to Saleucami. They hope Cut can give them some advice on how to live undercover.

Cut and Suu are always ready to defend themselves

"Cut and Run" also tackles a few other things though. One element of "Aftermath" that didn't work too well was Wrecker, he was just big and dumb. REALLY dumb. However, often pilot episodes differ somewhat from what cames after and it seems the writers decided to tweak Wrecker a little bit. In "Cut and Run", Wrecker is still not the brightest bulb maybe, but he's no longer outrageously dumb and one note, instead he's actually quite charming and is shown to posess some smarts even. Another interesting element of the episode is the changes the newly found Empire is implementing throughout the galaxy. Palpatine doesn't waste any time and tries to seize total control over everyone. Ships are impounded to restrict free space travel. There is a currency change, but most importantly, there is now something called a "chain code" each and every citizen is assigned. Without chain code you cannot do any transactions really and most importantly, without chain code you are not allowed to travel between systems.

A happy new galaxy for all, so they say

And this new chain code creates the major issue of the episode. Cut and Suu have decided that Saleucami is no longer really safe and that they need to leave the planet. But they can't, because they have no chain code. And getting one legally is of course out of the question, since Cut is a clone of course. But before all that the episode dedicates some time to showing the world through Omega's eyes. There are some sweet and touching moments where Omega breathes in fresh air for the first time ever, discovers dirt and the local fauna and flora. We are reminded that Omega grew up on Kamino, a water planet where you spend all of your time inside. Omega also meets other kids for the first time ever when the Bad Batch finally meet Cut and Suu and their two children. But seeing Cut's happy family life also convinces Hunter that Omega would be better off if she lived with Cut and his family, since the life of the Bad Batch is just too dangerous for a young child. But all of that is contrasted by showing the growing bond between Hunter and Omega. It's obvious Omega considers him somewhat of a father figure, and it's also apparent that Hunter, maybe without actually realizing it, is adopting the role of the surrogate father. It's just a short scene, Omega wants to play with the two kids, but before she leaves the hut she first looks at Hunter to see if he will allow it, he simply smiles and nods, telling her to go play, without saying anything really.

Wrecker plays bowling with the clones

After a somewhat dangerous encounter between Omega and a nexu, who almost eats Omega, it further cements Hunter's belief that the Bad Batch are not the right people to look after a child. So Hunter finally decides to leave Omega with Cut. Hunter offers Cut and his family to take them off planet with their ship, but Cut refuses, since the ship is too conspicuous and the Bad Batch are wanted by the Empire. Cut wants to take a regular shuttle instead, to be as low profile as possible, but it is shortly after that Cut and the Bad Batch learn about the brand new chain codes everyone needs. Thus a plan is set in motion to acquire chain codes. Tech and Echo decide to have the ship impounded by the Empire, with them stowed away. The only problem is they didn't know Omega was also on the ship, so now the child is with them behind enemy lines in the Imperial compound.

A family, after all

Echo manages to acquire empty storage disks in the compound, so Tech can transfer chain codes. They could get the disks to Cut now, but Stormtroopers suddenly appear, making it impossible for either Echo or Tech to leave the compound unnoticed. So Omega snatches the disks, without informing either Tech or Echo of course, and tries to sneak out. An Imperial droid however finds her, but then Wrecker enters the scene and saves Omega from being discovered. He takes out three clones and then all hell breaks loose. Omega meanwhile joins Cut and Hunter and it is now she learns that she's supposed to go with Cut and Suu, since Hunter thinks she'll be safer with them. So she relucantly agrees, visibly distressed. It is time now to depart the planet and Hunter rejoins his team mates at the Imperial compound. Cut and Suu are about to enter the shuttle, they have made it, but Suu realizes Omega really doesn't want to be with them. So in the midst of battle Omega appears at the compound, wanting to rejoin the Bad Batch. Hunter rescues her from a Stormtrooper and they make it off planet safely. What follows is perhaps the most pivotal scene of the episode: Hunter decides that Omega can stay with them, since it's what she wants.

"Cut and Run" was a much less action oriented episode than "Aftermath", but that was to be expected, instead the episode explored the relationship between Omega and the Bad Batch, and here especially Hunter. Most (adult) viewers probably thought that Omega really shouldn't be with a bunch of deserters wanted by the Empire. And Hunter actually thinks the same in the episode. But in the end Omega's own wishes are respected, she wants to be with the Bad Batch, even if it's dangerous. And Hunter has apparently grown very fond of his surrogate daughter in the very short time she's been with the Bad Batch, so it's not all too difficult for him to accept Omega's decision.

The episode also dedicated some time to world building, which is always welcome. We learn how the citizens of the galaxy are affected by the new Imperial rule. The Empire wants to control the money, so a new currency is issued, and they want to be able to track anyone anywhere, so chain codes are issued and without one you can do virtually nothing. This all seems to happen very fast as well, since only a short time has passed since Order 66.

"Cut and Run" was a very solid episode. Maybe not as big on action this time (there was still action of course, especially in the second half of the episode), but instead we got some much needed character development. Including Wrecker who was no longer annoying in the episode and proved to be more than just "I want to blow something up". It's also a very good thing that the show addressed the central issue of Omega being with the Bad Batch so soon, since any responsible adult wouldn't want to put Omega in danger all the time. On The Mandalorian Din Djarin merely decided that Grogu will always be where he is (Grogu always followed where he went anyway), but here Omega has much more agency and states her wish to be with her new surrogate family. The parallels between The Mandalorian and The Bad Batch need to be noted. Omega is also more than just a little girl, just like Grogu there is a mystery surrounding her, she was most certainly created for a reason, Cut even says so in the episode, that the Kaminoans certainly didn't create her without a purpose. So the question is how much The Mandalorian and The Bad Batch will have a similar dynamic and if and how the two shows are connected. Fennec Shand is confirmed to appear on The Bad Batch, so there is already one link between characters from The Bad Batch and The Mandalorian / The Book of Boba Fett.

It was also good seeing Cut and his family again and to find out that he made it. Why exactly Cut was not affected by Order 66 is not answered, it's possible he never heard Palpatine's message to the clonetroopers. But more likely even his chip was defective to begin with, which led to his desertion. Either way he will not become a Jedi killing clone and instead live with his family. Rex is also mentioned, it turns out the Bad Batch just missed him, since he visited Cut shortly before the Bad Batch arrived on the planet. But Rex will most certainly make an appearance on the show eventually. On to next week's adventure then!

Added: May 7, 2021
Category: The Bad Batch
Reviewer: Thomas
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