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First Order Heavy Scout Walker (75177) (The Last Jedi) - LEGO - Buildable Sets

Title: First Order Heavy Scout Walker (The Last Jedi)

Release Date: September, 2017

Manufacturer: LEGO

Retail Price: $39.99

Reviewer: Colin Borden

Review | Discussion

The Evolution of the AT-ST Walker!



I'm going to get this out of the way right now so we can move on and get into the fun part. I was 100% not happy with the design of this evolution to the AT-ST Walker when I saw it. It just looks so strange to me; like a rolling octopus or something. I can easily see the evolution of the AT-AT into the M6 Gorilla Walker thing, but this doesn't resemble the old AT-ST much at all other than the shape of the "head". Now, we haven't seen any of these yet from the actual film, so I'll reserve judgement until then, but who knows if they actually show up in the movie itself.

Now, as for a LEGO set, this thing was a blast to build and definitely great to play with. It's easily assembled, but very, very fun to do so. The way that the legs move up and down as it rolls is great and it moves very well. It also has missle launchers on both sides of its "head". These misslem launchers, or cannons, can be rotated freely to aim up or down. What I really enjoy is that on the back of the walker is a little armory of sorts. There are two different blasters that can be stored there along with an extra missle.

The cockpit at the top can be easily accessed with an opening hatch and can comfortably fit two Minifigs in the seats at any time. The way that it is designed allows for a trooper to stand out of the hatch allowing him to shoot down from the cockpit. Now let's get more in depth and see what is included in the box!

What's in the Box?

The First Order Heavy Scout Walker comes with a total of 554 pieces split into four separate bags. The assembly instructions span across 94 pages and it took about 90 minutes to assmeble from start to finish (add or subtract for coffee breaks).

What I REALLY love about this set is the Minifigs that are included with it. This set comes with four mini-figures which includes a First Order Gunner, First Order Flametrooper, General Hux, and a Resistance Trooper. I think these were great inclusions and they really could have gotten away with two or three. However, what really would have made the minifigures perfect would have been to include one more Resistance-type minifig.


Despite only having one Resistance Trooper, the minifigs included make for a great display piece. Even this set on its own, you're able to put together a nice little scene. I think it will even get better once we get to see The Last Jedi and we have a better idea how the Battle of Crait unfolds, but it's still great for now. Combined with other TLJ LEGO sets and you can set up a massive diarama or display.


Each Minifig comes with their own weapons and accessories. General Hux comes with his blaster (but no hat unfortunately), the First Order Gunner comes with a blaster, the Flametrooper comes with his flamethrower and backpack (and you can make the flames longer or shorter), and the Resistance Trooper comes with a blaster and helmet (and yes, the visor can go up and down!).

Overall Thoughts

I think this is a really great addition to any LEGO Star Wars Collection, but even more than that, it is a great piece if you're looking to make a great scene from the Battle of Crait (maybe). However, we don't know what role, if any, these First Order Heavy Scout Walkers will play in the Battle of Crait or The Last Jedi in general. Only time will tell, but beyond that and even beyond collectors, this is definitely an affordable LEGO set with a lot of play ability for any kids who are fans of Star Wars or just fans of LEGO in general.

The fact that this set includes four minifigs is great! I know the minifigs are an important part of LEGO Star Wars collectors, but my one complaint (and not even really a complaint as much as a suggestion) was that they didn't include another Resistance character. I know this is a First Order set, but one more Resistance trooper or Resistance figure of any kind would have made it better for both play and for display. However, that is easily fixed by adding in your own and despite that one little flaw, I find this to be an absolutely fantastic LEGO Star Wars set right out of the box.

I will update the gallery at a later time to include images of this set combined with other LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi sets. I also want to thank LEGO for providing us with a review sample! If you want to see more LEGO Star Wars reviews, please let us know!

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Added: November 29, 2017
Category: LEGO
Reviewer: Colin Borden
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