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Marvel Comics

The Chosen One (Part 6) - Darth Vader (2017) - 006 - Marvel Comic

Series: Darth Vader (2017)


Title: The Chosen One (Part VI)

Creators: Charles Soule (Writer); Giuseppe Camuncolli (Illustrator)

Release Date: October 4, 2017

Timeline: Immediately after Revenge of the Sith

Review by Colin Borden. This is a full review with discussion.
Spoiler warning applies...


It is a time of growth for the newly formed Galactic Empire. With the appointment of Palpatine as Emperor at the conclusion of the Clone Wars, the galaxy is finally at peace. But it is a peace based in lies.

The Emperor is actually a Sith Lord who has risen to power through secret machinations. He has brought on former Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker as his apprentice, giving him the Sith title Darth Vader, and rebuilding him with cybernetic limbs.

On his first mission in his newly constructed body, Vader took brutal damage, but defeated the Jedi he had targeted while retrieving a kyber crystal for his new lightsaber. Now, Darth Vader has returned to his master to learn his place in the new Empire....

Review & Summary

Final cover by Francesco MattinaWhen I think of Marvel’s Star Wars comics, the 2017 Darth Vader Series has become the standard that I started holding other series to. The first five issues were just so great and amazing, but alas, it was not meant to last. Now, that doesn’t mean the series is done and it won’t recover, but issues 6 just did everything wrong in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, it is an essential issue and it starts out pretty good, but I feel it could’ve been much better than it was. So, without further delay, let’s get into The Chosen One: part VI and see why I feel the way I do.

It starts out pretty well and I was absolutely excited about what this issue could potentially reveal. Vader is back on Coruscant strapped to the table in a state of disrepair while the Emperor looks upon his broken-down apprentice. “Why, Lord Vader, you have ruined yourself,” Palpatine says to Vader who is now in a Bacta Tank similar to the one in his Mustafar Castle in Rogue One. Emperor Palpatine continues to praise Vader by saying that he has completed his mission of obtaining the weapon of a Sith, andthat is all that matters.

Palpatine tells Vader, “Do not fear, my friend. The droids will have your armor repaired in no time at all.” Suddenly, Vader’s eye spring open and Palpatine senses his anger. “Ah, I sense your anger. I should’ve known. This armor is YOU- it is only appropriate that you should make it your own, especially with your skill as an engineer,” the Emperor says to Vader. As he leaves the room, he tells Vader to adjust his armor as he sees fit because there is more work to be done. While in his Bacta Tank, the tools around the room start to move as Vader begins to make repairs to his suit using the Force



We’re now in the “Former” Jedi Temple where we see a hooded figure looking up at a statue of a Temple Guard saying, “I remember…lies. I remember lies.” The hooded figure makes his way down a hall. As Vader is replacing his lens on his mask and making his finishing touches, he is informed that there is an intruder in the Jedi Temple. He puts on his helmet and the Emperor tells him to “deal with them.”

We now see the hooded figure in the Jedi Temple Archives where he stands looking at all the data and knowledge, “The archives at last. No one will deny me now. No one is left,” the hooded figure says when suddenly Vader ignites his saber and speaks, “Wrong.” (It’s worth noting that Vader is still utilizing the hilt he took from Master Infil’a.) The figure pulls a familiar looking hilt and says, “Perhaps I am. Wrong indeed. After all, here you are. But not for long.” He ignites his blade and strikes at Vader and warns him, “You have no concept of the power I wield!” Vader pushes the hooded stranger with the Force causing him to crash into the archives. His hood removed, we see the face of the Grand Inquisitor who threatens Vader, “You will die!”

The Grand Inquisitor throws his cloak, pulls his hilt back to his hand, and charges at Vader where they clash weapons. “I know what you want,” the Inquisitor says to Vader, “The knowledge in the archives. No…absolutely not!” The Grand Inquisitor holds his hilt in front of him and ignites the second blade and his weapon begins to spin as he yells, “This was promised to me!” The Inquisitor is on the offensive and it seems he is getting the best of Vader. He grins a wicked smile at Vader as he says, “You’re losing. I am too powerful for you.” Vader is being pushed back and the Inquisitor is certain as he exclaims, “And now, you fool, I have you.”

“You have nothing,” Vader responds as he plunges his blade in the center of the Inquisitors spinning hilt, “I was simply testing my suit.” The Inquisitor is shocked as his hilt is destroyed and he is thrown back. On the ground and looking up at the monster in the suit he gets out the words, “Who…who are you?” As Vader is about to bring down the killing blow, Emperor Palpatine appears commanding Lord Vader to stop, “Lord Vader, Stop,” he says, “I see you have met the Grand Inquisitor.” Vader seems confused as he responds, “Grand?”

Even more confused is the Grand Inquisitor, “My Emperor, I do not understand,” he says kneeling to his Emperor, “You gave me leave to explore the Archives, to study Jedi teachings to see how I might turn them towards the ends of the Inquisitorius. And then…this CREATURE attacked me…but he obeys you. Is he your servant?” Palpatine explains that Vader serves the Empire. Even further confused the Inquisitor responds, “I do not understand…did you send him?” Palpatine tells him that he did and he thought it be prudent that they meet.

The Inquistor, still confused, tells the Emperor that Vader almost killed him. “Yes, and with little effort, from what I observed. A valuable lesson for you. You see, my friend…you are first among Inquisitors. But the Inquisitorius belongs to the Sith,” explains the Emperor. And now, it seems the Grand Inquisitor has learned his place and understands; however, Vader is still uncertain about the events that have just transpired. “Inquisitorius?” Vader queries the Emperor. “Come with me,” Palpatine responds.


After a shuttle ride to “The Works” in the Industrial District of Coruscant, the Emperor and Vader walk into a building with two Royal Guards standing at the door. “A project of mine, long planned,” Palpatine begins, “Slaves to the Light Side, once. Now awake. Hunters, one and all.” We see some of the Inquisitors that are familiar to fans of Rebels sparring below. The room is surrounded by the Emperor’s Royal Guards. The Grand Inquisitor leaps down to join his fellow Inquisitorius. “What do they hunt?” asks Vader. With a wicked smile, Palpatine responds, “Why, Jedi of course.”

The Grand Inquisitor lands in the pit and addresses the other Inquisitors. “Form up now! Your Masters are here,” the Grand Inquisitor says. “Masters? We have only one Master. The Emperor,” replies the Inquisitor known as Eighth Brother. “Times change, Eight Brother,” informs the Grand Inquisitor. They all stand in formation and attention, facing their Masters above.

“The Grand Inquisitor. He had skills. He was trained, at some point. Who is he?” Vader questioned the Emperor. “A Jedi, once. Resentful that someone with his skill was not allowed access to the higher councils, the great secrets of the order,” the Emperor explains, “A crack in his armor…Easy to exploit. In truth, he is better suited to this role. I believe he is…grateful.” Vader stands next to his Emperor and seems to realize something. “You sent me to attack him. If he had beaten me…would he now be at your side?” Vader asks of his Master.

With another of his famous grins, Palpatine answers Vader, “You of all people know better than to dwell on what could have been, my friend. Was there any chance the Grand Inquisitor could have defeated you?” Vader tells the Emperor simply, no. “Precisely. He has much to learn, as do the others. You will teach them- make them a blade that will cut the Jedi infection from the galaxy once and for all,” Palpatine explains. Vader accepts and plans to begin immediately.

“Good. Most of the Jedi were killed in our glorious purge, but some few remain. The luckiest, the deadliest, the strongest, those most duplicitous, willing to tell any lie to save their lives,” The Emperor explains, “You and the Inquisitors must find these Jedi, Lord Vader. You must destroy them all. For in truth… there is no greater threat to our Empire.” We end seeing the Jedi Temple Archives Librarian, Jocasta Nu, sitting in a sort of cave lit by candle light petting an animal and reading a scroll.

And that is that! Now, let me start by saying how conflicted this issue made me. I started off really disliking this issue after the first read. I thought this issue started off very strong, showing Vader being repaired and knowing we were going to meet the Inquisitors, but then it just seemed like it trailed off for me. I didn't think that the issue revealed enough and it seemed very short. Vader is repaired, he fights the Grand Inquisitor, and Palpatine shows him the rest. The end. I really thought it should have included much more.

Then, I read it again and I started to see why this issue was great. I actually had to re-write this review afterwards. First, I thought it was really great to see Vader in the Bacta tank in that vulnerable position we saw in Rogue One. I also thought it was so great how angry he got when Palpatine talked of repairing his suit. It was nice to know that Anakin's skills with engineering was actually put to use in his suit as Darth Vader. I really enjoyed seeing Vader repair his suit from inside the Bacta tank using the force.

I believe that this was an excellent introduction to the Grand Inquisitor. Emperor Palpatine setting both Vader and the Grand Inquisitor up to do battle is just the thing that we would come to expect. More importantly, I think it was very important to witness Vader's first return back to the former Jedi Temple since he massacred the younglings. I feel like after the issues we got dealing with Vader's emotions and coming to grips with who he is that they missed a HUGE opportunity to show how Vader felt entering the Temple again. It could've been as simple as an inner-monologue to show what he was thinking.

The fight between the Inquisitor and Vader was great. The Inquisitor, so sure of himself, went at Vader like he had him outmatched completely. I really enjoyed when Vader decided he had tested his suit enough and the time had come to end the fight. I found it appropriate how the Grand Inquisitor took to his new Master and informed the other Inquisitors. Although we see some familiar faces amongst the Inquisitors, I really wish they made note of the Sixth Brother instead of the Eigth Brother. The Sixth Brother is who Ahsoka faced to retrieve her new Kyber Crystal and I would've liked to know what he looked like. Though we can assume he is among the Inquisitors here, it's possible they are saving that for future issues.

To see Jocasta Nu alive at the end is a great ending to this issue. Now, I can see how some people may complain that the librarian survived Order 66, yet some of the greatest Jedi Knights fell? I think this is a perfect Jedi to have kept alive. She contains so much of the knowledge of the Jedi Order and this could play a huge role in some of the information that Luke had eventually come across. Her knowledge can be see as a much more important part of the Jedi Order than a surviving Jedi Knight. It's her knowledge that can be used to build a new order, and Palpatine knows this.


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What Worked

  • Vader repairing his suit with the Force from within Bacta Tank
  • Vader's first return to Jedi Temple since purge
  • Meeting the Inquisitors
  • Palpatines plan for Vader to meet the Grand Inquisitor
  • Jocasta Nu surviving Order 66

What Didn’t Work

  • STILL waiting for Vader to construct his new Hilt
  • Not enough background on Palpatine/Inquisitor relationship
  • Not showing Vader's feelings on returning to the Temple
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Added: October 26, 2017
Category: Marvel Comics
Reviewer: Colin Borden
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