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Marvel Comics

The Chosen One (Part 4) - Darth Vader (2017) - 004 - Marvel Comics

Series: Darth Vader (2017)

Issue: 4

Title: The Chosen One (Part IV)

Creators: Charles Soule (Writer); Giuseppe Camuncolli (Illustrator)

Release Date: August 2, 2017

Timeline: Immediately after Revenge of the Sith

Review by Colin Borden. This is a full review with discussion.
Spoiler warning applies...

Vader's first mission isn't going well. The Dark Side is the way of power. But no one said it would be easy.

The Clone Wars are over. The Jedi are defeated. Palpatine has become the Emperor, finally in position to bend the galaxy to his will through the power of the dark side of the Force.

In search of Jedi who might have escaped the Emperor's purge, Vader has traveled to Mt. Pasvaal on the river moon of Al'doleem, the site of a sacred Jedi monastery. Here, he has found Master Kirak Infil'a, a powerful warrior.

The two battle atop Pasvaal, resulting in Kirak throwing the Sith Lord off the mountain, sending him plummeting to the deadly cliffs below....

Review & Summary

The previous issue was very enjoyable because it wasn’t the typical tyrant Sith Lord who strikes fear into everyone who comes across him. Instead, it was an overconfident, newly-anointed Sith Lord who attempted to take a Lightsaber from a brutish, Barash Vow-taking Jedi Knight who was used as a warrior and got his cybernetic behind handed to him. This was something I was really happy to see. It brought us a new version of the Dark Lord that we’re not used to seeing and it was refreshing to say the least. We last left Darth Vader beaten, broken, and laying at the bottom of a chasm in pieces. I can’t wait to see him pull himself together…both literally and figuratively speaking.

Back on the River Moon of Al’doleem, we see Vader laying atop a large boulder severely damaged and missing a leg from his great fall courtesy of Jedi Master Kirak Infil’a. Alongside Vader on the ground are the remains of Master Infil’a’s droid counterpart, Arex, which Vader previously destroyed. Vader raises his damaged left hand as Arex manages the words, “You are defeated.” Vader is extensively damaged, including his left lens on his helmet. “The Dark Side cannot stand against the light,” Arex say as Vader struggles to bring his hand to a grip, “The Jedi will scour you and all your kind from the –. “Vader has heard enough as he manages to crush Arex with the Force and silence him for good. This next part is very interesting as Vader uses the remains of Arex to repair his destroyed left hand with the use of the Force.

Master Infil’a descends from the dam, “And once again…I am in the world. May the Force be with me.” He makes his way to what appears to be a garage where a woman is making repairs as a child watches on. Master Infil’a enters, “Greetings. I require my ship,” he says to the woman. “Master Infil’a! I…hmmm. How long has it been?” the woman says to Infil’a in an obviously shocked manner. “Years, Mareena. All of which you were paid for, in advance, to store my ship. And now I need it. Please don’t tell me you did something with it.” Mareena rubs the back of her head in a nervous fashion, “No, it’s still here but, uh…it might need a little bit of a tune-up.”

She explains it won’t take too long to fix and asks if he is in a hurry. Master Infil’a explains that he felt great pain and most of his kind were exterminated. “Yeah...we…uh, heard about that. It’s why we weren’t sure if you were ever coming back. They said all the Jedi were traitors, but...” Mareena says as she’s interrupted by her daughter who shouts, “I never believed it!” Infil’a realizes that a lot has happened since he began his Barash Vow, “I could do nothing to prevent these murders-but I vanquished their executioner- A Sith, skilled in the Dark Side of the Force. He came here to kill me as well, but the only death he found was his own. Now I seek his Master, so I can destroy him and return light to the galaxy.”

Mareena’s husband, Jogg, enters to make sure everything is okay and asks, "Everything okay out here? I heard voices." Mareena looks back at Jogg and says, “Yeah, Jogg, all good. It’s just…Master Infil’a’s back. Man’s on a mission,” Jogg, looking surprised, responds,“Really? It’s been…” but he is cut off by Infil’a, “Years. Yes. And I am impatient to be on my way.” Mareena looks very concerned, “Okay- like I said, I’ll get right on it. But that…Sith, I think you said- He’s not coming after you, is he? He’s not coming here?” Master Infil’a doesn't do much to quell her concerns and simply says, “No. That poor, deluded creature is dead.”

Back to Vader who is now leaning against the boulder, smoking emitting from his chest panel as he holds one of Arex’s legs near his missing one. He jams it in place and lets out a painful yell. He slowly makes his way back to his feet and he starts to walk towards the mountain with Arex’s blade in hand.

Back in the shop, Infil’a is helping to repair his ship while using the Force to carry several heavy pieces at once. Mareena’s daughter watches in amazement and says to Infil’a, “How do you do that? Those things are heavy. Even my father can’t lift them alone.” Master Infil’a explains, “The Force makes all things light, my young friend. Once I have completed my mission, perhaps I will return here and teach you what I know of its mysteries. After all, the Jedi Order must be rebuilt. Mount Pasvaal is here- It seems as good a place as,” suddenly he loses his concentration and drops a huge piece of the ship to a huge crash. “No. It’s not possible,” Infil’a says as a look of concern, maybe fear, washes over his face. “What is it, Kirak? What’s the matter?” Mareena asks. “I sensed…nothing. I’m sure it’s nothing. Stay in here. I’ll…I’ll check.” He responds trying to keep them calm.

Outside, Infil’a looks up and a look of what can only be panic washes over his face. Vader stands atop the dam, looking down on Master Infil’a and yells down, “You. Come.” Vader’s left eye-lens is dark as it remains shattered and useless providing the Sith Lord with only one eye to see from. Mareena and her family come out to find out what is happening. Infil’a requests that they get back inside. “Mareena, keep working on the ship. Get it ready to fly as quickly as you can,” Infil’a says. “What are you going to do,” she queries. Master Infil’a ignites his Green Lightsaber in front of his face and begins to leap up towards Vader, “I’m going to end this.”

Infil’a and Vader cross blades and Infil’a kicks Vader to the ground. “You should have fled when you had the chance,” Infil’a taunts Vader. Suddenly, shots fire past both Infil’a and Vader and as they turn to look, they see three armed guards. “Those were warning shots. Both of you…cease immediately!” they shout to the two duelists, “This is critical city infrastructure! If you do not comply, we will be forced to…” But before they could finish, they are being lifted from the ground and choked. “No!” Infil’a shouts, “Don’t!” Vader grips tighter and then tosses them off the dam. “No!” Infil’a shouts as he reaches out to them. The guards are confused as they realize they are now floating, “Do not fear, friends. I have you,” Infil’a calms them as he concentrates on lowering the three guards safely to a lower platform.

“You are a monster.” Infil’a shouts to Vader. Lord Vader looks down at the three guards, then back up at Infil’a and realizes he found his foes weakness. “Yes. I am,” Lord Vader says as he raises his hand in the air. Suddenly, one of the structures begins to crack and shake causing water to spill out. “What…what are you doing?” Infil’a questions Vader as his hand turns into a fist. People start running away from the structure as it spews water and cracks apart some more. “You…You can’t do this! I won’t let you,” Infil’a says as he lunges towards the edge and begins to steady the shattering structure, “This is about the Jedi and the Sith! These people have nothing to do with our fight! It isn’t about them!” Vader stands watching Infil’a struggle to stop the destruction. “You are a fool,” Vader says as he uses the Force to pull Infil’a’s hilt from his belt, “Of course it’s about them.”

Master Infil’a’s hilt flies into Vader’s hand as he grabs it tightly. Suddenly, Master Infil’s is suspended in the air grasping at his throat as he begins to choke. “N-no. Please…Kill me…But let them Live…” Infil’a begs as Vader stands there gripping him with the Force. Vader hovers Infil’a over the edge of the dam so that he can watch as the structure finally gives way causing water to rush through the village and wash away all the homes and structures in its path. Infil’a watches in terror as all these innocent people become collateral damage of the showdown and manages to say one last, “No.” before his neck finally cracks and gives way to Vader’s power. Vader then tosses his lifeless body down into the rushing water. With Master Infil’a’s hilt gripped in hand, he stands atop the dam admiring his prize as he looks out at the destruction he caused.

WOW! I mean I think this was a great issue. It continued from the last issue so well. I think people may be concerned with how easy Vader destroyed this Jedi who completely overpowered him the last issue, but it was done so well. Vader knew he was outmatched in this case and he completely gave himself to the Dark Side to win this fight. He is so new to the Dark Side that he is still learning his power, but he knew that Infil’a cared about these people and he could defeat him by playing off his feelings for the citizens. It was really smart and absolutely the right way to end this battle. Any other way would’ve cheapened Master Infil’a and his abilities.

I also like how Vader utilized Arex’s parts to help repair himself with the Force. At first, I was a little thrown off by this and thought it was a little cheap, but after marinating in it for a while I knew it was the right decision. Jedi build their Lightsabers with the use of the Force, so I can believe that Vader was able to do something similar with his hand. Mareena and her family were sort of useless in my opinion. Yes, they were necessary for Infil’a to get his ship and yes, the child was necessary for Infil’a to talk about rebuilding the Jedi, but I don’t think they utilized them to the fullest.

Obviously, they were necessary to be part of the civilians that were threatened by Vader’s madness, but I think they missed an opportunity to use the child especially. Infil’a could’ve talked more to her about the Force and the Jedi and they could’ve even used the child to ask him about the Barash Vow.  It would’ve been a perfect opportunity to delve further into what the Barash Vow really is and WHY Infil’a needed to take it. I really liked the artwork in this issue as well. I think the emotions were excellently conveyed, especially in the case of Infil’a. Overall, I thought they did very well in wrapping up the battle and getting Vader his Kyber Crystal. I can’t wait to see what the Emperor has to say to Vader about this and I hope we see Vader put his Lightsaber together.

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What Worked

  • Vader repairing himself with Arex's pieces
  • Vader using innocent people to outwit Infil'a
  • Infil'a discussing a possible future Jedi Order
  • The artwork was great

What Didn’t Work

  • Mareena and family wasn't used to fullest extent
  • Not learning more about the Barash Vow and why he took it
Variant Cover Gallery

Second printing cover by Olivier Coipel   Variant cover by Rafael Pinto Albuquerque   

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Added: August 21, 2017
Category: Marvel Comics
Reviewer: Colin Borden
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