Time Capsule: Where Were You Ten Years Ago Today? (04/23/02)
Date: April 23, 2012 at 12:05 AM ET
Topic: Hasbro

Today unbelievably marks the 10th anniversary of when the 2002 Star Wars "Saga" line made its debut at retail! Following in the footsteps of the Power Of The Jedi line, this all-encompassing line didn't necessarily play favorites with toys and action figures based solely on the Attack Of The Clones film it was intended to promote, but yet the entire Star Wars saga. We'd love for you to go back in time and recall your experiences when this line becamse available to us. Were you there on day one (April 23, 2002)? How much product was available to you? What did you buy? What did you miss? What were your thoughts on the "real scan" technology that Hasbro bragged about using on the basic figure line? Any and all topics are eligible for discussion. We, along with our friends from Yakface.com are making this a point of discussion today. Just click through and post away in our easy and fun comments module or click HERE to post your thoughts in Yakface.com's discussion as well! Special thanks to JTA/Yakface.com reader and friend Darth Eddie for this great idea!

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