2010 Saga Legends - Itemizing Differences: Snowtrooper
Date: August 07, 2010 at 12:05 PM ET
Topic: Hasbro

We continue our look at itemizing the differences of 2010 Saga Legends figures. Next up is the Snowtrooper which has blatant differences for sure! Click through to see how it's different.

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The Snowtrooper has a completely different paint job on his helmet. There are also varying battle-damage markings throughout and the dirt on his boots is brighter yellow and goes all the way around and not just on the front. We still don't understand why Hasbro uses orange or yellow for Hoth "dirt". But what do we know? But perhaps the greatest enhancement to this figure is that the VERY wide stance of the 2009 LC BD55 figure has been fixed so he stands in a much more normal way without painful-looking widespread legs. Thank the maker! This is the definitive release of this character, except for the helmet! So just switch it out with one of the whiter ones you already have if you want. Start buying him up now!

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