Hasbro's Questions & Answers #50
Date: March 20, 2008 at 07:25 PM ET
Topic: Hasbro

    Hasbro hits us a day early this time with another Hasbro Q&A! This time, we've got a nice image of the V-19 Torrent in attack position!

     Don't forget, you can submit questions in our forums and we'll try to get as many as possible submitted to Hasbro. We can send only three questions per week, so make sure they are good ones! Now, on to this weeks Questions and Answers directly from Hasbro.

Q. When can collectors expect to see Hasbro packaged Force FX lightsabers arrive in stores?  And on the same note, can they expect any new products in this line within the calender year?

A. This Fall (approximately August) will see the first Hasbro-produced sabers hit market.  Since the factory and production line is the same, it's our intention to make the transition seamless.  There will not be any new products slated for 2008, but there are some on tap for 2009.  Stay tuned for more info on those at the end of the year.

Q. At Toy Fair we saw that some of the other Hasbro licensed properties (Marvel & Transformers specificially) have taken up the Unleashed concept and put a large Unleashed figure offering in their own lines.  In the past the Hasbro Star Wars group has said that the Unleashed figures proved too costly to continue, and yet other boys toys groups within Hasbro are continuing on with this concept.  Did the Unleashed line just prove to not be as solid of a sales performer in the Star Wars line as the 3.75" figure system?

A. Collectors just did not embrace the format to nearly the extent that other segments of the line enjoy (especially 3-3/4").  An impressive number of Star Wars Unleashed 7" figures did see the light of day, but the smaller production volumes just could not be sustained when compared to where else in the Star Wars line those design and tooling resources could be employed.  As for the popularity of the format in other lines, we really cannot speculate since every brand is different.

Q. One of the highlights of Toy Fair had to be the AT-TE.  But of equal note was the V-19 Torrent and the Homing Spider Droid which are part of the $19.99 vehicle assortment.  Can collectors expect more than just these two vehicles in the Clone Wars assault vehicle assortment when that line launches in July?  Also, is it possible to get an image of the V-19 toy with all of it's wings in flight mode, as seen in this image?

A. There will be other vehicles carried forward into the Clone Wars vehicle lineup, including some of the existing EpIII starfighters, a re-release of the Anakin modified starfighter, V-Wing, Grievous Starfighter, and the like.  We will not have any additional new vehicles in the assortment until late in the Fall or early 2009.  See the below picture for the V-19 in it's flying position.

Check back in a few weeks and we'll post the next round of Questions (and answers) as soon as Hasbro offers them.

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